The Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel (Mauritius)

Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

We all love to explore nature’s beauty and revealing some of the deep secrets is one of the fun-loving tasks that we all enjoy.

Also, the seven coloured earth of Chamarel which is found away on the Western coast of Mauritius is one of such destinations that can take the visitors very close to the bounty of nature.

Also, the waterfalls that are found nearby the location are the prominent attractions to inspire many of the tourists.

The dunes of seven different colours have been famous since the 1960s, and now they are protected by some wooden fence.

However, still, the tourists can go close to the site and can admire the beauty of the observation outposts.

Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel
Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

There is a garden that is maintained efficiently, and the tourists will find giant tortoises in that garden.

This is an excellent place that can amaze you with its beauty and simplicity. Also, once you visit there, you will surely admire that place.

Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel Mauritius

This is one of the worlds’ famous attractions that is consists of unique and unusual volcanic geological phenomena.

When one is going to visit this place, then they will find that how seven coloured earth of Chamarel, which are red, blue, yellow, purple, brown, green, and violet, swirled together so that they can create a swirling feature.

Seven Coloured Earth  of Chamarel mauritius
Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel mauritius

This is such a great treasure that no one will want to miss in their life. There are many of the excellent places to visit and admire the beauty of nature.

Even one can also take some fantastic photos while taking a stop in the surroundings.


What to see?

The seven coloured earth of Chamarel, Mauritius is a small area of dunes that comprise of seven different colours of sand, and that is, brown, red, violet, green, purple, blue, and yellow.

This site is found in almost 4 km away in the southwest direction of Chamarel. It is really like some magic that dunes are found with seven distinct colours of sand.

Many theories have explained that it might be due to the presence of some chemical content in a high amount in soil, specifically, decomposed basalt gullies that is responsible for this treat.

Seven Coloured Earth  of Chamarel mauritius photos
Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel mauritius photos

The beauty of this sand is impressive that even if we mix the colours then also they separate on their own. The dunes are found to be covered with wooden fences for many years.

However, still, tourists are allowed to go near it and see how nature can show its beauty to amaze with new secrets.

Also, when you are going from that place, then you can put some sand in the test tube so that you can keep a piece of Chamarel with you for your entire life.

The Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

The seven coloureds are the unique and natural phenomena and now makes a salient point of tourist attraction.

The colours might evolve through the conversion of the decomposed basalt lava to clay minerals.

It is a minimal area of dunes that comprised of seven different colours. This is a general example to explain that sand does not only have a brown colour.

Seven Coloured Earth entrance fee
Seven Coloured Earth entrance fee

Also, did anyone that what is the surprising and most fascinating thing about these dunes?

The answer is that when we mix the seven colours of the dunes then also they settle into the various colours.

Many ones think that this might be a trick or the colours might appear as the shadows. However, this is not true. Because if we take the sand into our hands and mix them then also they separate into a colourful spectrum.

So we can say that is the big magic that has some secret of a natural process that can amaze the visitors although many geologists are still trying to put efforts so that the puzzle can be solved readily.

Black River Gorges National Park

It is the largest rainforest of Mauritius that is found in the neighbourhood of Caramel.

This park serves as a home to various endangered species, like, the pink pigeon, the Mauritius kestrel, and so on.

Seven Coloured Earth facts
Seven Coloured Earth facts

Also, it is not like home for endangered species but also for some newly introduced species like Roe Deer, Macaques, Red Deer, Wild Boar, flying foxes, and various butterflies.

Furthermore, along with all this, many tourists love to visit this park to do hiking. Even some of the adventure enthusiasts found this place for hiking with almost 60 km of long trails.

Rhumerie De Caramel: The Distillery

Rhumerie de Caramel is located in the hills of Caramel. It is a rare distillery that is supposed to cultivate its sugarcane. This is a rum distillery that welcomes the tourists with its unique and warmth design.

Those tourists who are coming to visit an on-ground museum are allowed to take an insight into the manufacturing process of rum that is eco-friendly.

Seven Coloured Earth
Seven Coloured Earth

So when the visitors have completed the tour to this beautiful property, then they are also given the rum to taste it.

So even some of the unique dishes that are crafted out of the ingredients that are grown in the estate are also given to the tourists so that they can taste it.

So even some of the unique dishes that are crafted out of the ingredients that are grown in the estate are also given to the tourists so that they can taste it.

Best Time to Visit: Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

Well, it all depends on the weather. However, frankly, sunrise is the beautiful and best time to see the beauty of the coloured earth.

This is because during the sunrise the fresh rays of the sun and the dew in the air combine to give out the best of the hues.

However, when it’s the rainy season, then the colours of the dunes are not visible with much clearance.


Generally, Mauritius has a somewhat tropical climate that makes holiday destination incredible in any month of the year.

However, still one can try to visit during the time of sunrise if they want to see the beauty of the seven distinct colours of the dunes.

Also, one can avoid the months of January to March to visit the coloured earth.


The coloured worth of caramel in Mauritius has now become the main attraction point for visitors, and it also amazes with its magnificent sand dunes.

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