The Mystery of the Anjikuni Lake Canada: History, Images

Have you heard about the sudden disappearance of some people that were never to be found again? Let us tell you one the village that disappeared. There is one such village that disappeared without any traces of it. One of the most confounding and suffering that encompasses mass disappearances in history would be of the Anjikuni lake Eskimo village.

Anjikuni Lake is located deep in the Kivallig area of rural Nunavut in Canada. Placed near the Kazan River, the lake is perfect for fishing and trout. There is plenty of fish in the water of Anjikuni Lake. You can also read about Spotted Lake Canada.

Anjikuni fastly became a home for the Inuit tribe; it soon developed into a colony and became popular almost instantly on a cold November day in 1930. Joe Labelle, a Canadian fur trapper, was more than an efficient individual who spent a lot of time doing outdoor activities.

He was well conversant with the area; he knew that the people had established a community. Joe was acquainted with the Inuit stories of wood ghosts that were reportedly harmful, and this remote part was soaked in the tales of the Wendigo.

Notwithstanding the legends, the Inuit tribespeople was very friendly and welcoming. They have always welcomed travellers and proffered them shelter for a night.

Anjikuni Lake- The Village that Disappeared

Labelle generally didn’t have any fear or anxiety; however, this specific night at the lake became different. The full moon was casting a spooky luminosity all over the village, and no one was moving. The Huskies were usually loud with the influx of travellers was quiet as well.

The only voice he could hear was of his own steps made on the snow ground and the concave reverb of his greeting. He quickly understood something was not normal, and he started investigating as soon as he entered the village. You can also read about The Bayers Lake Mystery Walls in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The village was in complete silence, and he could see no one. No noise of conversation or laughter was detected. What’s worse was the complete dearth of smoke originating from chimneys that denoted the presence of living beings.

angikuni lake canada
angikuni lake Canada

Joe noticed a fire at a distance and went towards it to inspect it; the fire seemed to be burning for a significant amount of time. Upon further investigation, he found that someone had started the super preparations; however, he couldn’t finish making it.

LaBelle continued towards the village, ready to bump into someone who could tell her what was really happening there. Joe, stepping out of his uncontrollable feelings, begins an investigation into the Inuit’s homes to search for any clues related to the silence and makes a sudden and quick decision to leave the village.

Anjikuni village mystery

He found several homes well-stocked with food and weapons; he also found a burnt meal in another house. In one spot, he finds waste repair of a junior sealskin that was yet to be finished. Sadly, he couldn’t conclude anything. You can also read about Most Haunted Ghost.

As there wasn’t any conclusive answer concerning what took place, it must have been an unexpected event that spread widely and involved all 30 men, women & children in the village. Food, clothing, and weapons were left behind by them. Why? There was no answer.

More investigation directed him to a pair of findings that was enough to give him goosebumps. To the extent that he was able to tell, whatever happened, there was a current event.

Angikuni Village / Angikuni lake village disappearance

He examined the whole village and found no new traces in the snow apart from his own. The most ghastly discovery he made was the disappearance of the dogs. Every one of them was starved to death.

This evidence was enough to persuade him to persist to the nearest telegraph office farther away. That would imply that Joe has to overlook basic requirements such as shelter and food; however, he was curious to leave the place and seek assistance.

As beat and frostbit Labelle was, he finally stumbled into the telegraph office. In a few minutes, he sent an emergency message to the nearest RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) camps. By the time the Mounties reached, many hours later, Labelle had calmed himself enough to talk about his distressing stories.

Anjikuni mystery

According to the 1984’s article – The world’s most significant UFO mysteries, written by Roger Boar and Nigel Blundell– the Mounties, when on their way to Angikuni Lake mystery, took a bit of time to rest at a shack alongside a trapper and his two sons. They elucidated to the trapper and his sons that they are heading towards Anjikuni Lake to solve a ‘problem.’ you can also explore Kuldhara’s The Haunted Village In India.

The Mounties asked the trapper if he had seen anything strange these past few days. Upon asking this question, the trapper was compelled to admit that he and his two sons had noticed an eerie luminous object flying all over the sky a few days ago.

He further stated that he had seen these giant, gleaming ‘flying objects’ changing shape right before their eyes. And this object was flying towards the village at Anjikuni lake.

So, What Happened In The Anjikuni Lake Village?

We are all left in the middle of nowhere here. This huge conundrum is real, and no one knows what and who was responsible for the appalling disappearance of the Inuits in the 1930s. Lake Anjikuni Eskimo’s disappearance is still a great mystery.

The lake Anjikuni mystery disappearances have always been the most significant point of argument among those who assume that the Anjikuni tribe mystifyingly vanished. Hey, you can also take a tour of The Island of the Haunted Dolls.

anjikani lakee
anjikani lakee

What makes it more of an enigmatic mystery is the fact that there wasn’t any hint of struggle or violence found. Even if we are to believe that they were murdered or abducted, there has to be some kind of sign of the commotion.

This, amalgamated with the fact that experienced trackers couldn’t find any indication of the pathway those 30 people took while leaving the village, has left the researchers stymied for centuries.

This, amalgamated with the fact that experienced trackers couldn’t find any indication of the pathway that 30 people took while leaving the village, has hindered the researchers for centuries.


In the late 20th century, various ufologists conjectured that the inhabitants of this village might have been the innocent victims of history’s most significant mass alien abductions. Check a river named Khooni Nadi Rohini.

Though the proof backing this hypothesis is anecdotal at best, the assumption is equally exciting and dreadful at the same time. Envisaging this theory of aliens diving down and escaping with the whole population of a village is the matter from which the nightmare is created.

Another Dimension

There are tons of stories of people who mystifyingly vanished in the past. Take the unusual case of Orion Williamson. He was a farmer from Selma, Alabama; he allegedly disappeared into thin air right in front of his children, wife and two neighbours while strolling across his home. You can also take a tour of The Haunted Place of Louisiana: Calcasieu Courthouse (Lake Charles).

The entire community started searching for him; however, he was nowhere to be found, although the farmer’s son had sworn that he had heard his father’s ghostly cries coming from the field for several weeks after his disappearance.

Then comes the case of a shoemaker James Burne Worson from Warwickshire, England. James’s predilection for boasting about his long-distance running capabilities had ultimately weakened the patience of his drinking buddies.

They challenged him to run 40 miles from Leamington to Coventry. Warson took the challenge, and within an hour, the three of them were on their way to jog.

Warson gave the impression of enjoying himself, and he was running at a hard speed and teasing his friends until he slipped only 20 feet in front of his friends.

Wise and Burns saw in morbid fear saw their friend falling right in front of them with a dreadful cry of trepidation and vanishing before their very eyes. Same as the case of Williamson, Worson was never to be found.

These occurrences of inexplicable vanishings are genuine. Something that even witnesses find hard to explain. Hey, Checkout This Unbelievable! A Mystery of The Twins Kodinhi Village, Kerala.

Whatever the case may be, the fact would always be in history that during a chilly November night of 1930, roughly 30 men and women and children abandoned their homes and disappeared from the earth.

Lake Anjikuni Debunked

Regardless of the vocal arguments of debunkers all over the world, the mystery of the Anjikuni Lake village disappearance still exists, and though we may never find out what happened to those poor souls; whether they were murdered or aliens abducted them, we could all only anticipate that wherever they are hoping for them to be in a better place. This is a big event of the entire village disappeared. Go also on Adventure Places In Canada.

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