Spotted Lake Osoyoos

Osoyoos in British Columbia is popularly known for its warm summers, outdoor activities and of course the natural formation of the spotted lake Canada. The lake attracts visitors from around the world to come and witness such a natural phenomenon.

The spotted lake bc is a lake that produces a variety of minerals that includes Sodium Sulfate, Calcium, Magnesium Sulphate.


During the summertime of the lake, a maximum amount of water vaporizes, leaving flocks of these minerals that cause the spot in the lake.

Spotted Lake Canada
Spotted Lake Canada

The whole summer, the spots in the lake changes its shape, size, and color as the minerals inside each spot change with additional evaporation.

Colors change from blue to green to yellow, depending upon the mineral composition of the individual spot.

History of the Spotted Lake in Canada

  • For the First Nations people of the Osoyoos, the spotted lake ‘area’ is known as Kliluk. People believe it is a sacred site and consider it a respectful place of healing for many centuries.
  • People are of the opinion that the different circles hold different capabilities of healing and own medicinal properties.
  • For 40 years the land surrounding the spotted lake was private land, however, in 2001 federal government took possession of the land for the benefit of the Okanagan nation’s people in Canada.
  • This to make sure that the land is safe and the future generation of the Okanagan would continue to benefit.
  • It also to makes sure of the fact that people visiting the place from worldwide can view the naturally formed lake.
  • Throughout World War I, minerals were used by the people to make ammunition. The minerals excavated by the Chinese laborers, who pulled up to 1 ton of the salt from the top of the lake every day.
spotted lake winter
spotted lake winter
  • Prior to the ransacking of these minerals, people said that the lake exhibited a greater diversity of colors and beauty.
  • The salt shipped to Canadian munitions factories that extracted from the spotted lake. Visitors cannot go up close to view the lake.
  • To restrain the visitors from going close to the lake a fence created to protect the surrounding.
  • The government has also put a signboard explaining it to be an ecologically and culturally sensitive area.
  • However, there are many viewpoints along the highway from where you can enjoy the view of the spotted lake.
  • Even when the formation of the lake explained through simple science one of the travel blogging website “spot cool stuff” gave a compelling explanation to their review of the lake- it is more like living in a world of Doctor Seuss as the lake reminisce you the scenes from Doctore Seuss book.

When to go to Spotted Lake Canada

There is no specific timing to visit the spotted lake Canada in British Columbia. However, the spots on the lake most likely to show up from June to September.

Where to Stay

The lake is close to the town of Osoyoos, BC. If you’re looking for a place to reside the Walnut Beach Resort would be a perfect choice. Osoyoos also has a plentiful of bed & breakfasts as well.

One should surely go to this place and explore the beauty of the spotted lake and experience the natural phenomenon personally.


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