Discover the fascinating Manu Jungle in Peru

Peru is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. For most visitors to the country, the region of Cuzco is the most popular. The vast majority of them want to visit Machu Picchu in Peru.

These ruins of the ancient Inca city are one of the most famous sights of the country. In addition, Cuzco itself has a lot to offer. However, many do not know that Cuzco is the perfect base to explore the Manu Jungle.

An enormous green oasis is teeming with life. If you are a wilderness lover, you must have been here.

Where is the Manu Jungle?

The Manu Jungle lies on the border of Peru and Bolivia. You are here in the Amazon basin. The National Park is on the Unesco World Heritage List.

This is not without reason, as this enormous wilderness contains the most incredible diversity of flora and fauna. Nowhere in the world will you find more extraordinary biodiversity than here.

How to get to the Manu Jungle?

From the Netherlands, you fly to the capital Lima. This is quite a long flight. Also, keep in mind that there may be delays. If your plane is delayed, you are usually entitled to compensation.

From Lima, you travel to the city of Cuzco. From here, many tours to the Manu Jungle are organized.

Huge biodiversity

The part of the Amazon basin in Peru is only a fraction of the enormous whole. Nevertheless, in this part, you will find almost all the animals that live in the Amazon. During the trip, you sail with a boat through the Jungle.

Chances are that you will see all kinds of animals like caimans, river turtles, giant river otters and freshwater dolphins from your ship. In the jungle, you can see anteaters, monkeys and colourful parrots, if you are fortunate, even a jaguar.

It is always organized tours. The jungle is a protected area you are not allowed to enter alone. That would not be wise because getting lost in the impenetrable jungle is easy. During the trip, you stay in a manu jungle lodge.

Best travel period

You are here in a completely different area than Cuzco and its surroundings. You descend from about 4,000 meters to less than 500 meters. You are here in the tropics, where it is always hot and sultry. Something completely different than if you are in the Cuzco region.

A frequently asked question is, what is the best time to travel? The best time to visit the National Park is between June and November. It is the ‘dry season, and then Manu is easily accessible. From January to April, it is often inaccessible due to rainfall and close to almost all public.

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