The Tunnel of Love Ukraine

Couples who are looking for a new destination to explore-Tunnel of love would deem perfect for you. The tunnel of love, located in Ukraine was only a train rail section, however, turned into a romantic spot for the couples ultimately.

The trees create a green corridor which lures several couples, as well as photographers for its magnificent avenue.

In the end, by crossing village forest back and forth 3x day, train developed a closed tunnel according to size.

tunnel of love ukraine
tunnel of love ukraine

The tunnel of love is widely popular amongst couples, and according to legends if the two are sincere and faithful in their love and cross the tunnel holding each other’s hand, their wishes are most likely to come true.

Many have even tied ribbons around the trees to have their wishes come true. The tunnel is between Klevan and the village of Orzhiv that is at a distance of 7kms.

Close to Orzhiv, it divides the line into two. One goes to Klevan, and the other leads to a secret military base from the cold war period, concealed in the forest.

During the period of the cold war, the trees were planted next to the track to hide the transport of military equipment.

The military base might be still in use because Google map displayed a large number of military vehicles on base.

The trees are neatly cropped by the industrial cargo trains which operate by the Odek plywood factory in Orzhiv. Birch trees over Ukraine transported into the factory where they make plywood panels.

After the plywood panels are finished making, they load these panels onto large vessels and carried by trains to Klevan railway junction.

tunnel of love ukraine tour
tunnel of love ukraine tour

The Odek factory trains go to Klevan through the tunnel of love many times a day. Though, it entirely depends upon the amount of plywood to transport.

The tunnel of love starts after a few 100 meters from the Odek factory. It’s not quite sure at first for how long the tunnel extends; however, according to Wikipedia, it says the tunnel is 3 KM long whereas the Russian Wikipedia says its 4KM long.

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The tunnel of love facts

  • Allegedly the tunnel of love is widely famous in Ukraine, and many newlyweds, as well as Couples, come here and have their photoshoot done.
  • Many a time tourists become a problem for the train operators and have to keep a keen eye on the track.  
    couple loving tunnel
    In 2014, a 38 years old Japanese lady struck by the train and fractured her hip, but this was the only case that has ever come to light.
  • The tunnel of love has no apparent guardian or any official protection given to this place.
  • Nevertheless, a few years ago the factory chopped off many trees to help passage of the train and it resulted in a vast exclamation. The factory has not touched a single tree ever since.
  • The tunnel of love was unknown to the public until it became huge on the internet in 2011.
  • The pictures of the place went viral all over the internet and as a result, people from all over the world visit the place. The tourist’s rate has significantly escalated during the past few years.
  • The truth behind the formation of the tunnel of love happened by chance. The truth as we have already mentioned in the beginning that during the Cold war era.
  • the tees alongside the tunnel acted as a camouflage for the transportation of military hardware.

The trees look sumptuous during the summer and spring when the trees are the stage of their leafiness. However, the colourful leaves of fall & the snow in the winter time covering the branches make enthralling sights as well.

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