Best Royal Blue Prom Dress Pick for 2024

Seeing your favourite celebrities and their sartorial choices can inspire you to try something different. While many celebrities prefer the red carpet to get noticed, some choose to stand out instead. A great example of standing out is the royal blue prom dress!

This vibrant colour is not commonly seen on the red carpet, which makes it even more special when you see it there. It’s no wonder, so many celebrities opt for royal blue at the Oscars.

This hue is flattering on almost everyone who wears it. Unlike other saturated hues that tend to look gaudy, royal blue feels airy and ethereal without coming across as unnatural or cheap.

This color will make you stand out from the crowd whether you wear a one-shoulder gown or add subtle details like beadings or ruffles. Here, we have listed some of the best royal blue prom dress picks for 2023:

Blue is the New Black

Blue is known for its calming effect, and it’s no wonder so many brides go for this shade for their weddings. Blue is a versatile colour that can be paired with many other hues, which is why it’s a popular colour in the fashion world.

The royal blue prom dress is seen on many red carpets and awards ceremonies because of its regal appeal and ability to draw attention.

If you are going for a royal blue gown and want to stand out on the red carpet, try to choose a dress with an interesting texture. You can wear something heavy on beading or pick a gown with a royal blue sequined overlay.

Celebrity Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Royal blue is the colour that keeps on giving. It seems to be trending more and more, which means you can go with a classic look without it looking outdated.

A royal blue prom dress is the perfect way to get noticed on the red carpet, and if you’re lucky enough to attend the Oscars, this colour will turn heads.

These are a few of the best royal blue prom dresses picks for 2023: – Nicole Francessa’s Royal Blue Guereno Gown – Zac Posen’s Royal Blue Gown – Kaufmanfranco’s Royal Blue Gown – Emilia Clarke’s Royal Blue One-Shoulder Gown – Millie Bobby Brown’s Royal Blue Mermaid Gown – Kendall Jenner’s Royal Blue Dress – Priyanka Chopra’s Royal Blue Crossover Gown – Meghan Markle’s Royal Blue Gown. Some of these and the likes can be found in formal dress shops Sydney and they are for hire. 

TNG Silhouette in Royal Blue

If you want an edgier look, why not try a royal blue prom dress? This is one of our favourite shades because it can be easily paired with many other hues. We love to pair royal blue with black, silver, and even red.

This shade looks fantastic on most skin tones, which is why it has quickly become a staple in the fashion world. We love to incorporate royal blue into our eveningwear, and a great way to do that is with the TNG Silhouette in Royal Blue.

This stunning gown is all about texture, which makes it a standout piece for any event. We love the royal blue and silver combination, and the unique details on this gown make it a one-of-a-kind work.

Zac Posen Royal Blue Gown

Royal blue is a perfect choice for prom or a fancy gala, but it’ll also give you the wow factor you’re looking for on your wedding day. When you go with a royal blue prom dress, you get a timeless colour that can be worn again.

A royal blue gown can be worn to multiple events and will continue to look stunning without looking dated. Zac Posen’s Royal Blue Gown is one of our favourite pieces for brides who want to wear a gown with a vibrant colour but don’t want to go too over the top.

The detailing on this dress is subtle but makes the shift stand out and feel special. The blue is deep and rich and will look stunning against any skin tone.

Kaufmanfranco Royal Blue Gown

A royal blue prom dress is an excellent option for many occasions, but it’s also perfect for a wedding. This vibrant hue is classic and feels like a throwback to the past.

A royal blue gown looks stunning on many bride silhouettes and can look modern or vintage, depending on the styling. Zac Posen’s Royal Blue Gown is a fantastic choice for brides who want to wear a royal blue gown but don’t want something that feels too traditional.

This gown is a gorgeous take on the regal blue silhouette, and the silver detailing on the skirt makes it feel fresh and modern.

Nicole Francessa Royal Blue Guereno Gown

A sleeveless gown is an excellent choice if you want a royal blue prom dress that is slightly edgier. We love the royal blue sleeveless gown by Nicole Francessa.

This gown has a sexy, sheer corset overlay, and the royal blue is offset with silver beading throughout the shift. This gown is an attention-getter and would look fabulous at a formal event or even on the red carpet.

It is a daring gown, so make sure you know how to carry it off before you wear it in public.


With its regal appeal and ability to draw attention, royal blue is the perfect hue for your next special occasion. Whether you wear it to prom or your wedding, this timeless colour will always look amazing. We love the versatility of this shade and how it can be paired with many other hues.

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