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Island of the Dolls

A place with a dark and mysterious past always gives a thrilling feel when visited. Especially when stories of curses and phantom surround it. But, one does not always necessarily need supernatural elements to give you shivers down the spine. Linslade Las Muñecas, also known as the Island of the dolls, is an island filled with several decaying old dolls strung up in trees.

All this might start sounding creepy as hell already when even the dark story is yet to be told. Island of Dolls is considered one of the creepiest tourist destinations of all time in Xochimilco (Mexico).

Island of the Dolls

This place is said to be dedicated to the soul of a very young girl who died at a tender age. It is currently a floating garden and the home of hundreds of terrifying and mutilated dolls hanging. Even in the bright sunlight of midday, these dolls appear to be menacing and haunting.

Island of the Dolls Haunted History

Those blank eyes and decapitated heads hung on nearly every available space. The story has it that a tragedy of the 1950s is the reason behind this haunted island of the dolls.

Once upon a time, there was a caretaker of the island named Don Julian Santana Barrera. Who once mysteriously found a little girl drowning inside a canal that surrounded the island. But was unsuccessful in saving her life.

Island of the Dolls

Soon after this tragedy, Julian came across a doll floating near the same canal. He assumed the doll to be of that girl. So, he picked up that doll and hung it in a tree so that it gives a bit of peace to that little girl’s soul.

Although, the guilt inside the caretaker of not being able to save that girl’s life made him restless. He started feeling that the girl spirit was not rested and kept on haunting the island.

Compensair Many GEOs

He then felt that might be one doll wasn’t successful in pleasing the child as that girl craved the company. Scared by the spirit her, he started collecting dolls from the trash pile or in the canal and hung all of them on the tree to stay protected.

He didn’t stop and collected more than 1,500 of all these little dolls for over half a century. These dolls are still there at the same place untouched.

After so many years those island of the doll’s original dolls has started looking like a corpse of children which is more nerve-racking.

Island of the Dolls

In 2001 Santana (the caretaker) was found to be dead of a heart attack. According to some people, he was found in the canal drowned in the same manner as that little dead girl.

All these stories have now become a mystery for everyone. Some also doubt that the drowned girl still exists on that island.

Others believe that Julian made up all of this story as he felt lonely and had gone mad to believe that the spirit of a little girl tortured him.

Some people were close to Julian, who say that it seemed as some external force drove him as his behavior had changed completely.

The Island of Dolls Haunted

Island of the Dolls

Julian’s cousin Anastasio started living on the same island and started running it as a tourist attraction. As per Anastasio, the spirit of that little girl can be felt there, and I think it is important to keep those dolls hanging.

He also says that all those dolls at night come to life. Also, all these dolls are seen moving their heads and whispering to each other. All these things are very spooky, but he has gotten used to all of this, as he says. He counts walking through all these dolls as a horrifying experience.

Those headless bodies, broken limbs, and body-less heads have now been covered with mold. Some of those have become home to all the insects and spiders. Who knew one-day sentiments of an innocent Julian would make the garden filled with a graveyard of dolls.

This is the reason that hundreds of photographers and people seeking thrill land up to this haunted Island of the Dolls every year. In reality, it was never meant to be a tourist attraction at first. This island is almost two hours away from Mexico City.

Island of the Dolls

A haunted island deep in the woods with thousand mutilated dolls. Even though Julian’s actions were innocent and, in fact, admirable, all of it ended up portrayed as a haunted destination.

This area is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. This even further expanded tourism to the area. As soon as anyone enters this scary island there, excitement turns into horror.

It is best recommended to visit this island on a weekday as the canals are usually crowded on weekends. On a Monday, I had visited this island and found it to be negotiation peaceful with a few travelers around me.

Island of the Dolls Ghost Adventures

Island of the Dolls

Ghost Adventures Island of the dolls episode conducted a special investigation on this notorious island. Zak bagans’ frightening dolls increased when he observed small plastic faces laugh and lit up during their investigation.

It is best to research this place and then visit. I personally do it for all my travel pages as it gives me all the valuable information. Remember that you will need to negotiate a bit for the boat to pick you from the port.

You can also see signage placed at the front of the pier, which contains the maximum cost per hour of a boat. Nothing is better than being able to find others at the Embarcadero willing to visit the island, this helps to reduce the fare by splitting it.

This place brings a lot of horror in you once you enter the island. So, make sure that you and your little heart are prepared for this thrilling and spooky experience.

Island of the Dolls

I hope this article helped provide you with all the desired insights about this haunted Island of dolls. In case of any doubt regarding this thrilling topic, feel free to contact me through the comment section below. You can also share your experience with the comments.

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