Most Haunted Ghost Adventures 30 East Drive

30 East Drive

30 East Drive is a trendy haunting place visited by people around the world. People found this place to be terrifying, and they found it to be a very scariest place.

This three-bedroom set gives the best experience, and the house provides a lot more than even they have expected.

So, genuinely people get so dived by the place. The place 30 East Drive is s buzzing, and this wants you to communicate with them.

They provide you with such a great feeling that even people want to spend their weekend again on the place 30 East Drive.

Many of the guests find the place to be very active and have the very best fantastic experience all over the tours.

However, eventually, the area is terrifying. People have experienced many awful haunting sites of the house.

30 East Drive
30 East Drive

The compassionate people are warned over for the place, but the people who love these kind places will be satisfied with this place.

Even they also include that one of the team visits conclude that they thought of the walls were watching them.

People feel the place to be fascinating about its haunting or ghost site; even they think of the object’s voice feeling in other rooms.

30 East Drive Paranormal Lockdown

The paranormal lockdowns going in the house 30 East Drive are for a long time. When the Pritchard family was living in the house has also experienced many of the things.

Their children were have experienced the throwing from the beds, and they also got dragged from the stairs from the hands which were unseen. Even the objects in the house were found to be disappeared in the air.


Many of the unexpecting things got noticed during their living. It is one of the scariest parts of the world.

The terrifying things occurring in 30 East Drive situated in the Pontefract were considered to get attributed because of Black Monk.

The Monk was a clinic that was hung for raping and then murdering the young girl. So, the place also got described as getting used for filming.

The place is terrifying and has many paranormal lockdowns because of Black Monk.

30 East Drive Ghost Adventures

This terrifying house was revolved around the 60th-century ghost that was Black Monk.

The recent reports include that during the 60th century, Jean and Joe Pritchard, when moved into the house with their kids, that were Philip and Diane, all that started then along with them.

Once when the family was found to be in Devon, Philip was at 30 East Drive and was taken care of by his grandmother named Sarah Scholes.

They noticed that in starting, one of the chilled airs of the gust passed over the house, and then the white powder was found to get fallen from the building.

Cahawba Alabama
Cahawba Alabama

Then they both saw the pools full of water around the house were present. When all this was happening, they found that the tea dispenser was working on my own and then the pot of the plant got threw of its own.

Also, the objects which got placed in the cupboards flew my own. Then the water boards were even called off, but they were not able to found anything about the house. So, the home has many horrifying stories within it.

Compensair Many GEOs

30 East Drive Conjuring Two

The Conjuring 2 has just hit around the world during its release and was very popular for the best haunting stories.

However, the movie got based on the story of that the mother Peggy, was much hardworking and was very struggling for her four of the children in a council house which got situated in the Enfield area of North London.

The two of the Poggy children complained to her about the movable furniture and the sounds that were knocking around the walls of bedrooms.

Murder House
Murder House

So, she also called the police to investigate all the paranormal activities happening all around the house.

These activities gain more power around people. Even girls complain about the toys a few away in the house.

So, this got concluded that it got done by someone man who died earlier because of some reason. Thus, the story got based on the 30 East Drive story of the house.

30 East Drive When the Lights Went Out

The movie ‘When lights went out’ was directed by Pat Holden in 2012, and it is a British supernatural film which is very horror.

The story was also plotted over the house 30 East Drive and made this movie super hit.

This story gets based on a 13 years old girl who was hunted by the ghost that was a girl. The haunting girl was killed once in the forest, and the spirit was haunting every family member of the house.

This got concluded by the 13-year-old girl’s teacher, and she then provides the book behind the incident to Len.

So, he could find the answer behind the entire problem and also see the solution to it.

Ghost Tour
Ghost Tour

30 East Drive Most Haunted

30 East Drive got occupied by the Ghost, which was not so popular, but he made himself so exactly loud for them that he entered the house of 30 East Drive.

Some musty smell got also observed when no one uses to stay in the house. Even some kind of china dolls is found to be visible in that of the living rooms in the house.

The entire estate got utterly ruined by the happenings that were occurring at home. So, the mishappenings were happening for a long time, and this just got away everything of the house and its surroundings.

30 East Drive Ghost Hunt

A family was considered to be living in the house in the old times, and then they faced many problems in the house.

Ghost pics
Ghost pics

The day they shifted to the house, the family observed an extraordinary activity that dust was floating around the house.

Then they thought of cleaning the dirt, so their aunt gets into the kitchen to get some cleaning implements, and then they observe the appearance of the pool in the kitchen that made this all thing very shocking.

All these activities were beginning, and they have not thought of what would happen in the next of years. So, this made the house haunted ever.

This was all about 30 East Drive which makes us drive away by its most haunting stories. So, make a sure visit over the place and excite yourself with all the adventures and joys!

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