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The Skirrid Mountain Inn Abergavenny is known as the oldest pub in Wales; with over 900 years of ruthless execution, suffering, and witchcraft, it is no shock why this place holds a haunting reputation.

The Skirrid Mountain Inn is located in Llanvihangel Crucorney, 5 miles north of Abergavenny Monmouthshire, Wales.

It was first mentioned in documents in 1110, around the time of the Norman Conquest.

The pub entertained several Kings from England and Wales, who used the archaic mounting stone in the courtyard to alight their horses.


The Skirrid Mountain Inn Wales

People believe that the mountain inn Wales was the very place where the Welsh ruler Owain Glyndwr started his revolt against England and Henry IV.

After fighting the battle, the dying and wounded soldiers would return to the Skirrid mountain inn.

It is famous due to its connections to the malevolent and notorious Judge Jeffreys, the hanging judge.

Albeit, none could prove the existence of such a Phenomenon; it is either lost or never existed.

However, the local legend says he sat on the judgment at the mountain inn.

Skirrid mountain
Enterprise Many GEOs

The first floor of the inn through a period of several periods used as a court of law, and as numerous as 180 prisoners were sentenced to death in the 17th century.

The punishment took place inside the mountain inn Wales itself, and above the staircase filled with darkness, a 900-year-old sunbeam exists outside the courtroom, depicting the blots from the hangman’s rope.

Is the Skirrid Mountain Inn haunted?

Inside the inn, ghost hunters often visited and were featured in certain TC shows such as ‘Extreme ghost stories’ and ‘Most Haunted.’

Staff working in the inn have asserted hearing ghostly footsteps and guffawing laughter.

The staff have gone through changes in the temperature; at one point, the temperature is normal the next min, there’s a sudden drop in the temperature.

The former landlady of the Skirrid mountain inn reported that she has often seen a scary shadow walking up the stairs and near the corridor.


Skirrid Mountain Inn Ghosts

Many have reported sniffing perfumes from an unidentified source, hearing the swooshing sound of woman’s dresses, and soldiers trooping. They could be the troops of Owen Glyndwr.

When the former landlady heather grant decided to put the inn for sale in 2002, she told the BBC that the glasses started flying in the air without explanation in the kitchen.

She further claimed that a lot of paranormal activity has happened since she moved in.

She confessed that when she first moved in, she was horror-struck by the things happening in the inn.

Skirrid mountain inn
Image Credit: Skirrid Mountain Inn

A woman in the courtyard was reportedly seen on many occasions. The ghost of a sheep rustler, John Crowther, also haunts the place. He was pronounced guilty of his crime and put to death.

Several people reported ghost sightings in the pub, including the ghost of a local priest, allegedly known as Father Henry Vaughn.

The most active space of the Skirrid mountain inn is the guest room. Reportedly, room no. 3 haunted by the spirit of Fanny Price, people who were employed at the inn in the 18th century.

You can also visit the Black Mountains Wales, a nearby destination of wales. For the black mountain wales map, click here.

She died at the age of 35, fighting tuberculosis.

sunset view in wales


Nearby destination in Wales

Black Mountain hill

Geology of the Black Mountains

Most of the rocks in the Black Mountains are made of Old Red Sandstone and are from a time long ago called the Devonian period. These rocks are mostly made of sand, mud, and tiny pieces of rock called silt. There are also some thin layers of limestone mixed in.

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