The Hoia Baciu forest Romania is the world’s most haunted forest which is located near Romania’s Cluj-Napoca.

The land covers an area of 250 hectares and known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. The Hoia Baciu forest known for its paranormal activity and strange events.

Many have sighted ghosts, unexplained spectres, appearances of unknown faces in photographs, and UFOs sightings caught in action in the 1970s.

Hoia Baciu forest

People who visited the forest reported that they dealt with a feeling as if someone is constantly watching them and having intense feelings of anxiety.

Hoia-Baciu Forest

The forest named after a herdsman named ‘Hoia Baciu’ vanished in the forest with a flock of 200 sheep.

People living near this area do not even enter the forest due to the paranormal and mysterious stories and legends created by some people.

They strongly believe that you won’t come out of the Hoia Baciu Forest, once you’ll enter.


Those who showed the courage to enter the forest seeking ‘adventure,’ claimed that they attacked by something, followed by vomiting, nausea, migraines, scratches, anxiety, and burns.

Furthermore, the trees in the forest are bent, or you can say ‘curved.’ Nobody finds out the reason behind such bizarre phenomena of the Hoia Baciu forest bent tree.

However, it won’t do any harm admitting the fact no matter how strange it may seem, it sure is as fascinating as any mysterious phenomena.

Hoia Baciu forest

Hoia Baciu Forest UFO Sightings

The Hoia Baciu Forest first gained attention in the 1960s, when Alexandra sift a biologist, took several photographs of a flying disc-shaped entity in the sky right above the Hoia Baciu Forest.

Email Barnea, a military technician, took a photo of a saucer flying above the hoia-baciu forest in 1968. Later, in the 1970s, the forest became a breeding ground for UFO sightings and strange lights.


Forest Portal

Many believe that the Hoia Baciu Forest is a portal to another world. Within this dark, dense forest, many have known to disappear, and unexplained lights witnessed by the visitors.


This may seem scary and weird at the same time; however, people felt often that the wind feels like it speaks something to you.

Forest & Forest Girl Story 

There are several stories related to people returning from the forest with no memory of how they spent their time in the woods.

Some emerged out of the woods after being missing for some time; however, they come out with no reminiscence of what happened inside the forest during that time.

There is one such story of a Hoia Baciu forest girl, who was five years old at the time of her disappearance into the forest.


Five years later, she came out from the forest, wearing the same dress that she wore on the day she vanished into the woods.

The same thing happened to her as well; she came back with no recollection of what happened to her in that span of time.

Hoia Baciu Forest History

Another legend from the Hoia Baciu stories consists of paranormal activity which has been recorded and examined for 50 years.

The reason behind the haunting is because the Romanian peasants were killed in this woods.

People believe that the souls of these abused ghosts are somewhat trapped in the wooden boundaries of the forest, which is making the situation more problematic for the spirits.

Hoia Baciu forest

Some have even witnessed these abused spirits, travellers have seen green eyes along with the heavy black fog.

Many reported that they feel like as if someone is watching them always as they proceed towards the edge of the forest.

Hoia Baciu Forest Ghost Adventures

In 2013, the Ghost Adventures team decided to investigate the occurrences in the hoia baciu forest.

The paranormal activities in the woods have taken the form of poltergeist activity.

In an interview with the ghost adventures team members, one of them shared his experience in the hoia baciu forest.

Hoia Baciu forest

He said- as soon as he left the circle and went into the forest, he heard a sub-frequency noise and it made him paralyzed.

He continued- he started staring into the woods and didn’t know what was going on and he started breaking down. For him, it was an emotional experience yet scary!

Hoica Baciu Forest Circle

People have seen strange lights coming from the woods. These paranormal events are occurring in the middle of the forest where no vegetation grows, it’s like vegetation dead zone.

The soil samples taken from the site to examine came out as positive; there was nothing that could stop the growth of plants.


According to the locals, the hoia baciu forest circle is the hub of paranormal events. They believe it to be the home of spirits.

The hoia baciu forest pictures, taken by the people, exhibited drifting shapes and figures of human forms.

Hoia Baciu Movies

There are several hoia baciu movies made by many people. Researchers from around the world are captivated by the forest’s history.

Researchers from Germany, France, and the US have spent all their time studying the phenomena.

Some even succeeded in capturing the strange demonstration of faces and apparition on the film while making the hoia baciu forest documentary.

Hoia Baciu

One of the most intrigued hoia baciu forest facts is that in the year 1993, after Alexander Swift died, the photographs taken by him of the forest went missing and nobody ever found them.

Few of the pictures published in a book written by Adrian Patrut who was a friend of Alexander swift and a chemistry professor.

Other hoia baciu forest facts include malfunctioning of electronic devices. Whenever someone enters the forest with an electronic device it usually stops working.

This may happen due to the natural magnetic or an electrical occurrence of the area.

However, the paranormal investigators characterized the activities of some paranormal activity.

Hoia Baciu Forest Destination Truth

The events occurred in the forest grabbed so much attention to the people worldwide. It featured in one of the episodes of a reality TV show named ‘destination truth.’


They focused on the haunted forest and started their investigation. Upon their research, they found a collection of bones which they identified as goat bones and chicken bones.

However, it raised a question that who could have been consuming these left over.

A few years ago, Hollywood well-known actor Nicholas cage, specially came to Cluj to see this forest. He was shooting a movie in Sibiu.

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