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“Based on a true event,’ isn’t that bone-chilling to even read? Especially when you’re watching a horror flick- alone- at night. We have seen movies based on haunted places, houses, and dolls. Remember Annabelle? It made people pass out during the movie. Amityville horror? The movie itself was daunting enough to watch, let alone people apparently lived through that horror. These movies were an actual thing! Similarly, a horror movie is based on the infamous “suicide forest” in Japan, where people have taken their own lives, and the place is believed to be haunted by their tormented spirits.”

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However, have you ever heard about a movie based on a forest?

Aokigahara tour
Aokigahara tour

Yes… that’s right. Suicide Forest movie centred on the Aokigahara suicide forest in Japan.

The suicide forest is undoubtedly one of the scariest places to visit in the world. People have often found clothes and body parts crisscrossing through the line of trees.

The number of self-caused deaths in the Aokigahara suicide forest varies every year. Upon the survey, it was estimated that it is around 100 suicides yearly.

However, it is not the sole reason people do not wish to enter the forest.

Situated at the center of Mount Fuji, crisscrossing also plays a major role in Japanese mythology. It is famously referred to as the most haunted location in Japan.

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Believers reported several numbers of ghosts known as Yurei- who undergo violet and unnatural death, as well as demons.

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The Unknown Screams in Suicide Forest

Several people often hear chilling and abnormal screams while strolling the suicide forest, believing it to be manifested by Yurei.

Japan Times writer reported the Suicide Forest murders in the newspaper and shared his experience. They said they heard blood-curdling screams in the woods

Upon further research for the cause of the noise, he discovered a man’s corpse at the centre of a tree.

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After a quick examination, it was revealed that the body was dead for some period and couldn’t be the reason for those blood-chilling screams. However, his spirit could be.

The Aokigahara Ghosts in the Suicide forest

Another one of the trademarks of the suicide forest is the ghost sightings. Numerous visitors have claimed to have seen various apparitions floating amid the trees.

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Failed Suicide Attempts in Suicide Forest

Just because the forest is known for its notorious suicide attempts by the people doesn’t imply that everyone who decides to die meets their endings.

It is deemed that only those people would die who the yuri (spirits) of Aokigahara wants dead.

Many who went into the forest to end their lives came alive from the suicide forest.

Hideo Watanabe, a shop owner, was interviewed by the Japan Times, and said that he has seen various people come out of the woods after endeavouring to kill themselves. However, failed.

Suicide Forest

One of the survivors had a rope around her neck, and her eyes were going off their sockets.

He took her inside and offered them some tea to drink. Afterwards, he called an ambulance and took her to a hospital.

A tourist couple once decided to wander the forest; however, soon, they started having a sense of suffocation.

As they tried to escape the forest, it seemed the trees took the form of living beings and tried enclosing them.

Finally, with the assistance of the tape they had left behind, they managed to escape from the forest.

Suicide forest aokigahara
  • Another mysterious fact about this place is that once, a couple got lost whilst meandering the forest; however, they were shown their way out of the forest by a Buddhist monk.
  • When they returned, they told the locals about their encounter with the monk. They learned that many believe there’s a monk living in the forest that deters people from ending their lives.

Although, nobody has ever seen this Buddhist monk outside the forest. Some say it is a pious spirit that prevents people from committing suicide.

  • Since the Aokigahara forest bodies several corpses, japan’s government passed an act focusing on lessening high suicide rates by 20% within the next 7 years.
  • Some of the measures comprise posting security cameras at the entry of the suicide forest; there were signs posted on several roads as well, offering messages about being safe.
  • In 1960, Seicho Matsumoto wrote a tragic novel called Kuroi Jukai. The book was about a heartbroken girl that ran away towards the woods to commit suicide.
  • This romantic story is proven to be much influential and left a menacing effect on Japanese culture.
suicide forest

Another book called the complete suicide manual calls Aokigahara ‘the perfect place to die.’

The book is, however, discovered among the most abandoned custody of numerous suicide forest visitors.

  • Earlier this year, in January, the Aokigahara forbidden zone gained international interest after a Youtuber recorded and uploaded the video of a victim’s body on the youtube channel.
  • This concocted a huge controversy, and Youtube soon took the video down under violation of guidelines.
  • If you ever encounter such a situation, contact the local police, and respect the dead. Do not take the severity of the incident lightly.
  • If ever you get lost in the suicide forest whilst exploring (I hope you don’t), you might encounter something horrifying.
  • From discarded personal belongings captured bushes to human bones and more gruesome remains scattered throughout the suicide forest soil or hanging from branches.
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Even after all this information, your adventurous soul screams for something thrilling by venturing into this forest; try doing that by abiding by the signs posted and staying on the path. Your life matters!

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Aokigahara forest deaths 2021

Aokigahara forest deaths 2021″ as no deaths have been reported in the forest this year. The last known death in the Aokigahara Forest was reported in 2020.

Aokigahara forest bodies 2017

In the Aokigahara Forest Bodies 2017 incident, many remains were discovered in Japan’s infamous “Suicide Forest.” This tragic event highlighted the need for mental health awareness and led to increased suicide prevention measures in the area.

Aokigahara forest Rules

Camping is permitted in the Aokigahara Forest, but the police are worried that those who bring tents may be thinking of suicide. If someone stays in the forest for multiple days, they are believed to be considering ending their life. Therefore, there are people on prevention patrol who approach campers in a gentle manner and urge them to leave the forest to avoid any harm. To keep visitors safe, it is crucial to adhere to these rules.

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