24-Hour Seascape on Ambassador Signature Cruise in Halong Bay

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle for just a weekend, Halong Bay will be the perfect destination. Recharging energy on the Ambassador Signature Cruise is an unforgettable experience that I’m eager to share with you.

Follow me to discover the joyful 2 days 1 night on this Halong Bay cruise.

How the cruise became my choice

After deciding with my friends to relax on this bay, I drowned in the information about the cruise. Finding a Halong Bay cruise took me a lot of time. Although we all love to have a vacation on a modern cruise, there are multiple cruises with quite the same itinerary and facilities. Which one would be suitable for us?

Through many searches on cruise lines, I see that Ambassador Signature Cruise met all of my expectations:

  • It’s beautiful. The construction is a harmonious combination of Western and Eastern styles.
  • Having good food with a Michelin menu. I’m curious about the taste.
  • It includes lots of outdoor activities, such as visiting fishing villages, biking, and kayaking. We’re adventurous by nature.

How I booked online

Cruises around Halong Bay can be reserved on several websites. After looking around, I chose to pay about US $195 (at the time of booking; prices may change later) for a 2-day Ambassador Signature Cruise with BestPrice Travel, due to the reputable TripAdvisor reviews (more than 3,000 excellent reviews).

Additionally, I selected a two-way shuttle from Hanoi to Halong on the internet for US $45 per person.

Soon after I made my reservation, my travel advisor sent me an email to confirm the information. She answered any inquiries I had right away. This company is highly recommended because they made all the arrangements extremely swiftly.

Signature Cruise Price

I chose Ambassador Signature Cruise on bestpricetravel.com

How my 2-day cruise went on smoothly

Day 1: Explore Lan Ha Bay and Viet Hai Village

To start the journey from Hanoi to Halong, the adventure commenced with a prompt pickup from my destination at Hanoi Tower, Hai Ba Trung Street, precisely at 8:00. A limousine D-car, boasting nine seats, awaited us. Complete with modern amenities such as air conditioning, phone chargers, and complimentary drinks, the journey promised comfort.

Our transit was smooth, punctuated by a brief 15 to 20-minute stopover midway, offering an opportunity to buy handcrafted goods and refreshments. It took nearly 2.5 hours to reach the Tuan Chau port.

Upon arrival at the waiting lounge, around 11:15, we checked in before leisurely preparing for boarding.

At noon, we were ferried to the main ship via a tender boat. A scenic 20-minute transfer provided ample time to soak in the splendor of Lan Ha Bay’s breathtaking sights.

Welcomed warmly aboard, right on the 1st floor, we received a refreshing cup of juice and a cool handkerchief. Coming up to the 3rd floor, the restaurant set the stage for the crew’s introduction and cruise briefing.

Settling into our Executive Room on the 2nd deck, the elegant oriental design, coupled with a floor-to-ceiling window and private balcony, provided a serene space. Although the bathroom is not spacious enough, it is full of facilities and very clean. It was quite regretful that there was no window or bathtub, which meant I could not admire the bay while chilling in the bath.

Lunch, served buffet-style at around 13:30, showcased a diverse array of culinary delights, ranging from European to Asian cuisines. Particularly noteworthy were the impeccably seasoned and fresh seafood offerings.

During the meal, we received attentive service from our dedicated waitstaff, who eagerly accommodated all of our needs. When the lunch ended, they asked us to choose the dishes for dinner, and we were so eager for it.

Our afternoon adventure commenced with a visit to the Viet Hai Village, which I expected the most. It was our very first excursion for this tour. Viet Hai is a well-known fishing village in a primitive and tranquil location with precious traditional cultural values.

Here, you’ll delve into the local life, from exploring fish ponds and beekeeping houses to wandering through ancient dwellings or indulging in a fish foot massage experience. We also love to ride a bike there, so we kept scrolling through the peaceful village for around 20 minutes. 

Then, we returned to the tender to join the happy hours on the cruise from 17:30 to 18:30. We joined the cooking class to make Vietnamese spring rolls for the happy hour. It was fun, I swear, and of course, a must-try activity.

Evening festivities unfolded with a sumptuous and luxurious dinner. Served with a Michelin menu, the meal surpassed expectations. Each of us was provided with 5 dishes, including 2 main courses. We’d chosen the food from the lunch, so we had a nice, customized meal.

I was impressed by the glass noodles served with Mekong Langoustine and semi-dried oysters. It was a perfect combination of Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese food

The restaurant is next to the piano lounge, so we could hear the piano and live show during the meal. Following dinner, we explored the ship’s amenities, including the spa, before concluding the evening with a whimsical session of squid fishing.

Day 2: Kayaking in Dark and Bright Cave

After a light breakfast, we embarked on our final excursion – a kayaking adventure in the tranquil Dark and Bright Cave. Amidst dimly lit caverns adorned with stalactites, we traversed into a sea valley ensconced by majestic mountains, leaving an indelible impression.

We chose kayaking because it was fun discovering the bay on our own! Otherwise, a bamboo boat rowed by the locals is recommended for those who enjoy relaxing activities.

kayaking adventure

Returning to the ship at 9:00, we savored a leisurely respite before partaking in a delightful brunch, punctuated by decadent desserts. As the clock struck 9:30, we bid farewell to Lan Ha Bay, boarding the tender boat for our journey back to the pier, and concluding our brief yet enriching voyage.

In a nutshell

In summary, my voyage on the Ambassador Signature Cruise left me enamored, and the stunning Lan Ha Bay left me in awe. Without a doubt, this excursion has become my top pick for a 2 days 1 night cruise in Halong Bay, and I eagerly anticipate returning in the future.

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