Gooloowan House Haunted Stories Queensland, Australia

Gooloowan house haunted story is famous worldwide amongst tourists. Gooloowan house haunted is an inheritance-listed mansion at 43 Quarry Street, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

Architect Charles Balding created it in 1864. The Gooloowan house was included in the Queensland Heritage Register in 1992.


Gooloowan House of Queensland History

Gooloowan house is a two-layered rendered brick house constructed for Benjamin Cribb and his second wife, Clarissa.

The one who built the house was known as Charles Balding. Bids were invited by distinct trade, and the work was well developed by mid-1864.

Omio Many Geos

Benjamin crib was born in Dorsetshire, England, in the year 1807. He came to Moreton Bay with his first wife, Elizabeth, in the boat named Chaseley in 1849.

When he first started his business in Ipswich, he called it ‘London Stores.’

Gooloowan house haunted

When his wife died in 1852, he moved to Brisbane. That succeeding year, he tied the knot with Clarissa Foote, and her brother, John Clarke Foote, turned out to be his new business partner in the year 1855. He came back to Ipswich the same year.

The grand structure that was built was a sight to look at and an outstanding fit for the Cribbs’ massive family.

They named the house as the ‘Gooloowans,’ an indigenous word meaning house on the hill.’

The house has several prominent features that enhance its charm encompassing an extensive circular driveway.


One of the foremost features of Gooloowan is the great library, present in the hall of the lobby.

In 1983, the Gooloowan house was sold to a local doctor after being in the family for more than 120 years.

Gooloowan House Haunted Incidents

In 1889, a maid working in the property by the name Rose Dold. She became pregnant while working there.

To hide her child from the world, she was convinced that it was best to throw the child down the household well.

How the Gooloowan house haunted activities came into light, you ask? After this incident, people claimed to hear the crying voice of a baby coming from the well.

Gooloowan house haunted Australia
Image Credit: Gooloowan house haunted Australia

Visitors reported seeing a female specter wandering on the grounds in an old maid’s fabrics.

Rooms that haven’t been touched for years- people reportedly sensed the presence of evil, as if someone’s watching your every move.

Gooloowan House Haunted Stories

In 2007, the then pub owner, Chris Kallis, stated that initially, he was skeptical and didn’t believe about the hauntings.

For eight months, nothing happened, then suddenly doors would open and close on their own, things would move and shake, hearing footsteps up & down the hall.

He further added that he heard people playing pool whenever he’d be lying on his bed.

Haunted Gooloowan House
Image Credit: Haunted Gooloowan House

Another incident took place in 2012 a woman reportedly saw a specter of a male staring right at her while she was having her meal.

She described his appearance as a short, sturdy with big shoulders.

The specter’s description matched with the man named Sydney John Neaves, who passed away in the hotel in the year 1934.

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