Fort Garry Hotel | Room 202, Where Scary Things Are Born

Manitoba’s Fort Garry Hotel is ancient in Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, 4.3 mi away from Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

It was a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981 and is one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. The 10-floor building was inaugurated in December 1913.

view of the river

Designed by Ross and MacDonald, it is a well-known architectural landmark known as the Heart of downtown Winnipeg.

Soft neutrals, classic furnishings, Italian linens, and high ceilings in a traditional style create an oasis in the heart of Winnipeg. The sophisticated bistro serves seasonal fare. The hotel has its Fort Garry Hotel, Spa, Fort Garry Hotel pool and Fort Garry Hotel parking.

Fort Garry Hotel History

The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway was built in 1913, which was then called the “new castle of opulence” and was the tallest structure in the city. 

It was constructed in “Chateau style, “often called neo-chateau style, Chateausque.

According to local folklore, Manitoba’s Hotel is haunted. It is famous for its haunted room 202, making it a “haunted hotel, Winnipeg.”

Fort Garry Hotel images
Image Credit: Fort Garry Hotel images

Fort Garry Hotel Winnipeg’s haunted stories are infamous.

Many years ago, a woman ended her own life in the room after receiving the news of her husband’s death in a car accident. In grief, she hanged herself in the closet.

It is anticipated that there is a weird vibe in Hotel room 202. The entire second floor is said to be the center of unusual encounters.

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Haunted Hotel Winnipeg Stories

Historians anticipated that a newlywed couple stayed in the hotel in the 1920s, wherein the husband was killed by a horse-drawn cart when he brought headache pills for his wife. She committed suicide in shock. 

It is disputed that she hung herself in the closet, and her ghost waits on the bed for her beloved to return.

front view of the hotel

Another famous tale is when the Ontario Liberal MP, Brenda Chamberlain, felt the presence in her bed twice, and the story made national headlines.

Another historian claims that a regular hotel guest demands a specific room because of the spirit of a lady in a white ball gown. The hotel found proof of this tale. 

On its opening day, a lady named Mc Millan dressed in a white laced gown stayed in Fort Garry Hotel’s haunted room on Dec 10, 1913. Ghosts are surely polarizing.

Another tale about the hotel ghost is that Ida Aldo, its present owner, lived with her husband, Richard Bel.

After a fight, she woke up at midnight to see him enter the room and sit on the bed, but he was not there when she looked back to speak with him.

Fort Garry Hotel 202 Room
Fort Garry Hotel 202 Room

In one specific incident in 1989, a hotel employee cleaned the kitchen at night. He heard unusual voices coming from the dining room that was locked.

He quickly ran to grab the key, and on opening the door, he saw what appeared like a figure of a man sitting at a table.

Then he ran to get a staff member immediately to show what he had just witnessed. However, the specter disappeared when he returned to the dining room with another member.

Is Fort Garry Hotel Haunted?

The “haunted hotel” report claims that the lower hotel was haunted, that a security guard found ten candles in the shape of a star on the floor in the ballroom on a night there was no event.

Hotel interior
Hotel Interior

It is often defined as one of the most haunted places in Canada. Guests often report sightings of unquiet spirits wandering in hotel halls and corridors.

In Fort Garry’s haunted room, the presence of a young widow is often felt. Guests have sometimes been disturbed by a presence that moans and whispers or crawls in bed beside them.

It has a mystery of its own. Blood trickling down walls and a ghostly woman who asks for water and then vanishes are specific incidents spotted in the Fort Garry hotel ghost pictures researchers took.

This hotel has guests that never checked out — some variations of the story claim that someone killed her.

Some guests claim light flicked and seeping blood on walls, along with a morning woman who appears at the foot of the bed.

Fort Garry Hotel rooms
Fort Garry Hotel rooms

The ghost of the cloaked woman is not only confined to room 202. While it is the center of strange incidents, her specter wanders in other places throughout the hotel, like a lobby where her specter cries in a corner and most rooms on the second floor.

She appears human rather than a transparent ghostly spirit anticipated by a paranormal investigator.

Activities to do at Fort Garry Hotel, Manitoba

Idyllically situated in the heart of Winnipeg. It is conveniently located within a short walking distance of many famous places in the city.

Entrance of the Hotel
Image Credit: Entrance of the hotel

You could enjoy shopping in Winnipeg; the portage place mall, exchange district, and polo park shopping Centre are nearby the Hotel, Manitoba.

If you want to eat outside, several other excellent restaurants are around the hotel.

Fort Garry Hotel suites
Fort Garry Hotel suites

The hotel makes a fascinating stop with an exciting history. Don’t leave in Canada without saying hello to the hotel’s friendly ghost.

It is 10 minutes away from Manitoba Children’s Museum, forks markets, and the Canadian Museum for human rights. 


It is near Assiniboine Park and the zoo. It is a prime location for spending vacations. 

Fort Garry Hotel Winnipeg Phone Number: +1 888-855-4599

If you’re interested in finding out about the finest hotel options, read the article How To Choose The Best Hotel.

Best things you can take to Fort Garry Hotel


Fort Garry Hotel Palm Lounge menu

The Palm Lounge at the historic hotel in downtown Winnipeg offers a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere with an extensive menu highlighting local ingredients and traditional flavors. Guests have a range of appetizers to choose from main courses, and vegetarian options, as well as classic and signature cocktails. The lounge also features cozy seating, live music, and stunning city views, making it a perfect destination for any occasion.

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