Dubai to Canada Immigration Explained

Have you thought of the big question already – whether to relocate to Canada in 2021 or not? It is a pandemic situation all around, and making such decisions can be hard on you and your family. However, there are a few initial things that you need to take note of before you fixate on the decision of your Canadian immigration from Dubai

According to the statics, there are more than a million immigrants from Dubai in just a year. All the immigrants may not be necessary of the Unites Arab Emirates nationality but when asked about their previous county of residency, it was either Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

As Canada offers a lot to immigrants and their families, it is the friendliest country to date. We all have heard the talk that Canadians are the most humble people and yes, that is true. They value other people and hence they are polite and welcoming.

Canada has the highest literacy rate, exceptional healthcare facilities along with architectural marvels around the city. Let us go ahead and see the advantages of Canada immigration from Dubai to explore the process.

Dubai to Canada Immigration

Dubai to Canada Immigration
Dubai to Canada Immigration

All things Canada

You have already decided on moving to Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi but are unsure about its lifestyle and living. The lifestyle of Dubai or Abu Dhabi differs from that of Canada.

Canada is a country that gives us diversity in people, climate, and even landscape, and if you are a student, you have to remember multiple things while studying in Canada.

With their incorporating nature, people there are extremely friendly and well-cultured. The Canadian way of life is full of varied cultures and ethnicities, as they respect all. Their pride is the most important to them, along with their belief in equality for all. Moreover, it gives its immigrants a safe place as Canada is the most peace-loving country of all. 


Are you a student and looking to get a higher degree of education in Canada? If yes, getting you the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada is the perfect first step. It is seen that Canada has to offer a lot in terms of education. But, on the other hand, Dubai has the least scope from Universities and colleges.

Canada is well known for its world-class facilities, top Universities, and excellent colleges. Their Universities have been accepting several students for various years now.

They provide a list of special courses in each of the Universities which attracts International students. Moreover, its diversified campus, it provides students to explore world cultures and develop positively. 


Canada has the highest employment rate. Most individuals look forward to their immigration with their families. As they have better opportunities.

A skilled immigrant worker can easily get a Canadian work permit from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, or any United Arab Emirates.

You can easily work in Canada according to your liking.

With Canada named as the land of opportunities, it offers great job prospects overall. Head-hunters are looking for new talent all the time. Canada provides not only employment but also great business opportunities. They always encourage immigrants to have a successful business by providing all the necessary facilities. 

Methods of immigration

In order to acquire your Canadian Permanent Residency, the first thing that you need to do is find a Canada PR Consultant in Dubai. As they have the required experience of dealing with immigration, they can guide you with proper points to remember.

They will explain to you the best possible way to apply for immigration. Canada, basically, offers you many pathways to immigrate to Canada and settle there. Their Government is highly committed to keeping the processes as simple as possible. 

Let us explore 3 ways that are recommended by the best Consultancy in Dubai for Canada immigration. 

Express Entry Program

Up until 2015, Canada Government accepted immigrants on a mere first come, first serve basis.

But this scenario changed in 2015.

They introduced the system of the Express Entry Program.

This program is aimed at welcoming immigrant individuals and their families more quickly. The creation of this program has sped up the process of immigration by 3 times the earlier one. Furthermore, this program exists in an online process to manage applications, simplifying Canadian immigration from Dubai for skilled applicants.

Initially, it would help if you were clear regarding your criteria. Then, as you go ahead, you can start your Express Entry process by submitting your profile online, known as an Expression of Interest (EIO), to the Express Entry Pool.

Your profile gets assessed through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) according to age, education, and work experience. 

The individuals who fall under the 3 Federal immigration classes, namely – Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class – can exclusively apply via this program. 

Within merely 6 months from your application in Express Entry Pool, you get your application process completed with a PR status.

The entire process is well-known for its quickest and easiest method as it takes the least processing time. 

Provincial Nominee Program

To get your Dubai to Canada Immigration and any part of the United Arab Emirates, there is a Provincial Economic Class in which you get to relocate and settle in a certain province.

You can easily apply via Provincial Nominee Program. However, there are a couple of exceptions to the Northern Canada Territory of Nunavut and Quebec.  

It is seen that Canada has a lack of experienced skilled workers in the country.

Hence, Canadian companies are always on the lookout for new talents that add to their working pool. In order to fill in the void in their markets, they accept new immigrant skilled workers with a friendly face.

The Provincial Nominee Program was created for this particular purpose. The skilled individuals who wish to settle and work peacefully in Canada can opt for this program to immigrate to the provinces in and around Canada. If there is a high demand for any specific job profile, they get enlisted in the In-demand Occupation list.

in order to get your application above the rest of them, your job title needs to have appeared in the particular list.

The Express Entry Program is linked to this program in 9 out of 13 provinces and territories in Canada, making getting the PR status easier. 

Family Sponsorship Program

Do you an Uncle or an Aunt who has already immigrated to Canada via a Canada PR Consultant in Dubai and have settled there for a long time now? Well, you can take their help if you wish to follow in their footsteps.

If any of your relatives have received Canadian citizenship or even their PR status of Canada, they can act as your sponsor in order to get your own PR.

Family Sponsorship Program is specially created for the same purpose. The sponsorship can be given to – Parents, Dependent children, Grandparents, Spouse, Common Law partner, Conjugal partner, nephews or nieces, Brothers or sisters, your orphan granddaughters or grandsons who are under the age of 18 years. 

Bottom line

Relocating to another country can be tough. But with the right help by your side, you can actually make it without much hassle.

With trusted guidance from the best Consultancy in Dubai for Canada, you can get to have both years and years of experience and excellent expertise in the matter.

Right from the correct counseling by expert people to directly getting your PR status confirmation and getting that stamp on your passport, they have covered you with everything. 

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