What Should You Ask Before Planning an Antigua Honeymoon

Antigua, or as the locals call it, ‘Waladli,’ is located in the Lesser Antilles. So if you are looking for a dreamy and out-of-the-way destination for your honeymoon, then Antigua has just what you need.

An Antigua honeymoon will leave you spellbound with its untainted tropical beauty and will bring both of you closer than ever before. It is always better to plan these trips well in advance and if you are considering Antigua, then here are some questions you should ask when you start planning.

Antigua Honeymoon Planning

Antigua Honeymoon

How to Reach Antigua?

Antigua is not a common vacation destination, so there might be certain doubts about getting there. However, although you will not see many hoardings of Antigua, rest assured that there are plenty of flights to and from the island.

You can try out airlines like American Airlines and Jet Blue. Most of these flights take off from Miami in Florida, so if you are traveling from the west coast, you can stay there for the night and then catch a flight to the island.

What are the Weather Conditions in Antigua?

Antigua is by and large very safe to travel, and there are no restrictions. However, being a tropical island, it has been hit by sea storms and hurricanes in the past.

It is advisable to check the weather forecasts before setting out. Visiting the island from October to March should help avoid these.

Is Antigua Safe for Travel?

Antigua is perfectly safe for travel, but it is best not to carry too much cash or wear jewelry. As in most other exotic locations, the locals here lead a simple life, and you might not want to stand out when you hit the remote regions of the islands.

If you are traveling at night, ask your hotel to book a ride for you instead of calling a cab yourself.

The hotel will know which drivers are trustworthy as others tend to overcharge tourists. Other than that, there aren’t any major safety issues you should be concerned about while the Antigua honeymoon.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit?

If you want the islands to yourself, then visiting them during the off-season is a good idea. That is usually between April and November. The rates are meager at this time of the year, the beaches are secluded, and you can visit all the stunning spots without having to worry about a crowd photo-bombing your clicks.

However, there is a possibility of hurricanes forming at this time so keep yourself informed about the weather forecast, and you can easily avoid them.

What is the Best food in Antigua?

No honeymoon experience can be genuinely perfect without good food. The beach-front barbeques will leave you reeling from all the flavor and aroma of the fresh seafood smeared with spices. The wood-burning pizza is one of the most popular local favorites, topped with fresh vegetables and meat.

Antigua is also renowned for its exotic and authentic Oriental food, and you will come across several high-end Balinese and Thai restaurants by the beaches. The fruit punches, especially the pineapple carpaccios, are a crowd-pleaser.

Once you start your research on the Antigua honeymoon, you will find that it is the ideal spot for your honeymoon. You can consult an expert about other details to make your honeymoon truly memorable.

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