Where to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds

We are all familiar with natural diamonds and their pieces of jewellery. But nowadays, many jewellers offer you lab-grown diamonds when you want to buy diamond jewellery. 

Lab grown diamonds have gained popularity over the past several years. You might be thinking about where to find or buy such a diamond. You can buy the best lab-grown diamond from the Rare Carat company.

This company helps you in many ways to get your desired lab diamond. The Rare Carat lab-created diamonds are famous among all the other companies.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Other names like cultured diamonds, lab-created or engineered diamonds, known as lab-grown diamonds. These lab-grown diamonds are grown using some advanced technology in the laboratory.

They have the same carbon atoms arranged in a characteristic crystal diamond structure. A lab-grown diamond has the same physical and chemical features as a natural diamond.

They show the same sparkle and fire as natural diamonds. As they are grown in the lab, there are many varieties of colours and clarity of this type of diamond. These diamonds can be created by using two types of methods- High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and the other one is Chemical Vapor Deposition( CVD).

You can grade lab-grown diamonds precisely like the natural ones in a carat. These 5ct lab-created diamonds are scrutinized and have a quality rating certificate.

The price of this kind of diamond is less than the naturally mined diamonds. You will get the exact shape and size of lab-grown diamonds at a much cheaper price than natural diamonds.

Lab created diamonds

Why are lab-grown diamonds better?

Now as you know what lab-created diamonds are, you must know that these diamonds hold varieties of benefits. So let us discuss the benefits or advantages of buying these lab diamonds.

Better quality and higher purity

The manufactured diamonds are beautiful because of their better and brighter quality and purity. This is because they don’t have any impurities or dirt ingrained in them.

As they are made in the lab using advanced and robust technology, they have very few defects or strains in their structure. That is why lab-made diamonds are better quality than natural ones.

Known origin source of diamonds

The origin of natural or mind diamonds is not known to us. It is not possible to determine their exact location. But if you opt for lab-manufactured diamonds, you will surely know about their origin and a trackable source, which ensures that the diamonds are from a reputable area. The process of creating those is genuine.

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Better diamonds at an affordable price

We all are aware that natural diamonds are very costly. But thanks to our technology, it creates these lab diamonds, which are available in the same shape and size but at a much cheaper cost.

Varieties of colours

Not only are these manufactured diamonds affordable, but also they are found in many different colours, giving them a perfect look, unlike natural diamonds.

Environment friendly

Natural diamonds are mined using natural sources such as fossil fuel, which is not eco-friendly at all. But in creating these lab diamonds, no such natural resource is involved, and it only requires proper and advanced technology. Thus making it an environmentally sustainable diamond.

All about Rare Carat Company

Rare Carat Company is known to be America’s number-one marketplace for diamonds.

It was first launched in 2016 in Forbes and was known as ‘Kayak’. Rare Carat Company has also been featured in New York Times, USA Today, and CNBC. It is also called “Secret to Buy a Diamond” by the New York Times. It is a place that provides a lot of information about the diamonds to the customer before you buy them so that you can compare different diamonds and choose the best one.

This Rare Carat Company is always there to help you to find your best deal. Not only that, you will be able to find different sizes, shapes, and colours of lab-created diamonds here.

They also have a perfect rating in Google Business Profile and Trustpilot.

How to find good lab-created diamond deals from www.rarecarat.com?

On the official website of Rare Carat Company, you will find many options related to finding the best diamonds and information about them. They have options that will guide you in buying diamonds.

  • The first thing you will need to do is fix your budget. According to your budget, you should search for lab-created diamonds.
  • Now choose the shape of your lab-created diamond. You can use their site’s “ring viewer tool” to imagine the forms on your hand. Most of the customers choose the Round shape. It’s the most popular one.
  • Know about the 4C’s while buying diamonds-Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity, to know about the weight, its sparkle, and also if it has any visible imperfections.
  • Now go for a price and quality check using the tool “Rare Carat Report”. This report will help you know everything about your diamond and if it has any flaws, and its actual value in the market.
  • Pick up a Setting, and yes, you are done.

There are many other options available on their site that will help determine the diamond you want and details about it.

This company provides you with trusted and genuine lab-created diamonds. Also, shopping here is risk-free; you can get your money back.

As you see, buying a lab-manufactured diamond has several benefits, so now you don’t have to wait years to have the budget to buy a natural diamond. You can opt for these lab-created diamonds at a very reasonable price.

The Rare Carat lab diamonds are of excellent quality and purity. They provide you with the best diamond according to your budget and choice. It is the best company to buy lab-created diamonds with varieties of options.

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