Recreational Activities for Kids During Winter


Winter is a fun time but can also be challenging for kids. They often want to play outside, but it’s cold and snowing! If your children are stuck indoors these next few months, we have some great activities ideas for kids to keep them occupied. IN

Snow Sports

If you’ve ever seen kids at the winter playground, you know that they are having a blast! They love sliding down snow-covered hills, making snowballs, and throwing snowballs at each other.

What about these activities makes them so much fun for kids? As parents, we want our children to be active and healthy. These activities will keep them busy and help them bond with their peers by engaging in physical activity outside together.

Snow sports can be great ways to get your kid outside during the winter months. They must have time to play in nature because they’re not spending enough time doing this during the rest of the year when school schedules take over their lives.

Snow sports

Take dance or ballet classes.

If you have kids, you likely want to keep them active during the winter months. Take dance or ballet classes. Dance is a great way to stay fit and active while having fun! Ballet and other dance classes are also a great way to improve coordination, agility, balance, and strength.

Plus, they can be lots of fun learning new things with your peers or friends — even if they aren’t always as flexible as they would like! You can find dance studios in most cities these days; look around on Google maps when it comes time for class registration!

Play with jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are another great activity for kids during winter. In this case, you can do it with your children, or you can do it on your own. You could also try to play a jigsaw puzzle while in the car if you’re driving around town (if you don’t mind getting crumbs everywhere). Look for it at jigsaw shops.

It’s an exciting puzzle that will keep both of your minds occupied—and they’re educational because they teach your child how to follow instructions and work together with others! They’ll learn to use tools like scissors, which will also help them become more independent.


Help Others

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or nursing home. Not only will you be helping others, but it’s also a great activities for kids the value of giving back and spreading goodwill.

If you don’t have time for a volunteer shift, consider spending some time with an elderly neighbour who could use some company while they eat lunch or play cards.

You can also spend some time picking up litter in your neighbourhood; if everyone picks up their trash, they won’t need to hire cleanup crews!

Teach children to sew by hand

  • Teach children to sew by hand. Sewing like this sewing shop in NZ is an excellent way for kids to learn the basics of sewing, such as how to use a needle and thread and how to sew on buttons. It’s also a fun activity that promotes fine motor skills and dexterity!
  • Use a sewing machine. If you have a child interested in learning how to use a sewing machine, teach them! This will increase their understanding of how clothing is made and give them more opportunities for creativity when it comes time for sewing projects at home or school.

Board Games

Board Games

Several board games can be played indoors or outdoors during winter, so they’re perfect for families with little kids. These include “Scrabble,” “Monopoly,” and “Uno.”

Individuals or groups can also enjoy board games, so they make an excellent activity for the winter months when kids are stuck indoors because of snow or cold temperatures. You might even want to try out some new board games this winter!

Photography or Videography

Photography and videography are excellent ways to keep the kids entertained during winter. You can take pictures on your phone or camera of your kids playing in the snow, building a snowman, making snow angels (or just having fun), and so on.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to entertain your kids during winter. You can make crafts at home, or if your kids are old enough, they could make them independently. You can also enrol in art classes online if you want to.

Your chosen arts and crafts should be appropriate for your child’s age. Some things to consider when selecting an arts and crafts activity include:

  • What materials will I need?
  • How much time do I have?
  • How difficult will it be for my child to complete this project?

Building a Snow Fort

A snow fort is a great way to get your kids outdoors during the winter. It’s also an excellent way to practice teamwork and problem-solving skills and help them gain confidence in their abilities. Making a snow fort doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be fun if you do it right.

Here are some tips for building an awesome snow fort:

  • First off, gather your materials! You’ll need lots of snowballs and friends who want to help (and maybe even create one of their own). Make sure that all participants know how to throw a snowball before beginning construction on the project—you don’t want anyone getting hurt!
  • Once everyone has been appropriately armed with projectiles and shovels, start digging down into the ground where you’d like your castle-like structure to go. The deeper, the better—it’ll keep unwanted intruders from ruining your day (or night).
  • If possible, put some sticks around the perimeter so that this wall will stay upright instead of falling over when something hits against it–but don’t worry too much about this step because there’s still more work left before we’re done today!

Winter Outdoor Activities

  • Sledging: This classic winter activities for kids involves moving down an incline on a sledge or other vehicle.
  • Snowman building: Kids will enjoy making snowmen, which can be done simply by rolling snow into balls and stacking them together as a head, body, and arms. You can also give your kids little accessories to make their snowmen more unique.
  • Snow angel making: It involves lying down in the snow, facing up with arms outstretched, then moving your arms and legs through the snow to create a long “angel” shape in the ground. It’s fun for kids because it looks like they’re flying through the air!
  • Snowball fights: If you have younger children around three years old or younger who don’t know how to throw things yet but want to join in on snowball fights with older siblings or friends, try using soft foam balls instead of regular ones so they won’t get hurt if hit by one accidentally (which could happen if everyone’s tossing hard).

Plan fun activities you can do with your kids indoors or outdoors.

In the winter, when it’s cold and snowy outside, there are fewer activities for kids. You can plan indoor activities or outdoor ones. If you plan, you can have fun together no matter what the weather is like outside.

Here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor activities that will allow you to spend time with your children in a fun way:

  • Indoor activities: Board games such as Monopoly or chess; Jigsaw puzzles; Arts and crafts such as making candles out of melted crayons or creating music boxes from paper plates and twine.
  • Outdoor Activities: Snow sports (skiing/sledding); Dancing (waltz lessons); Photography/videography; Arts & Crafts


I hope the information provided in this blog post will help you plan some great activities for your children during the winter months. Keeping them active and engaged is essential, especially if they have limited access to outside activities due to weather conditions or other factors such as school closures.

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