4 Tips And Techniques For Best Travel Photos

Traveling serves as a relaxing and life-changing experience, especially for people who have busy schedules and heavy workloads. People always bring their best cameras to shoot best travel photos when traveling.

Capturing your best moments and the beautiful scenes in a new place is priceless when you see them on high-quality pictures on your social media or in prints. 

Travel photos have unique aesthetic appeal. You can visit different places to take landscape photos to hone your photography knowledge and skills. Whether a novice or a seasoned photographer, travel-related subjects will draw your photography interest.  

Below are some tips and techniques for you to capture the best angles and elements of natural landscapes and famous architectural landmarks through your unique travel experiences. 

1. Know The Latest Photography News  

Do you know the latest technology in travel photography? Photographers land the correct exposure by learning the latest news about the best cameras, photography techniques, and even places to shoot best travel photos.  

You can find many online sources to read, listen to, and watch the latest news and trends about travel photography. Many travel bloggers are experts in taking best travel photos and sharing their masterpieces and stories through their websites. 

2. Choose The Right Lens And Mode 

Travel Photos

The camera lens can hinder or help you shoot in the field. Choose a prime portrait lens (like a 50mm or 85mm), a telephoto (such as a 70-200mm), and a wide-angle lens (like 10-24mm) for a wider choice. If you’re on a budget, choose a fast zoom like an 18-200mm or 28-300mm. 

You can shoot in RAW and JPEG for greater flexibility when choosing the correct mode for travel photos. However, you’ll need to bring several high-capacity memory cards with you on a trip.

You can download the images in a photo storage device or laptop to free up the space in your memory cards to be ready for another set of travel photo shoots the next day. It’s safer to bring twice the capacity of a memory card than you would need. 

3. Take Panoramic Travel Photos 

What are panoramic photos? You probably have seen this photography style in your smartphone camera settings and your DSLR camera. Panoramic photos are wide photos that provide a larger visible area and many details of a subject. 

You can create great panoramas from your travel adventures. Moreover, this photography technique requires a perfect combination of good field and post-processing techniques. You can check out these essential field tips you can use when taking panoramic best travel photos:   

Always Level The Tripod:

The tripod head mounting plate should be at a perfect level. Otherwise, rotating the camera from left to right will tilt the scene, making the panorama’s horizon unbalanced.  

Rotate The Camera Lens Mid-Point:

You can take a beautiful panoramic travel photo by rotating the camera lens at mid-point, which is ideally at the no-parallax point.

You can locate the no-parallax point by panning the camera from left to right and observing if things change in position with the background. Aim not to see any relative movement between the background and foreground objects as you rotate. 

Meter For A Panorama Scene:

Metering is essential for panoramic photos since it involves a wide area. Find the brightest spot and then shoot with that locked meter value.   

Lock Camera Settings:

Merge panoramic photos properly in software by locking the appropriate camera settings such as the aperture, focus distance, shutter speed, focal length, white balance, and sensitivity to light. Locking camera settings help prevent shifting colors and exposure changes in photos. 

4. Make The Most Of Your Travel Adventures   

Photography can help improve your well-being, especially when you’re traveling too. The best travel photos are taken in different places using the best photography techniques.

One thing that sets stock photos from personalized images is the uniqueness of the subject, angle, mode, light exposure, shadows, and other things.   

There are plenty of unique subjects you can shoot when traveling. Aside from beautiful flowers, magnificent bodies of water, and breath-taking mountains, you might also want to take pictures of mother and child humans and animals, wild creatures chasing their prey or incredible cloud patterns.

Capture what attracts your attention, interest, and memory of the place.


Taking amazing travel photos is worth it. You can capture and keep the best travel scenes by taking photos. You can share these photos on social media or print and display them on picture frames and hang them on walls.

Of course, they have a great place in your albums too. So, apply the tips shared above to capture the best travel photos, hone your photography skills, and inspire others.  

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