Destination Wedding Photography Tips For Travellers

Every couple wants their wedding memories to last for a long time and travellers whats more. Photography is the best way to store memories. Destination wedding photography is the dream of every couple.

As the name implies, the destination wedding ceremony held at a remote location away from home. Usually, the couple plans their destination wedding at a romantic place or some sort of historical point. 

Sometimes, the couple opts for a destination wedding ceremony to save money, as this sort of ceremony has smaller guest lists.

The trend of wedding photography is evolving rapidly. If you are a routine wedding photographer, you should also get expertise in destination wedding photography. 

We are presenting the top tips to capture the stunning photos at the destination wedding ceremony. 

Destination Wedding Photography Tips For Travellers

Estimate Cost

The first thing you need to consider before covering a destination wedding ceremony is the cost calculation. Usually, the destination wedding occurs in a far of places.

You need to calculate the total cost of traveling and accommodation before giving the final quote to your client. 

Check Venue Restrictions

Before finalizing the event, you need to go through proper research to check whether this event will be feasible for you or not. Check out if photography is allowed or not at the selected venue. 

Some historical point doesn’t allow photography without permission and they even charge a fee. You need to ask for proper written permission to avoid any sort of issue during the event. 

Research About Venue

Before going to the venue, you need to go through proper research. You can check out online photos captured by other photographers at this venue.

If you are planning to stay for a long time, look for an affordable hotel near your venue. Also, ask around whether the area has public transport?

You need to know about the locality where you are going to capture photos. 

Make Sure the Venue is Safe

Now, you have enough knowledge about the venue. Before traveling, make sure the venue is safe and secure. 

You can ask round the community on different online platforms. You can also ask your team member to visit the venue in advance for proper research. 

Sometimes, the destination wedding event held during night time. You need to do proper research about the venue you are going to visit. 

Arrive Early

One of the basic principles in event and wedding photography is to arrive early. You need to arrive at the venue before the event. 

Sometimes, the photographer got delay due to issues with their bike or car. It creates a worse situation. If you are a photographer, make sure to reach the venue 2 hours before the starting of the event.

You can also set your equipment during this time. Now, you have all the photography and videography equipment ready before the start of the wedding event, that’s cool!

Practice by Taking Sample Photos

As mentioned earlier, always arrive early at the venue. Capture some sample photos from different angles. Find the best position to capture your photos during the main event. 

Practice will help you out in properly fixing your light and other issues. If the object face is not clear, you can change the position. 

You can also use the mobile phone to capture the photos along with your DSLR camera. Make sure your mobile phone has a high-quality camera. 

Spend Some Time with Couple

Before the start of the event, spend some time with the couple. Discuss with them, what sort of poses they want you to cover. 

During the discussion, you will also come to know about their choices. The proper understanding between photographer and couple is necessary for better photography. 

Ask for Recommendation

You can also ask the couple for the recommendation. Nowadays, everyone is using Instagram and the couple knows better what sort of picture they want.

It will save a lot of time if you get ideas from the couple. You don’t need to take hundreds of pictures. Just ask the couple what sort of photoshoot they like the most.

Create a List of Equipment

Before going to the event, you need to make a list of necessary equipment. Make sure you have all the equipment in your bag. 

If you are not concern about creating a list, you will end up losing your clients. Always carry all your equipment, including professional camera tripods, light modifiers and lenses.

Sometimes, photographers miss the lenses or even camera and it wastes a lot of time to get back to your home or office and taking the camera with you.

Proper management is the key to success in every business and so in photography. 

Create a list for Poses

Create a list of top trending poses of wedding photography. Show them to the couple and ask them if they want such type of photos.

Always try to capture unique photos. You can save a lot of your time by properly managing the things. Keep a small diary in your bag and keep note down whatever comes in your mind before the event.

When I was a beginner photographer, I often make random videos whenever a visit some historical place. When I get back home and check the raw videos, I often forgot to cover the main areas in my surroundings.

Later on, whenever I planned a trip to a historical place, I usually did some research about the place. I watch photos capture by other photographers on this spot.

I made a list of shots from different angles. I’m still using the same approach; it helps me save a lot of time. 


It is difficult to get expertise in wedding photography. It takes a lot of time to master outdoor, indoor photoshoot, color grading, and other factors. Besides, you need to learn wedding photo retouching techniques to provide your clients with awesome results.

Find a mentor, be consistent, shoot as more photos as possible. If you are passionate about learning photography, no one can stop you from becoming the best photographer in the future.

I hope these destination wedding photography tips would help you out in capturing the awesome photos. If you find this article helpful, share it with the community around you.

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