How to pack a suitcase for business travel?

It is unlikely that anyone wants to go on a business travel with a lot of suitcase (for which you may also have to pay extra). At the same time, ensuring the most comfortable journey for yourself is essential so that nothing distracts from the business.

This material has collected valuable information about what you need to take on a business trip and a list of valuable things for a few days, a week or a month.

How to make a list of items that might come in handy

Preparing a checklist in advance of what to put in a suitcase for business travel, bag or backpack is better when going on any trip. It will also help in packing for the return trip: it will help those who are used to forgetting their valuables at the hotel.

Divide all future contents of your luggage (ideally hand luggage) into the following groups:

• Hygiene accessories.

• Clothing and footwear (home and business sets, underwear, socks).

• Documents and money.

• Equipment (smartphone, laptop, tablet, chargers, headphones).

• First aid kit (the necessary minimum of medicines).

It is also important where you store everything.

business suitcase

What to take on a business trip for 2-3 days: a list of the most important things

A short trip involves travelling light. But trying to find and collect everything we need as quickly as possible, we often do it in a hurry. For such a case, you should have a unique checklist that you should rely on. Let’s analyze the list of the main items of suitcase for business travel: you can supplement it based on your needs.


Keep cash to a minimum: keep the main amount on bank cards. Do not keep them in one place – it is better to distribute bills and cards in different compartments.


For a short trip to a business meeting or seminar, one strict suit made of slightly wrinkled fabrics, mens trousers, sets of things for walking around the city and relaxing at home is enough.

However, some business trips involve a corporate visit to a restaurant or an important event requiring a more sophisticated evening look. In this case, put your wardrobe items “on the way out” with you. IN

Take a sweater or cardigan if the trip is planned for cold weather. Check the forecast ahead of time and ensure your look matches the local climate. Don’t forget to bring a change of socks and underwear.

For women, the list of valuable things for a business trip for two or three days is expanding due to personal cosmetics for applying makeup.


Discreet. Nice. Expensive. Cheap smells are easily distinguished from expensive ones – saving on eau de toilette or perfume is not worth it. A barely perceptible, soft aroma will leave a positive impression on you with the interlocutor.


Everything you need to work: laptop, smartphone, tablet, headset and chargers. To transport gadgets, use the convenient Telford universal briefcase.

What food to take on a business trip

business luggage

If you have a long journey ahead of you, make sure you have a snack. At the same time, you don’t need to take a lot of food – most likely, half of them will go wrong, and on the spot, you can always eat in a cafe or restaurant. Put with you:

• fruits, vegetables;

• sandwiches, sandwiches in a lunchbox (you must eat them first);

• baked or smoked meat;

• pies, cookies;

• a small thermos with tea;

• mineral water.

What to take on a business trip for a week?

Additional events and receptions often accompany weekly trips. But we recommend turning to versatility if you want to save space in your suitcase for business travel and not take 5 different suits for all occasions.


Gather such a wardrobe so that things in it can be harmoniously and differently combined: for example, wear a shirt from a business suit under both trousers and jeans, and use the same shoes for a laconic office style and for going out.

In any case, you will have to prepare one replacement option for each item (that is, there should be 2 items for all things). So you do not have to hastily look for a laundry half an hour before the start of the meeting if something happens to the main clothing option.

You will also need a bathrobe or pyjamas. It would help if you did not relax at home in street form – so wardrobe items will quickly become dirty. What you need to buy and take on an extended business trip for a month: a checklist of things

We have compiled a detailed list of what should be in your suitcase for business travel before leaving for another city for 2 weeks or more, considering the availability of laundry. The list of items is average and may change based on personal preferences.

What should a man take with him?

You should start the fees with what the trip is without stu breaks: documents and money. According to the list, check if the document holder contains: a passport or a foreign passport, car rights (if you need them), a medical policy (and insurance if you have to leave Russia), cash and a bank card, tickets, work documentation, travel papers (permits and orders). Make copies of IDs and keep them separate from the originals.

It will not be superfluous to write out essential numbers and addresses just in case.

Place shirts, T-shirts, trousers and jackets in one compartment of your suitcase for business travel. In another – underwear, pyjamas. In the third – socks, jeans and a jumper. In the following – accessories: ties, belts. In a special compartment for shoes – shoes, comfortable seasonal boots and slippers. Wear a hat, scarf, thermal underwear and gloves during the cold season.

Place business accessories separately from personal ones: a phone, business cards and other handouts, a laptop, a tablet, chargers, a notepad and a pen, and two flash drives. Don’t forget your wristwatch.

The first aid kit must necessarily consist of a band-aid, iodine and brilliant green (in the form of felt-tip pens) and a list of essential medicines. In a large cosmetic bag, store hygiene products: a razor and shaving foam, a toothbrush in a protective case and paste, shower gel and soap, shampoo, wipes (dry and wet), washcloth, deodorant, comb, moisturizer, tweezers, nail scissors and toilet water.

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