The best TikTok packing hacks to get you flying high this summer

If you’re planning on jetting off to a foreign country for a holiday anytime soon, you might want to double check the cabin bag and hold luggage requirements for your chosen airline, as in March 2022, easyJet, Ryanair and Jet2 announced some changes.

The airlines stated that, whilst each person can bring one small cabin bag on board for free, the size of this has now changed. Handles and wheels included, your bag must be a maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20cm, according to easyJet, and can weigh no more than 15kg.

To book a large cabin bag for your flight, you should select a seat with extra legroom or request a large bag upon booking, although this could lead to additional charges. As for your hold luggage, there are a range of bag options to suit every kind of trip.

With this in mind, Casumo have pulled together many of the viral packing hacks that travel-experts and holidaymakers have shared on TikTok, to help you save time and money on your next trip.

Use compression bags

Similar to vacuum bags, compression bags help you to flat-pack your clothes in a space-efficient way, without needing to pack a vacuum to ensure you can fit everything back in when returning.

Whilst you might need a travel steamer or iron, compressing your clothes to push the air out of the bag is a must-try tip from TikToker @sideofsequins.

Roll your clothes

It might seem like the most obvious packing hacks, but this age-old debate is sure to save you space, as you roll your clothes rather than folding them.

@Jillcomesclean says she was “on a roll” as she demonstrated three effective ways to roll your outfits.

Not only does this make more room in your case, but you can keep outfits together and decrease the risk of creases when you unpack your clothes the other side.

The travel pillow hack

Pillows travel free, so why not fill yours up with additional outfits – or even a towel?

For this, your best bet is a travel packing hacks, and according to @anayotothe, you should “make sure to get a pillow with a zipper for easy stuffing”.

Use a clothes organiser

If you just can’t stand unpacking all your clothes once you’ve reached your holiday destination, but don’t like living out of a suitcase either – @lorafied has the perfect solution.

Fold or roll your outfits into a clothes organiser, and lower this down into your suitcase. Then, when you’re ready to get set up in your holiday accommodation, you can simply lift this out and hang it up, with all your clothes neatly displayed for easy access.

And even better, it’s easy to repeat for the way home.

One plug adaptor and an extension lead

Singer and influencer Tallia Storm went viral with her one plug hack. She said, rather than taking multiple travel adaptors, you only need to pack one, with an extension lead.

This way, you can enjoy the use of several sockets without packing multiple items.

Click and collect liquids

When flying, any liquids in your hand luggage must not exceed 100ml. If you want any products containing liquid beyond this limit, you must either pay for a suitcase to go in the hold, or purchase it after you pass through security.

To combat the crowds and avoid paying airport prices, @emma.mahonn suggested using the click and collect option online, pre-ordering her items to claim when she arrived through security.

With so many space-saving packing hacks on the internet for inspiration, will you be giving any of these a try to combat airport queues, save time and perhaps even money?

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