Gift for a traveller: 7 useful and pleasant things

What Gift for a traveller will please and help you wander around the world? To say for sure, you need to know the person to whom the gift is intended and represent his needs. But we can offer a list of practical and pleasant items from which you can choose what suits him or her.

Our ideas are designed for travellers who like cities more than unexplored corners of nature. In our article, there will be no original gifts for hikers and climbers.

Therefore, the recommendations are suitable for those who often travel and fly on business trips, go on vacation by train or plane, and enjoy the benefits of civilization on the road.

All people take care of themselves differently, but if a person almost lives on the road, he rarely thinks about pleasant and valuable little things that could brighten up his trip.


Little things that decorate and facilitate the journey will be an excellent sign of his care. We will give you a voluminous list of valuable things, and you can choose the best option for your friend.

Purse or travel wallet

During connecting flights, transfers or foreign trips, you must present documents several times at checkpoints. A purse or a traveller’s wallet will make this task much more accessible.

With them, all papers will always be in one place and at hand, so the probability of losing a passport or ticket is significantly reduced. And a purse with a compartment for a mobile phone will allow you not to lose sight of the device and protect it from theft.

Gifts for travel lovers

Quality suitcase with wheels

Most experienced travellers, of course, have it. And for those who are just planning their first long trip, it will be beneficial. Unfortunately, loaders at Russian airports are not very accurate, so choosing a suitcase that cannot be broken is better.

Pay attention to the fastening of the top handle gift for a traveller: it must be attached, even if rivets hold onto it. The fittings can be damaged at the airport, and several different fasteners will save the handles much more reliably.

As for the number of wheels, preferences vary here. Four-wheel suitcases can rotate 360 ​​degrees, so they are more manoeuvrable on the move. But with a two-wheeled bag, it will be easier to overcome the paving stones or off-road. Plus, thanks to the stop, it will not roll away from an accidental push.

Padlock for luggage

An additional lock for luggage is an unfortunate necessity gift for a traveller. Unfortunately, theft at Russian airports is quite common and poorly investigated.

Therefore, passengers arriving from distant countries require additional protection for their suitcases. The factory combination lock, unfortunately, can be cracked without much effort.

A padlock will seriously complicate the task for thieves, and they will most likely not open the suitcase with it. Most locks are combination locks, but there are also locks with a key, a key card or fingerprint recognition.

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Anti-glare sunglasses or driver glasses

Often, forgetting such a simple and necessary item, travellers get tired on vacation or a business trip. For those who frequently drive, yellow anti-headlight glasses are suitable. And for those travelling to different parts of the world, sunglasses with anti-reflective coating on the inside will not interfere.

Driver Glasses

They allow you to endure the constant change of light and shade in sunny places without eye strain, for example, during city excursions.

The internal anti-reflective coating prevents the sun’s rays from reflecting on the glass from the inside. But if the traveller often visits places with a very bright sun, for example, mountains, or if he has an eye burn, then polarized sunglasses are indispensable.

Suit for fishing

This will be a long-awaited gift for a traveller, especially men. We have already talked about the importance of choosing a suit for fishing. Don’t skimp on the safety and health of your fisherman.

The main advantage of float suits is that when a person enters the water, he will turn face up in less than 5 seconds. Also, cases can keep warm for quite a long time, protecting from frostbite. Take care of your fisherman in advance. And also in addition, you can think about other fishing stuff.

The downside of such a gift for a traveller may be the difficulty of selection: different head shapes require different frames. If you are unsure that you will guess exactly, or, for example, the birthday boy has a broad head, it is better not to risk it.

Travel first aid kit

Drivers must have a first aid kit, so it will be a good gift for those who have recently bought a car. But a compact first aid kit will not interfere with a family with small children before a vacation.

However, in this case, it is more of a personal gift for a traveller that would be appropriate to receive from close friends or relatives if the need for it is obvious.

Travel bottle set

Travel bottles are a less personal but no less practical gift for a traveller. It benefits girls who often travel light but do not want to part with their favourite shampoo, hair conditioner and face cream on the road. You can pour some of your favourite funds into a set of bottles without overloading your luggage or changing your travel habits.

Thermal bottle, thermal mug or reusable plastic bottle

Most likely, every progressive-minded person today has these things who feel responsible for nature’s pollution with plastic and does not want to increase the pollution at his own expense.

Several disposable cups and bottles. If a child suddenly wants to drink in line or on an excursion, thanks to a filled reusable bottle, he can quench his thirst at any time and precisely the water he is used to.

A mini thermos will help keep the temperature of your favourite drink. But, unfortunately, you won’t be able to take a drink in a thermal mug on an aeroplane: it’s forbidden to take even partially filled containers of more than 100 ml in hand luggage.

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