6 Tips On Choosing The Best Watch For A Travel Gift

The holiday season is just around the corner. You can hear Christmas carols humming around town, and you are starting to celebrate the holiday decorations.

Most importantly, the spirit of gift-giving is filling the air. And more than just receiving gifts, many people are also excited about giving presents to their friends and family.

Thus, these people are already starting to create their travel list for gifts. One of the best things to consider is a travel watch. It somehow symbolizes the valuable time that your loved ones have shared with you throughout the year.

However, it may be a little tricky to choose a watch that your husband or father will like. So, to help you tick off some of the names on the list, here are some tips you can follow.

Choosing The Best Watch For A Travel Gift

You can never go wrong with a minimalist design.

Nothing is more classy than a watch that is simple and elegant. Although there are a lot of timepieces with complex designs and features, choosing a minimalist watch is ideal.

In that way, they wouldn’t need to worry much about how and when they are going to use it. For example, giving your husband a classic Grand Seiko Quartz is perfect for his office or business attire.

It is cost-effective, and he will surely remember you even when he is busy at work.

Choose the appropriate size of the watch.

Every watch comes in different styles and sizes. When you’re choosing a timepiece as a gift, you should also consider who would wear it and if it fits on the person.

If the watch is too big for your father’s wrist, it will look odd and may hinder him from doing some of his handy work.

However, if it’s too small, it may be too hard for him to read it.

The safest way is to choose a watch that has an ideal diameter that is ranging from 34mm to 50mm for adults and a little smaller for children.

Consider the recipient’s travel lifestyle. 

Of course, you want the recipient of your watch to wear them as often as possible. To make sure that this will happen, you should consider the travel lifestyle and hobbies of the person you’re giving it to.

If you are giving your college-student brother a watch for Christmas travel trip, make sure to choose something a little less casual so he can wear it in trip.

You can also consider giving him a sports watch that he can use during spring break or when he’s outdoors with his friends. However, if you are planning to give it to your mom, you might want to consider something classy and stylish — a travel watch that she can wear when she needs to go to a trip event or a night gala.

Moms dig an accessory with a few gems and stones too.

Buy within your budget.

As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. It’s true for gift-giving as well. You do not need to splurge too many dollars on a travel gift that you cannot afford.

There are various brands to choose from with high quality and stylish look that will not empty your wallet. But, if you can buy a luxury watch for your wife, there’s no harm with that. Just make sure that you will be able to pay for it.

Timepieces are indeed a good investment, and some are pricey. So, if you are planning to give an expensive watch, make sure that you have allotted a budget for it.

Consider its longevity.

Your gift should last longer than the holiday season. When buying a watch, make sure to consider the quality of the materials used. The price of your gift should not compromise its quality.

You can consider giving straps that are made of stainless steel for a more durable watch, or you can also give spare straps in case you go for leather.

Always go for the authentic brand.

It’s tempting to buy knockoff products, indeed, especially if you are short on money. However, buying a fake or counterfeit watch is very tacky.

If the recipient of your gift will find out that you give them a fake Cartier watch for Christmas, imagine their reaction. A gift symbolizes your feeling and gratitude to a certain individual. Giving them imitation watches will question the authenticity of your sincerity.

Expert tip: If you are low on cash, buy an unbranded watch rather than choosing a replica. You can also check out some second-hand luxury brands that are on sale.

A gift of time

Nothing makes a perfect gift than time. Make sure to spend more of it researching for the best watch to give your loved ones this holiday season. If you need help, you can always check out some of the most reliable authorized watch vendors. Happy holiday shopping! 

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