Easy Ways Of Commuting In City of Tampa

Florida has considered one of the most beautiful U.S. states in the southeastern part of America. The great thing about Florida is its beautiful sandy beaches spread across hundreds of miles. There are a lot of ways that you can use to travel about the city of Tampa, Florida. However, there are with that involve you renting a car service or using taxis or charter buses. 

There are a lot of ways that you can use to move about in the city of Tampa Bay. These ways include using pirate water taxis and streetcars. It also involves using electric scooters and even water bikes.

However, the most common way people like to commute from place A to destination B is by using taxis and car rentals. There are a lot of car rentals that you can find in the city of Tampa.

Commuting in the city of Tampa

1. Biking

Tampa Bay is considered a friendly community, especially regarding bicycle riding. And they have also been recognized by the League of American bicyclists.

These bikes were launched in 2014, and there are about 300 bikes with 30 stations all over downtown. The great thing about these boxes is that they don’t cost much to unlock, only a dollar, and just $0.15 per minute to use.  

Besides that, the people of Tampa Bay are also provided with monthly passes that cost about $20 a month. The great thing about Tampa Bay is that all cyclists are protected from every motor vehicle because of a four-foot raised island.

Research has shown that about 46% of the residents use a personal bicycle to move about the Tampa Bay area; hence it is considered a significant way of moving.

2. Scooters

They are also the primary way of moving from one place to another in Tampa Bay. There are different vendors that you can find across the city, and a total of 2400 electric scooters are present in the city.

The great thing about using this way of commuting is that you can unlock up to five electric scooters at a time, and you and your friends can go to the place of your desire together.

In addition, it is incredibly cheap and only requires a dollar to unlock and about 15 to 20 cents per minute of rent. 

3. Car rentals

Even though there are a lot of ways that you can commute through the city of Tampa, using car rentals is still the primary method people use when they want to move about the city.

The great thing about Tampa is that when you arrive at the Tampa International Airport, the airport has a four-Story car rental center with 14 rental brands.

Therefore, it is known as the Tampa international airport car rental. It takes less than 5 minutes to reach the car rental center once you have arrived at the airport. 

There are 14 men companies in the Tampa international airports rental car center and a small rental company that offers cars for a short time. Some of the best car rental services in Tampa airport are the Alamo rent a car service, Avis rent a car, and dollar rent a car service.

However, Tampa Rental Cars services are the most commonly used and preferred because they offer the best rates.

The great thing about dies car rental services is that they offer low prices for the services they are offering. They also offer services such as an online check end and a self-service kiosk.

The great thing about these online services is that you must skip all procedures, such as going to the counter and getting your paperwork signed in. And all of these car services are present 24 hours a day. Also, the car can be returned to several locations throughout the city and at the airport itself.


These are the primary ways you can choose to move about the city of Tampa Bay. You can use electric scooters, A TECO Line street car, and water bikes. However, if you want something extravagant, you can even use cruises And River walk boating.

However, if you want something mid-range considering your budget, then you should hire A car for rent. Besides using bikes and scooters, you can also use a downtowner, a bus that can transport many people at very cheap rates.

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