7 Mandatory Tools You Need To Cleaning the Bathroom

What cleaning tools do you usually use when cleaning the bathroom? Are you only using a regular brush to clean it?

Well, apparently, to achieve maximum cleaning results, only using a regular brush with multi-cleaner soap is not enough. You need the proper tool that will give you many advantages to achieve maximum cleanliness in your bathroom.

Making sure that your bathroom is spotlessly clean and free from germs or bacteria is very important. As you may know, the bathroom can be the dirtiest space in your house. This is because living bacteria are primarily found in warm, damp environments—which is exactly what the bathroom environment is.

Your family may contract many infections and diseases from unclean bathrooms because of the numerous germs, viruses, and microorganisms that reside in dirty bathrooms. If the bathroom is not kept clean regularly, germs and bacteria can survive on the bathroom surfaces for weeks!

On top of that, germs can also cause an uncomfortable smell to spread around your entire house, and if you leave it for a long time, it can be hard for you to get rid of. Therefore it is very important for you and your family’s well-being to keep the bathroom area clean all the time..

List of tools for cleaning the bathroom in effective way!

1. Sponge

Who says sponges are only useful for washing dishes? This simple cleaning tool can also be used to clean the bathroom. The sponge will help you to absorb any excess water or soap residue that is on the bathroom door, sink, or bathtub. This way, the presence of soap stains, dirt, fungus, and moss can be cleaned properly.

You do not need to do this only when you deep clean your bathroom. You can clean your bathroom with a sponge anytime after you take a bath or wash your face.

You can just do a quick swipe with the sponge with cleaner fluid. It is so easy to do, and definitely helps to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom for a long time.

2. Toilet Brush

Always have a toilet brush in your bathroom. To be more practical, hang a toilet brush on one side of the bathroom wall.

After spraying the toilet parts with cleaning liquid, brush them using a toilet brush until they look shiny. After each use, rinse the toilet brush with bleach to keep it hygienic.

3. Disinfectant Cleaner

The next cleaning tool you will definitely need is a disinfectant cleaner. This cleaning fluid is very effective when used together with a bathroom cleaner.

Spray the disinfectant liquid on areas that are most prone to germs and bacteria, such as toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. You can also spray it in the cupboard or storage area in your bathroom.

4. Microfiber Cloths

Compared to other types of rags, microfiber cloths are the most recommended for cleaning the bathroom. Microfiber rags are made from fine fibers that will not leave marks when rubbed on various surfaces.

Thus, microfiber is also very suitable for cleaning glass and ceramic materials -materials which are usually used in the bathroom.

5. Old Toothbrush

Don’t throw away your old toothbrush immediately after, because actually,  this can be useful for cleaning hard-to-reach corners of the bathroom. On top of that, an old toothbrush will also help you clean the dirt in the crevices of the floor.

6. Scrub Bristles Brush

The next cleaning tool you will need to clean a bathroom is a scrub brush. This brush has a powerful bristle brush that could remove stubborn stains and stubborn dirt that sticks to the bathroom floor and walls.

To get rid of this, you can apply the cleaner solution to the area and leave it for 30 minutes. Afterward, use the scrub bristle brush to clean it.

7. Rubber Gloves

In addition to the tools for cleaning the bathroom itself, you will also need cleaning equipment, which aims to protect your hands during the cleaning process. You need to use rubber gloves that will protect your hands from germs and cleaning agents.

If you do not use rubber gloves, your hands will touch the strong solution directly -and if you have sensitive skin, your hands might be prone to getting an allergic reaction. You don’t want this to happen! Having the proper tools is the most important thing to do before doing the cleaning itself.

If you do not want to spend money to buy these tools, or if you think that it is too much hassle to begin with, you can instead hire a cleaning service company who can help you to clean the house. If you reside in Singapore, you can check out Luce Home, and book a slot for their service today!

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