Best Toys for Car Trips & Long Road Trips To Keep Kids Busy


Some of you might have a lot of experience with long road trips with kids. And also have a lot of experience with kid’s toys for car trips and long road trips. Here are some favourite toys for car trips & long road trips to keep kids busy.

There are a lot of long car rides with kids. We’ve learned what toys are great and which ones aren’t so much. We want to share our experience with you so that you can make the best decision when picking out a toy for your little ones.

Since we know you don’t have all day to read this article (and honestly, neither do we), here’s our top 10 list that will keep your kids busy during those long road trips: IN
  • Best RC adventure car
  • Electronic Tablets
  • Board Games
  • Puzzles (or Magnetic Traveler Game from Melissa & Doug)
  • Set of toys like paw patrol toys
  • Books
  • Stickers or Coloring Books/Crayons & Paper Pad

Here are our favourite toys for car trips & long road trips to keep kids busy

  • Magnetic Blocks. These magnetic blocks are great for little kids because they’re easy to hold and can be used to build anything from houses to rocket ships.
  • Dry Erase Lap Boards and Markers. A lapboard is an excellent toy for long car trips. Kids can use dry-erase markers on this board at any time, making it an activity-ready travel tray that will keep them busy for hours of fun.
  • Water Wow books. These books are great for toddlers because they’re like colouring books but with water instead of pencils, and there’s no mess when you’re done! When wet, the pages turn into a work of art, so your little one can draw all over them until they’re done creating their masterpiece (or until you run out of water).
  • Car Seat Travel Tray. This travel tray is perfect for keeping snacks, toys, or colouring supplies conveniently within reach while driving around town with your kiddo(s). It attaches directly onto nearly every car seat easily, slip it between the seat belts and attach both ends securely under the bottom portion of each seat belt strap.


Magna-Tiles are an excellent option if you’re looking for a quiet toy that won’t make any mess. They’re great toys for car trips and aeroplane trips since they can be played with silently.

They’re also fantastic for all ages and the preschool version, but there are Magna-Tiles sets that work for all age groups (including elementary schoolers). To use them, each set comes with several squares of different shapes and colours that can fit together in many other arrangements.

The pieces stick together magnetically, so they don’t slide around when you flip them over or pull them apart; this means these toys work best on flat surfaces like tables and floors (even though the company does sell magnetic board covers separately). You’ll get hours of fun from these toys without creating any messes.


Tegu Magnetic Blocks 

Tegu Magnetic Blocks are a great alternative to Magna-Tiles. They’re made from sustainable rubber wood and come in various colours, shapes, and sizes to keep your kids busy on long road trip games. The magnets inside the blocks make them easy for children to manipulate and build with.

Magnetic Puzzles 

Best toys for car trips

Magnetic puzzles are a great way to keep kids busy on a long road trip. They can be used on the fridge or a magnetic board and come in all shapes and sizes.

Kids Dry Erase Lap Boards and Markers – We like these because they’re quiet, and there’s no huge mess to clean up afterwards. However, we’ve found that Crayola now makes all kinds of dry-erase products, including dry-erase phone cases!

Melissa and Doug Water Wow! Books – These books have been one of our favourites for a while now! They are perfect for car rides and aeroplanes. There’s no mess; you can use water to colour the pages.

Another toy that has been one of our favourites for a while now. These books have been a lifesaver in keeping kids occupied on car rides and aeroplanes. There’s no mess with these; you use water to colour the pages.

There are several different versions, but this one comes with four other books, all themed around animals. One is an underwater adventure, and another is a jungle adventure because they both feature pretty vibrant colours making them perfect for colouring.


We hope you found this list of great toys for cars and long road trips helpful. These are some kid’s items if you want something fun and engaging on those long drives and picnic times.

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