Best Picnic Ideas for Kids

If you want to spend a quality and frisky time with your family and kids, then picnic could prove a best option. You can go for a picnic every weekend, once in a month or whenever you feel easy to manage your hectic routine.

This is totally depending on your mood, budget and planning. We are here to give you some fantastic and best picnic ideas for your kids. Continue reading!

If you are entangled in the busiest days and nights, and looking for an idea than can please your loved ones, then you cannot ignore the idea of picnics or a day out. Cool and fresh breeze will leave your mind out of every concern and let you feel the peace of nature. Happiness and enjoyment of kids will aid in calmness.

To have a memorable time you need to figure out everything in advance. Otherwise, your kids will leave you in a great trouble.  Below are the best picnic ideas for your kids to have a wonderful time.

Enjoyable Picnic Spots for Kids

To make your picnic planning tension free, first you need to look into the best possible choices about picnic location. You better know what makes you kids happy and what makes them bore. But you can think about any of these four most exciting picnic locations.

#1 Park

If you are too busy and do not have much time to plan a day out properly, then just take your kids to a nearby public park. The most famous picnic ideas is a public park.  You will need merely a few things to set up a perfect picnic for your children.

In almost every park, tables and benches are available. But being a public park, many times there is a huge crowd of people there and so you may not get any table/bench free. You can sit on grass but have to tolerate its disturbing touch.

Sometimes wet grass leaves your clothes with a permanent stain and ultimately makes them rubbish. Some people are allergic to dust or insects.

To avoid such situations, always carry foldable and elegant picnic rugs with you. If you reach in time and successfully grab a table, you can offer your picnic rug to the people coming after.

Best picnic ideas

#2 Garden

A garden of flowers is another aesthetic option to capture the essence of nature and weather. Your kids will have a lot of space to move and play around the whole garden.

Kids love to play and do whatever they wish to do. In a garden, this instinctive desire of kids could be fulfilled with many unforgettable moments of the day.

#3 Farm House

Picnic in a distant farm house is an exclusive and classic idea. Kids get excited when they come to know about traveling. If you cannot take your kids on vacation due to a shortage of time, but want to travel a little while. Then you must start thinking about planning a theme picnic in a farm house.

#4 Beach Day 

The fourth best picnic ideas is nothing but a conventional beach side. A little sunny weather with artistic view will let everyone forget about worries of life for the time being. You can play a large number of fun games with your kids at the beach side.

Delicious Food Ideas to Carry for Your Kids

After deciding on a picnic spot, the next important point to ponder is food. Your picnic is absolutely no picnic, if you don’t carry food with you from your home.

But plenty of the food items are favorite for everyone. So the problem is how to make this as short as possible. Following are the food items you should always have in your picnic basket.

#1 Fried Chicken

KFC inspired fried chicken is a favorite food to eat anytime. Majority of the kids, youngsters or even elders lick their fingers after having a bite of crunchy, spicy and juicy chicken pieces.

It is free of gravy or any kind of sauce, so will not create a mess in your basket while transporting to the final spot.

#2 Salad

Make a bowl of salad after cutting all kinds of available vegetables and fruits of your choice. If you are a vegetarian, then this bowl of salad is unforgettable. Otherwise, you could face hours of starvation.

#3 Cupcakes

Dessert should never be taken for granted when it comes to your kids. Cupcakes are an elite choice served as a dessert on a day out. The flavor for your cupcakes should be of your kids and family members taste. But you can chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, peanut butter, or coffee-flavored cupcakes.

#4 Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are another yummy food option to carry for your picnic. In the filling, you can add crushed vegetables, spicy chorizo, cheese, boiled eggs etc. Basil, paprika and thyme is a delicious combination for your sausage rolls.

Amazing Tips to Pack Your Bag

Here are a few quick tips to pack your picnic basket and other accessories easily.

  • Note down the date and time you will be leaving for your picnic.
  • Check the weather conditions of the location you have chosen. If rain is expected on that date, change your planning accordingly.
  • Make a list of essential items like picnic rug, potable charging device, music system, snacks, drinks, disposable plates/glass, spoons, knife etc.
  • Kids always give tough time to parents and fun activities sometimes cost at bleeding. So do never forget first aid box at home while going for a picnic.
  • Assemble everything on a side that you will need to carry.
  • For fun games of your kids, pack football, volleyball, rope, rackets etc. or other sports stuff depending on your location and choice.
  • If you are traveling a little far away, don’t forget to have sanitizer, sanitary napkins or tampons.

After following above stated best picnic ideas and tips, you are now ready to plan your picnic easily and to have a special outing with your kids.

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