Best Tips for Surviving Long RV road trip

A recreational vehicle or an RV is a motor vehicle or a trailer that includes living quarters that are specially designed for accommodation. It is true that an RV road trip is an affordable and great way to travel to new places.

The massive size of hybrid campers allows you to take along your entire family and enjoy all the comforts that you usually find inside your home.

The best part is that you can find several camping destinations to choose from for your next RV road trip.

At the same time, it is also true that long RV road trips for several days may prove to be tiresome. Thus, you need to get some tips to help you avoid such tiredness and also survive long RV journeys with ease. Some of these tips have been discussed below.

RV road trip tips – how to make your RV trip better

Safety is Important

It is always better to be safe than sorry especially during a long RV road trip.

It will be a good thing to be prepared with a roadside emergency kit, inspect my RV in detail, and check the tires before you start the journey.

Do make sure that you leave proper information with someone whom you trust about your route. Also, do not forget to mention the estimated day and time of arrival and any other information that may be relevant to the trip.

During the trip, make sure to stay in touch with that person to keep him updated about your present location and any change in plans. You likely want to perform any maintenance tasks like paintless dent repair before hitting the road.

Drinks Lots of Water And Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

RV road trip

It is very tempting to load up on junk food during the trip to keep the drive more enjoyable and also spend the time easily.

Coming across fast food joints on the road is also easy and convenient.

Although these types of foods are preferred by most of you, it is always recommended to keep healthy snacks handy all the time. It is also important to stay hydrated all the time.

Thus, have plenty of water.

Stop after Every 2 Hours

Trying to pull off every 2-3 hours can indeed be challenging at times. Especially when you need to reach the destination soon and keep going for the purpose; however, it is also not right for you to keep going and push it too much.

This may lead to exhaustion and burnout.

It will not be a bad thing to allow yourself and your travel partners break to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. You may also recharge during those breaks. Do take shifts at driving to avoid getting worn out.

Although driving may not seem like a tough job, it can quickly get you tiring. After all, you would not like the idea of dozing off while on the wheels.

Stretch and Exercise

During your frequent breaks, do make sure to exercise out in the open. Stretch your legs and walk around a bit. This will help you especially if the trip will take a couple of days.

Exercising and moving around will avoid you getting sore muscles and stiffness. If you avoid this tip, you may end up reaching the final destination with an aching body.

This can easily ruin your holiday plans. Frequent exercises will also keep you focused, energized and alert.

Fill The Fuel Tank

While on a long RV road trip, do not make the mistake of letting your fuel tank go below the halfway mark. Most of you may get too focused on the driving part and avoid the fuel tank indicator altogether.

If you let the gas mark go at a terrible low, you may be at a fix because the next gas station may be several miles down the road. While filling up the gas, do not forget to check the tires as well.

Different driving conditions may consume different amounts of gas that may prove to be dangerous if you are ignorant and avoid gas stations.

Proper Entertainment Is Good

If it is a long trip, a good mode of entertainment will help you cover the miles easily. Listening to songs while driving or a good audio book or even playing occasional road trip games will help you stay focused and feel refreshed.

These will also keep other members of the trip stay occupied and entertained. If there are pets, you can also play fetch with them to help them stay energized and get their proper dose of exercises.

Do Not Drive Past Dark

Most of you may think that driving during night time is really cool and good, especially due to less traffic.

The other passengers can also sleep to pass the time. However, it is also true that driving while your body is tired may prove to be dangerous. Add to that the fact that visibility is pretty bad during the night time.

Wild animals also get more active during the night time. These factors automatically increase the possibilities of accidents due to increased chances of hitting an animal. After a long day of driving long distances, it is a good idea to get some rest and sleep tight.

An Extra Day Or Two Is Good

When it is a long RV road trip, assuming that it will be as long as suggested on the GPS is a bad idea. Thus, do not make the mistake of cutting it too close when it comes to arrival days.

It will not be a bad thing to keep a day or two in hand while travelling.

There may be weather interferences, issues with the vehicle itself and unexpected road closures and diversions that may easily force you to stretch your days.

Thus, a few extra days in hand will save you from getting stressed out and rushing with the trip. This may not be safe for you and others with you. It is needless to say that road trips are supposed to be enjoyed and not something to be forced upon you or others.

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