Choosing an RV Awnings for your Recreational Vehicle

Are you planning to buy an awning soon for your recreational vehicle? Choosing the perfect awning can be a challenge. There is a wide variety of caravan RV awnings to choose from!

Read below some information on some of the different awnings you may want to consider.

Choosing an RV Awnings

Carefree RV Awnings

Globally, Carefree is one of the leading makers of rv awnings. Carefree pays very close attention to every detail that goes inside the production. They always try to ensure top-notch quality with the awnings they produce.

Customer service is also one of the advantages of Carefree. They provide a high and premium level of customer service. They have a friendly team to help and assist you in every way possible.

One of their products is Carefree Awning Vinyl. This provides cool shade under the awning, plus the inside of the annexe. These awnings are easy to install and best for RV road trip.

You only need to slip it in the sail track. Use ropes to keep them intact.  This awning of Carefree is also durable. It can withstand heavy hailstorms. It can even help cushion against the sound of heavy rains or debris.

This can be a reasonable consideration for buyers. So if you want better and peaceful sleep, consider an awning that cushions against loud sounds.

There is also Carefree Fiesta Caravan Rollout Awning. This is very affordable, yet a heavy-duty caravan awning. This is still an excellent product with high quality. 

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Fiamma Awnings

Another quality product is Fiamma RV awnings. Aside from high quality, their awnings are also easy to install. They come in different sizes. Plus, Fiamma awnings also have great and standout designs. No wonder, Fiamma is a popular choice for many recreational vehicle owners.

You can check Fiamma F45 Wind out Awning. This is a European style of awning. It is very easy to use and handle.  It is great for Jayco and Hiaces campers.

It is also good for small campers and even those who own large motorhomes. The advantage of this awning is that it’s so easy to install! You only need to pull it out. Then position the supporting arms. 

Tie-down the awnings. You need about 2 to 3 brackets depending on the length of the awning. Hook the Fiamma on the brackets. Fasten the awning to the brackets.  Fiamma awnings are very easy to manage.

Thus, for casual travellers, this awning is a good choice.

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Austrong Awning

You can also opt for the Austrong Awning Vinyl. It has a heavy-duty fabric that reduces wear and tear. It also has sunblock features. This is great for keeping the shade under the awning cool and comfortable.

It is also waterproof because of its high-frequency welding. The Austrong Awning is also more affordable and can fit the budget of most RV owners.

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Allshield Awning

Check out AllShield 4×4 Awning. This is an awning cut out for 4WD vehicles. It has a fabric that cools down temperature in the shade. All shield 4×4 Awning is also durable. It can withstand forces of nature.

Another benefit of this awning is that it is very convenient and easy to install. You don’t need much effort to install it. You only have to pull out the awning. Use ropes and poles to mount it.

Domestic Awning

You can also consider Domestic 9000 Caravan Rollout. This is a premium awning product. It has all the features in the previous Domestic 8500 model. But with this new model of 9000, another feature is added, which is the thick grade vinyl colour on both sides. Also, the arms were improved.

They have been strengthened through the integration of the cast iron locking mechanism. The product shows brilliance, durability, and performance. Plus, it has a great visual appeal.

Camper Room Awning Walls

This can be used with any wind-up camper. The camper room has a simple roll-out bag awning. It is attached to the camper using a sail rack. To prevent the flapping of the awning is an anti-flap kit.

The sail rack accommodates a full annex or wall. This product truly makes your camper like your own home.

These are only some of the RV awnings, but there is a  wide variety of caravan awnings. Remember to choose wisely. Pick a brand and product that is durable and can withstand forces of nature.

Easy-to-mount or install can also be another factor for you to consider. Choose one with less hassle on your part so that you can easily hit the road! Plus, how about great and stunning design? Why not get one that is as equally beautiful as the rest of your RV.  Customer service or after-sales support should also be necessary.

How about the price? With regards to price or budget, that is entirely up to you. Different brands and products offer different functionalities. Make sure you consider the features in the perspective of the price. 

Where can you buy awnings? Look for a supplier that offers a wide variety of caravan awnings. You can check our RV Parts Express, Australia’s number 1 choice for RV parts and accessories.

They have different brands and products of awnings to choose from. They also offer other parts, accessories, and equipment for your RV needs.

They deliver to anywhere in Australia. If you can’t seem to find what you are looking for or you are not sure what to buy, just consult them. They have a pool of RV experts to guide any buyer.

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