Transfers in London Airport; Choices and Options

Travelling to and From London Airports, All You Need to Know

Every travel enthusiast who has a bucket list includes the United Kingdom in most cases. And make no mistake, the United Kingdom is a tourist magnet for a reason.

There are limitless attractions to keep any tourist occupied for days and events that are world-class and are always happening. There is so many transitioning in and out of the country that it is estimated that around 240 million passengers use the British airports every year. 

London holds special status among tourists as this is the most happening destination not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world.

Most of the total number of passengers passing through are received by a network of London airports such as London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and London Stansted airport. There are many other airports scattered in and around London.

Air space around London is so busy that it requires sophisticated and complex math equations to navigate every flight to a safe path. Park Grand London Heathrow on its own takes in around 80 million passengers alone and the rest of the airports are not taking any less either. 

It is fine as long as this huge number of passengers are in the air but as soon as they land at the airports, they are supposed to be a part of crowds on the streets, and then it becomes a completely different ball game.

Transport of London authority that regulates the public transport does a fantastic job of linking each airport to a quick and efficient transportation system of buses, trains, black cabs and minicabs, and chauffeured luxury vehicles. 

Usually, there isn’t any particular way of transportation that suits everyone as everyone has different priorities. It depends on the passenger to determine what sort of transportation is most suitable for the airport transfers for a certain passenger. 

Let’s look at the various choices and options that are available for London airport transfers

Luxury Vehicle Service Driven by Chauffeur


If you like to rock in style to every venue while enjoying the benefits of added security and sanitization. Or the one who can take the hectic flight from the airport to the airport but then likes to be pampered by a chauffeur taking care of your luggage and yourself in an incredibly luxurious and safe vehicle then this is the most suited mean of transport for you. 

If you book with a reliable and well-reputed luxury vehicle service, you shift your worries and problems to their shoulders.

Your flights on London Airport are monitored by them, you get a chauffeur standing at the terminal with your name card, and you would be dropped off at the doorstep of your destination with complete peace of mind. 

A luxury vehicle service ensures that you are treated like royalty and provides every bit of service that can ease your travel. 

Black Cab or Private Hire

Depending on your budget you might want to consider a black cab or minicab to save some money. Although you get to hire a vehicle for your own, you can never be sure about the cleanliness and sanitization of this medium.

Further to this, you are never sure about the immunization of the driver of the vehicle. 

Bus Services from London Airport 

If your final goal is to save money and you do not mind a bit of discomfort and long wait to get to your destination from the airport or the other way round then this is the mode of transport that is most suitable to you. If you book the tickets well in advance then you can get them as cheap as a single-pound one-way trip.

The only downside is that you have to drag the luggage all the way to the bus station yourself and if you are traveling with your family then you would have to carry the family with you all the way to the bus station passing through different terminals and corridors.

Once you are on board then you would have to be patient with the bus as it follows its own route and it will take you to many bus stops along the way before it spits you out in cold or rain outside the bus stop. 

There is a possibility that you may have to change another bus to get to your destination. If you are traveling on weekend then it tends to get even worse. You get to deal with drunks and anti-social revelers. Take our advice and keep this mode of transport as the last resort. 

Trains for London Airport Transfers

If you are looking to get swift and organized transfers to or from the London airport then the train is a great way to do so. Its fast does not stray off course and terminals are relatively close to the terminals. 

There are a few drawbacks though. Yes, you can get access to central London quite quickly but once you reach there, you may have to switch to either another train or bus to get to your ultimate destination. Having luggage or being with the family could be a hindrance in such circumstances. 

London Underground

Almost all the major airports are connected to the London airports. Not only it’s fast but also is a nonexpensive way to reach central London. If you buy a day pass then you are eligible to travel on all lines for the whole day. 

As with bus, and train travel, it is not the most secure mode of traveling, and keeping the social distancing is not possible and then dragging your luggage all over London is another inconvenience. You may have to hire a taxi to ultimately get to your destination. 

Safety Precautions During the Pandemic

Although the government has eased off the restrictions, it does not mean that the Covid is gone. We should keep the practice of preventative efforts and stay out of danger.

Following the guidelines provided by NHS and Health officials, you should keep personal hygiene and use masks and disposable gloves as much as possible.

Keep an eye on the latest instructions issued by the health officials and it is important to follow them to ensure your and other health. 

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