Top 5 Essential Proven Tips for First Time Campers

5 Essential Proven Tips for First Time Campers

I have been camping ever since I was 6. My first camping trip was with my dad I really enjoyed the whole experience. In this post, I want to give the top 5 Tips for First Time Campers.

Ever since I have been camping almost every year. Last time I took my 5-year-old son with me and he can’t stop talking about it.

Even so, there is one thing that camping has taught me; preparation is everything. In this post, I want to give the top 5 Tips for First Time Campers.

Tips for First Time Campers

I am doing this to help many people out there who don’t understand what they need for their first camping trip.

These tips are for the campsite and not before you leave the home. In case you need preparation tips for the camping trip, I will be glad to share that in my next post.

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Even so, I will mention a few of them here.

  • Have a checklist for all your accessories
  • Be sure to learn all your gears before you leave
  • Have a trial session on your backyard too
  • Buy a tent that’s big enough for everybody
  • Always have a meal plan ready
  • Pack your luggage a day or two before the trip

With that said, let’s take a look at these top five tips for the campsite that I have in place for you.

Choose the Best Spot

Tips for First Time Campers

First, you should choose the right spot. Make sure the spot is ideal for you. It should be a great place to pitch your tent too.

A good place should be free of rocks, pebbles, muddy puddles, and broken glasses among other things. In this post, I want to give the top 5 Tips for First Time Campers.

These prickly objects can easily tear through your camping tent’s floor. When this happens, the tent won’t hold and the hole will let water through. You don’t want a wet night on a camping spree.

In case you are on camping sites that host many people, try to create a space of your own. A section that allows you to have some privacy with your pals since you don’t want to bother the rest.

Use Your Checklist

Tips for First Time Campers

In this post, I want to give the top 5 Tips for First Time Campers. Before you left home you had a checklist.

On the camping site, you should also have a checklist. This checklist shouldn’t be for the accessories that you carried but rather for the activities you are going to do.

The first activity on my list is often to clear the area of my choice. Then I pitch the tent. I follow this by unpacking and then connecting the lighting system – in case I am in a campsite with power.

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Having a checklist makes work easy and allows you to share responsibilities easily. A good way to make a campsite checklist is to do it together. Engage your pals or the people you came along with.

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Plan Your Meals Too

Tips for First Time Campers

I know how exciting camping can be for new campers that they forget to plan for their camping meal. Well, that’s cool but it isn’t acceptable. It is very important that you plan for your meals too.

You should start by figuring out the number of meals that you plan on having per day. Then you should consider the number of people that you are. Finally, you’ll need to compile some ideal menu ideas.

Meal planning should be done a day or two before you leave for camping. Once you are here you can then set out in creating a timetable for your meals.

Follow the Campsite Rules

Tips for First Time Campers

Most often than not, you won’t be on the campsite alone. You will meet other guys around the campsites. They can be new campers, seasoned campers, people who are just arriving, or guys who have been there for a while.

The best way to relate with these guys is to play by the campsite rules. Campsite rules are designed to provide a smooth relationship between campers and to prevent anyone from crossing the next.

Ask for the campsite rules. Read the rules to understand and then above the rest always play by the rules.

Avoid Bad Weather

Tips for First Time Campers

Severe weather is not the place you want to pitch your tent under. A good example is the hailstone weather.

In addition to that, you don’t want to camp when it is snowing or if the hurricane warning has been issued. Keep safe and avoid any severe weather.


New campers will face a few challenges here and there. Let this not kill your morale. It happens to the best of us too. I remember I had to go for my fifth camping trip before I could get anything right.

As a new camper though, learning these simple tips will be of great help. It is important that you start with the basic tips and grow with time. Patience is key and will help you to get everything right after a while.

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