9x Tips for Who is Going to Travel Around India in 2024

9x Tips for Who is Going to Travel Around India

9x Tips for who is going to travel around India, If you think you have become an accomplished backpacker, then it is high time for India.

Culture shock guaranteed, do you dare? With these 9 tips, your trip through India will be an unforgettable experience.

9x Tips for Who is Going to Travel Around India

Oh, oh, oh, what a fascinating country India is. Your journey through India will be an overwhelming but unforgettable experience, certainly with our tips.

1. Eat Only in Busy Restaurants

Eat Only in Busy Restaurants

Indian cuisine is one to lick your fingers literally. But during your journey through the culinary mecca called India, your biggest fear is to spend a night on the toilet.

So eat mainly in busy restaurants, where many locals also eat. No guarantee that you will not get sick, but there is less chance that food will stand longer. You prefer to skip meat and fish.

2. Be Prepared for the Delhi Belly

Be Prepared for the Delhi Belly

9x Tips for who will travel around India, The biggest nightmare of India-goers: the Delhi belly. Most travelers experience it at least once.

No matter how annoying, our Western stomachs are simply not meant for the bacteria and poor hygiene in India.

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With a little luck, you will only have diarrhoea for a few days. Bad luck birds can become very ill. You can Check Useful Tips for Traveling.

3. The Train is Your Best Friend

he Train is Your Best Friend

India is big, huge. And everyone who has ever been on an Indian bus knows: that is certainly not the most comfortable way to travel.

To have a real Indian experience, take the train – just like the locals do. With more than 65,000 kilometres of railways, this is the way to get from A to B.

You can also take a taxi from the taxi service in Udaipur for the Delhi trip. Check Out Best Places in India and Tips.

4. Travel light

 Travel light

9x Tips for who will travel around India, As befits a true backpacker, you always ensure that you have as little as possible with you.

Not only does it save a lot of whining and sweating, but you can also buy new clothes in India for a good price, should you really need anything else.

5. Know Where Your House Lives

Know Where Your House Lives

There is a good chance that the taxi driver or tuk-tuk driver does not speak English, and the signage in India does not win a beauty prize either.

So always make sure you have a calling card from your hostel with you, so that you don’t have to sleep on the street at night.

6. And Bargaining


In countries like India, it is part of it: bargaining. Souvenirs, clothing, and jewelry; often a much too high price is charged.

Bargaining can often be up to half or more. If you board a taxi or tuk-tuk, make sure you have clearly agreed on a price in advance.

7. Drink Chai

Drink Chai

9x Tips for who is going to travel around India, An absolute must in India is of course on the Chai.

This delicious, spiced tea is a true taste explosion and available on every street corner. Do we bet that after a few days you will not be able to live without it? Flights to Amsterdam

8. Act as a Guest

Act as a Guest

The cultural differences with India are huge, and during your journey, you will be confronted with totally different habits and customs.

But show some respect and know that you are a guest in this country, especially for women, and men that you adapt to Indian culture, instead of the other way around.

A scarf, headscarf or sarong to cover shoulders and knees is therefore not a superfluous luxury. You can read also Travel Tips to India.

9. Smile! You’re in India

Smile! You're in India

A culture shock is guaranteed during your trip through India. At first sight, everything seems chaotic and dirty—stray dogs, begging children, staring people.

And Indians – for us – have bizarre habits. Gargling, spitting, and yes, even peeing in public. Getting used to it, but after a while, you will also see the beauty of India.Caravan Trip

Really! If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Awesome Best Travel Tips to Asia.

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