Three Key Questions to Ask Car Rental Agents in Dubai

Are you going to rent a car in Dubai? Let us tell you about something that will make your ride comfortable. In this article, we will learn three key questions to ask car rental agents in Dubai.

What Should I Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai?

If renting a car in Dubai is your first experience, you probably have many questions about this process. But don’t worry — taking a rental car is not that hard.

You should be aware of some crucial moments, such as the cost of the services, your actions if the car crashes, and the requirements for the car rental agents when you want to give it back. We will describe them below.

How much should I pay in total?

Usually, prices for cars are indicated on the company’s website. You can always call to find out the cost of using the service. So it will be much more convenient for you to calculate the trip based on your budget and needs.

However, many car rental rates do not include additional costs such as taxes or fees. For example, car rental agents renting a car at the airport is much more expensive than elsewhere.

So before renting a car, find out what you will have to pay extra for and what you want. So you will avoid unexpected and unpleasant situations and always be sure you will not pay too much.

budget car rental travel agent

The car rental company has a bunch of paid but optional services. For example, car protection, damage waiver, or child seat. Specific services and prices will depend on the particular car rental agents. You can see all the offers here:

What will happen if the car gets into an accident?

Everyone probably has this question. Let’s not say that this will never happen. Therefore, car rental companies always offer you the opportunity to purchase car insurance.

It covers all your expenses if you get into an accident. So don’t worry. You also need to talk to the car rental agents company. Make sure you have an emergency contact number or customer service line.

This helps when you find yourself in an unpleasant situation and need to report it urgently. IN

Should I fill the tank with gas before returning the car?

Most car rental companies operate on a full-to-full basis. You probably already guessed it yourself: you take a car with a full tank of gasoline, so you must return it filled.

If this is not done, then nothing terrible will happen. The company will do this for you but will charge an additional fee. At the same time, the rates will be much higher than usual at the gas station.

Ask your car rental agents for the nearest gas station and visit it before returning the car. Some rental companies may offer you a prepaid fuel option. By the way, this is very convenient since you do not spend much extra money.

Where to Rent a Car in Dubai?


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Well, now you know what questions you should ask an agent before renting a car from car rental agents. Understanding all the nuances in advance is better than having a high chance of getting in trouble. Drive carefully and do only what is permitted. It will save the car and, more importantly, your life.

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