Rent a Motorcycle in Phuket and Explore the Island at Your Own Pace

Located off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, Phuket tops the list of the largest islands and impresses with its rich and colourful history.

Today, it is a tropical paradise beckoning travellers from countries with its sunny beaches, vibrant cultural heritage and exciting adventures you can embark on by motorcycle or other vehicle. In this paradise, you will feel an irresistible urge to travel, and a bargain motorcycle rental Phuket will give you unprecedented freedom of movement.

When you choose a motorcycle, you will rediscover its incredible advantages such as speed, manoeuvrability and convenience, giving you the opportunity to get to all corners of this paradise island.

Discovering the Scenic Marvels of Phuket on Two Wheels

Phuket is a truly paradisiacal place, with its perfect views of crystal waters, as well as dense rainforests, winding coastal roads and cultural treasures waiting to be explored. By choosing a motorcycle as your means of transportation around the island, you’ll turn your journey into a personalized odyssey where you’ll discover new and beautiful places at every turn.

Navigating the hidden paths on a motorcycle, you will reach secluded beaches and experience the flavour of the local markets with charming girls meeting you at each corner.

Start the engine and the road becomes a portal of adventure leading to panoramic viewpoints such as the iconic Big Buddha or the breathtaking Promthep Cape. Rent a motorcycle and enjoy the freedom of feeling the wind in your hair and the rhythmic hum of the engine as you ride through Phuket’s diverse landscapes.

On your journey, you will encounter the emerald green expanse of Sirinath National Park and the coastal road will offer spectacular views of the Andaman Sea. Thanks to the manoeuvrability of two-wheelers, you’ll be able to veer off the beaten path to discover secluded temples, local eateries serving authentic Thai cuisine and vibrant street art adorning secluded corners.

In essence, a motorcycle will be your pass to the soul of Phuket providing a close encounter with the island’s diverse landscapes, vibrant culture and simply a joy to explore.

Reasons Why Motorcycling Will Be Your Best Choice for Exploring Phuket

Motorcycling in Phuket is much more than just a mode of transportation, as it is a way of life for the locals. The small size of Phuket Island makes it the perfect place for two-wheeled exploration, allowing you to seamlessly navigate its serene villages, markets and vibrant nightlife centres.

Opening the door to authentic experiences and freedom, a motorcycle is perfect for avid riders and casual adventurers alike. Here are a few reasons why you should rent a motorcycle in Phuket:

  • A motorcycle will allow you to break free from the constraints of conventional tours thus giving you the opportunity to make your own schedule and visit any places that inspire you.
  • A smart choice in terms of cost. Motorcycle rental in Phuket is an economically sound choice, leaving you with more budget for other activities and experiences in this paradise destination. You can rent a motorcycle for as low as THB 200 per day, which is much cheaper than most other modes of transportation.
  • A chance to get into the true spirit of adventure. Riding your iron horse, you will feel the exhilarating gusts of wind and can move through the diverse terrain of the island without worrying about the passability of your vehicle. Renting a motorcycle in Phuket, you will truly enjoy your vacation with added adventure.
  • The opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Phuket. A motorcycle is an incredibly convenient type of transportation for taking in the sights. You can enjoy interacting with the local people while soaking up the local culture even more.

There are plenty of parking lots in Phuket so you can easily leave your iron horse behind to enjoy the sights and attractions in a more relaxed environment.

In addition, by riding a motorcycle, you can easily avoid city traffic jams and get anywhere in a matter of minutes. Thus, a motorcycle will be your guide to almost any place on the island without having to use public transportation.

Picking a Bike Rental Operator in Phuket

If you wish to rent a motorcycle in Phuket, you can do so at the many physical motorcycle rental outlets as well as through online services. As for physical outlets for motorcycle rentals, there are many in resort towns such as Patong or Kamala. Motorcycle rentals are also available to visitors to most hotels and resort houses on the island.

Before renting a motorcycle, find a reliable rental shop with a long track record. It’s a good idea to read customer reviews on online forums to make sure you’re getting the best service possible. When choosing a rental shop, pay attention to such important things as the vehicles’ technical condition and insurance availability.

After checking out the various rental shops, you will find that the Honda Click is the most common motorcycle on the island. Equipped with a 125cc motor, this scooter offers advantages such as ease of operation, manoeuvrability, convenience and safety.

By choosing this scooter, you can expect a very affordable rental price of THB 200 per day. However, keep in mind that from November to April, which is the peak season, motorcycle rental rates may be slightly higher due to the huge demand.

Your Safety Comes First

Before renting a motorcycle in Phuket, you should remember that accidents involving this vehicle are one of the main causes of injury to tourists. So, when choosing a motorcycle – despite its undeniable advantages – you should be mindful of safety precautions while driving it.

Keep in mind that the roads in Phuket can be dangerous, especially when exploring the beaches along winding paths. Also, accustomed to speed and freedom, the islanders have a distinctive driving style.

However, by being alert and cautious, you can avoid dangerous situations and enjoy travelling around the island without accidents. Additionally, it’s advisable to thoroughly research and choose a reputable motorcycle rental Phuket service to ensure the reliability and condition of the vehicle you’ll be using.

To drive a motorcycle in Phuket, you need an international or Thai driver’s license. Keep in mind that driving without a license can result in a fine of THB 400.

In addition, local police may stop motorcyclists travelling without a helmet. When riding a motorcycle through Phuket’s tourist centres, you will encounter police checkpoints quite often, so don’t ignore the rules and do not break the law to avoid problems.

Keep in mind that most of the roads on the island are old and contain many potholes. In addition, sharp objects may be encountered on the road causing tire punctures. To avoid a negative experience, drive slowly and carefully. No matter how experienced a driver you are, be extra vigilant and be wary of other road users as Thais have a specific driving style.

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