Tao Experience Adventurous Activities!

Do you love to do adventurous activities? Are you a resident of Jaipur or came here to visit the attractions of Jaipur? Tao Experience is the best place to visit.

There are different adventurous activities one can do and can have a lot of fun over there. I and my friends recently planned for this trip, and trust me, the experience was amazing. You must try this place if you will ever plan for Jaipur.

Tao Experience

From Kukas, Tao Experience is about 6 km. There is no transportation facility to Tao Experience from Kukas, so make sure to have your vehicle and book a cab to reach there.

We went to reception first to enquire about their packages and adventurous activities. The staff members explained their different packages. There is a pro package as well in which you will get a quad bike ride for 30 minutes.

2100 Rs package is sufficient for an individual to avail of a better experience in which you will get a quad bike ride for 15 minutes, paintball with 25 balls along with 6 other activities as well.

Enterprise Many GEOs

Our Adventurous Activities Experience

When we started our adventurous journey Tao Experience, the staff provided us a crew member to show us what activities are there and where it is done and how it is to be done.

Tao Experience adventure sports in jaipur

After getting to know about the place and activities, we had our breakfast. Some sandwiches and Bhel Puri with Juices make us full and energized for doing further tasks. You can read also Adventure Places In Canada.

Zip Line

Zipline Tao Experience

We started with Zip Line. The member told us what Zipline is, how we have to do it. They tied safety measurements on our bodies to protect us from any unpredictable happenings.

The harnesses they tied on the use made us do the activity more confidently due to not having fear of injuries. In the Zipline, we have to reach the second attached end via a cable.

Zipline Tao Experience

By swinging over the cable, we slide towards the second end. That was all amazing and made me feel more excited about the upcoming parts of our journey.

Rock Climbing and Rappeling

When we get done with the Zip Line, at the endpoint of that activity, Wall Climbing and Rappeling is waiting for us. In this activity, what we have to do is to climb on the wall. You can read also Adventure Sports in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

There are supports inserted in the wall to help out the climber to reach the top. This activity is also done with the harness and other safety measures. The activity requires efforts to be done.

Rock Climbing and Rappeling Tao Experience

You have to climb up on the wall. But all of this, that amazing feeling when you will get down via harness by releasing the support, it was so soothing feeling. You can read also Adventure Sports in Los Angeles.

Body Zorbing

Body Zorbing Tao Experience

Body Zorbing is something very interesting activity to be done. In this, you have to wear a huge plastic covering on the body which is tied up.

Body Zorbing Tao Experience

Now in this, the person who is in the plastic covering runs and plays with their team members, which is a very interesting and enjoyable task to be done.

If you are thinking about how would you be able to get into those huge zorbs, there are Tao Experience staff members who will help you regarding playing this. They will help you out to wear or to get into it properly to let you be comfortable while playing.   

Low Rope Course

Low Rope Course Tao Experience
Low Rope Course Tao Experience

Now it comes to the most adventure sports to do. Low Rope Course, in this, you have to complete the entire round with different struggling aspects. This entire course is divided into 4 parts.

In the first struggling aspect, there is a bridge-type structure maintained with sticks attached in between the paths. In the second phase, one has to walk on the tires.

At the third one, the person has to walk on the single lane by walking zig zag. In the end, it is the last struggling aspect in which you have to reach the endpoint via the web.  


Archery   Tao Experience

Do you love targeting games? After doing Low Rope Course, we were tired, so thought to do an activity offers a little bit relax.

Archery is a targeting activity in which you have to shoot the target with arrows. It gives an enthusiastic feeling to the person after making the target. You can read also Adventure Sports in Jaipur.

Paint Ball

Paint Ball was the most exciting part of our entire adventurous journey. The tao experience staff members dressed us up with the guards and helmets.

It is important to dress up properly; otherwise, you can get harmed also. We got 25 balls in our guns. You can read also Adventure Sports in Gujarat.

Paint Ball  Tao Experience

It took around 30 minutes to end the game. We were divided into two teams of two and had a lot of fun there on the filed by targeting each other.

Reverse Bungee Jumping

Reverse Bungee Jumping   Tao Experience

In this, you are tied up with a harness and all the safety guards properly. In the bungee jumping, what will get done is that the machine will push you in the air with a very high speed, which offers you a feeling of the like bird.

It was a very short time period of activity, but it was a great experience for us. You can read also Adventure Sports in Jaisalmer.

Quad Bike

Quad Bike Tao Experience

Quad Bike is something that is not so easy to do. The bike is so heavy and requires strength to tackle the handle of the bike. We use to ride bikes and cars, but the quad bike is something very interesting. 

Quad Bike Tao Experience

It is a never forgettable ride you will ever take. Now we are done here. Our entire day adventure tour is done with lots of fun and entertaining stuff.

Tao Experience is a great place to visit and do adventure activities, so you must come here to avail of some great and thrilling memories for you. You can read also Enjoy River Rafting in Leh.

Address Tao Experiences

Kacherawala, Kukas,
Off National Highway 8,
Behind Tree of Life Resort,
Jaipur – 303101

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