7 Safest holiday destinations in the world to have on your radar for your first post-lockdown escape

Travelling enables you to find the purpose of your life and enjoy the antiquities at the same time. Due to the current pandemic, many globetrotters are unable to satiate the wanderlust within.

You might use this time to find out the spectacular post-lockdown travel destinations. From the marvellous blue waters to the serene atmosphere of mountains, you must explore them all.

Make sure to consider your favourite regions and unveil the secrets of mother nature like a pro. Also, try focussing on the unexplored gems all over the globe to level up your travel game.

Here are the top holiday destinations to traverse right after the pandemic takes the backseat.

Safest holiday destinations in the world

safest holiday destinations in the world
safest holiday destinations in the world

#1 Nuuk, Greenland

If you’re a chionophile who wishes to spend time amidst the powdery snow, then head straight to Greenland.

Contrary to the game, the region boasts top-notch snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and frozen lakes.

It is a one of the Safest holiday destinations in the world You can explore the arctic circle and fulfil your desire to ski for hours in the capital city, i.e., Nuuk. Get your hands on a durable roof rack and take the skiboard along.

You can also go for a boat ride and explore the endless icebergs in the region.

Capture the sea fauna like walruses, whales, and others on your way. You can also try out some snow activities like sledging, hiking, and kayaking in the city.

Don’t forget to cover up popular attractions like the national art museum, Katuaq Cultural Centre, and Ilulissat Ice-fjord. In case you fancy the celestial world, gaze at the northern lights for hours with your favourite wine in one hand.

#2 Sydney, Australia

Here’s a popular holiday destination for every kind of traveller, be it a history-lover or a beach-dweller. when you are thinking about to visit Sydney, first follow our tips to visit Sydney, it can help you while your journey.

You can find top-notch art museums and cobblestone streets in the city. What adds to the appeal is the Cockatoo island listed amongst the UNESCO Heritage sites.

From lush green forests to diverse shopping arenas packed with shoppers, you can find it all here. Every lover of the turquoise waters must cover up the spectacular beaches in the city.

Start with the most popular Bondi beach and move forward to gaze at the Manly beach’s sea creatures. You might fulfil your underwater diving desires via popular spots like Bare island, Chowder bay, and Shelly beach.

There are many places around the Sydney that is : Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Kiama and many others.

#3 Cappadocia, Turkey

Exotic cultural aesthetics coupled up with spectacular history make Cappadocia a must-visit place.

The region features Turkish delicacies, backpacking adventure, and romantic vibes.

You might explore the city for its balloon-packed skies and endless architectural marvels. Take a walk down the Pigeon Valley and unveil the secrets of the Avian species.

In case you’re a nature-lover, make sure to explore the natural aesthetics of Pasabag. You can also try out the hiking experiences and dive deeper into the caves like underground cities.

End the trip with some Cappadocian delicacies like Ezogelin Corba, Mercimek kofte, and Hamsili pilav. Plan a trip to the Turkish delights right after the pandemic ends.

#4 Cusco, Peru

Home to the breath-taking Incan mountains, Cusco is yet another must-visit place for the travel lovers. Whether you like the delicate carvings on statues or sit amidst the tranquil nature, the city satiates everyone in different ways. For all the hikers, Cusco is the first to spend a night or two due to acclimatization purposes.

While adapting to the regional atmosphere, you can cover up the beautiful village life. Also, try exploring the culture, and meet friendly locals around. Some popular natural spots to explore are the Sacred Valley, Inca Walls, and Museo Inka. Not to forget, the local delicacies will leave your taste buds in delight and craving for more.

#5 Marrakech, Morocco – best holiday destinations in the world

Experience the real middle-east culture that too without much hindrance in Marrakech. The place is low on population and high on cultural aesthetics.

You might explore the region for its rich heritage, astonishing museums, and adventure activities. Also, you get to enjoy the antique activities like camel ride amidst desert and knowledgeable heritage tours.

Marrakech place is also Hub of Delectable Desserts.

While in the city, don’t forget to explore the Bahia Palace and Jamaa El Fna Market. Every gastronome must try out the Morrocan delicacies like Fish Chermoula., Harira, Khobz.

A life-saving tip is to apply loads of sunscreen before you embark upon the exploration spree.

#6 Hurghada, Egypt – Safest holiday destination

Did you know the Egyptian lands own some of the enthralling snorkelling beaches in the world? Every thalassophile must explore the city Hurghada and outgrow the Caribbean coastal experiences.

The region contains attractive scuba diving spots, mouth-watering sea-food, and powdery-soft sands.

Try your hands on the water sports and dive deeper into the aquatic fauna. Also, start your underwater exploration at regions like Abu Nuhas Reef, Giftun Islands, and Rosalie Moller Wreck.

You might catch some unique Pisces species as well and experience fishing at its best.

#7 Pokhara, Nepal

It’s always better to traverse the regions boasting a little something for every type of traveller. Make sure to explore the city of Pokhara in Nepal during the holiday season.

Nepal is also best for hiking lovers, you can visit many hiking places in Nepal like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit Trek and many others

You get to experience nature with spectacular waterfalls, stunning mountains, and adventures. One of the highlights of this region is the paragliding spree right above the pine trees. Also, cover up the natural attractions like Phew Lake, Devi’s Falls, and Mahendra Cave.

One of the safest holiday destinations in the world in this Covid time.

Travellers who function on adrenaline rush might try out activities like zip-lining and trekking. Don’t forget to allure your hunger pangs with a bowl of Bhatmas & Dhundho.

Bottom Line

Globetrotters wish to cover up the entire world in the lifetime. But, there are a few places that you must keep on your radar and prefer the same. From the late-night beach parties to serenity amidst the snow-capped mountains, you must seek it all.

Some popular holiday destinations to embark upon after the lockdown are Sydney, Cusco, and Marrakech. You might also consider the diverse locations like Pokhara and Nuuk for the ultimate gratification.

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