How To Move The Right Way

When you buy your own house, go to work or study in another city, change your life or become independent from your parents, moving is the protagonist and, although it is exciting, the jump that is being made to a new and different routine, they can be traumatic events if they are not done properly.

One of the behaviors consumers and users most often worry about when deciding to change their home is referring to the way they arrive when it comes to moving possessions, furniture, or other objects from an old home to a new one.

The move can be carried out directly by the person concerned using their own means, although it is usual to use the services of a professional company to carry out the transfer.

In the latter case, it is very important to know the rights that consumers have, as well as to follow a series of recommendations so that everything goes well before, during and after the move.

How to Make a Move?

If you want to do things right, you can follow these recommendations:

Make a List

This list should contain all the things to do with dates to carry them out comfortably and in advance.

Pre-Clean and Classify

To take to the new house what is really useful. From the rest you have to stratify what will be thrown away, given away or sold.

Movers packers

Choose the Right Date for your Move

One of the most important things to start preparing for moving is to decide on a moving date. This is essential to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the entire process and will help you choose the best date for you.

For example, if you have children, you should consider choosing off-school hours so that they do not affect your child’s daily routine or work leave.

Now that you know where to start and the keys to success, it’s time to move, the long-desired stage. The move can be more easy with specialist companies such as H2H Move It is the best option to find the right movers experts that fits your needs.

Make a Plan for Packing

You should start with the things and belongings that are not going to be needed while the move is not yet made and the things that will be necessary before leaving the house should be left last. So everything will be done in order.

Preparing for a move is more important than the move itself. First, decide what to bring to the new place and what to throw away. It’s a good time to clean up all the useless stuff we usually keep.

This will help you figure out how much space the box will take up and what size it will need for a moving truck or van. It’s also a good idea to make a list of things you want to take, from large pieces of furniture to boxes of valuables.

This will help reduce stress during the move and will allow you to line up items you already have in boxes and those you bring to your new home.

After deciding what to bring, one of the things you need to do is gather all the necessary materials. From bubble wrap to adhesive tape in boxes of all sizes.

Label or Label the Boxes

This is very important so that when you arrive at the new house, we can easily and quickly know which room the boxes go in and what each one contains. Identification is the key.

Do not Overload the Boxes

The boxes should not be very heavy to avoid accidents during their transportation.

Budget Display

Most of us don’t like to think about budgets, but don’t mind sticking to one thing. These steps will help you save money and not exceed the amount you want to spend.

Add all kinds of costs including transport rental cost, removal lift cost, and professional company service and packing cost. If you can, request the cost that different companies will entail well in advance. Take your time when choosing a company.

Prepare a Kit with Useful Things

As you put away everything you need, you should leave out a kit that allows you to live in some comfort until the move is made.

Organize what the Mover will not Move

Such as chemicals, plants or special things that the moving company, by law, cannot transport. You will have to look for special containers for your transfer.

Prepare Documents and Paperwork

If necessary, the documentation required on the road by the authorities and similar procedures must be in order.

Pack Furniture and Appliances

So that they do not suffer any damage during the move, nor in the journey that I took to go from one place to another. There are materials like bubble wrap to cover things that may be breakable.

Pack the Clothes

This is what suitcases are for, but you should not hesitate to use special bags to transport bedding, towels and pillows more comfortably and so that they take up less space in the truck.

Prepare the Fridge

Follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s labels that say how long refrigerators should remain unplugged before being plugged back in after a move.

Pack the Medicines

This must be done very carefully depending on each product and in labeled and marked boxes. You have to leave out the pills and treatments that are going to be necessary while the move lasts and is unpacked. These should be part of the kit of useful things.

Organize the Agenda

So that the days before the move, as well as the day in question and the following days, you can have time to put everything in order and unpack everything in the new house comfortably.

Redirect Mail

The correspondence must arrive at the new house without incident.


Ideally, first of all you know what type of trucks or vans they have to carry out the move. But also other aspects such as the way of packing, how they move more fragile objects, clothes or furniture that you can disassemble.

Hire a Company

As will be seen, removals bring the excitement of new things, but they also require precious time and great organizational skills. If all of this is not available, it is best to hire a company such as H2H Move that provides this type of service with their best team of movers and takes care of absolutely everything.

One of the things to keep in mind to know where to start a move is to decide if you want to hire the services of a moving company or you are going to do it on your own.

This decision will make the difference to organize the transfer in one way or another, depending on the services you hire. These can range from renting a moving truck, packing service, and even assembling furniture in the new home.

Moving companies like H2H Move one empty the apartments or offices, pack everything that needs to be taken, accommodate it in the new house without the need to do anything, just hire them and set the dates to pick up and carry out the process.

They are very comfortable services, carried out by highly qualified professionals with experience in moving furniture, loading boxes without endangering their contents and with a pleasing order and rigor, because you only have to go from the house you left, to the new one and have everything well organized.

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