5 Easy Ways To Make Great Campfire Coffee

Campfire coffee is a near-essential for outdoor adventures or any other time you just don’t have access to an oven. A camping coffee setup is not always easy and can be tricky to master, but if you choose the right equipment, you will always be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, no matter where you are.

So, If you are looking for some easy ways to make great campfire coffee, keep reading.

How To Make Great Campfire Coffee? 

  • Preparation: First and foremost, you will need a mug. Double-walled mugs can keep your coffee hot for a long time and won’t get cold as quickly as other types of mugs. The next essential ingredient is ground coffee itself. Always go for a dark roast. Avoid lightly roasted coffee, which lacks flavor.
  • Equipment: You need a stove, as well as an extensive collection of coffee trinkets. Ideal types of coffee trinkets include a coffee canister, coffee snifter, coffee press, steel grater and coffee scoop. 

Check Out Our 5 Easy Ways To Make Great Campfire Coffee

Campfire Coffee Pot

1. Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy coffee is an old classic; it may not necessarily provide the best-tasting coffee globally, but it is a camping tradition for many. It is also the method that takes the fewest items to prepare coffee when camping. It’s traditionally prepared over a campfire, but it can also be prepared on a camp stove.

All you need to create cowboy or campfire coffee is a decent kettle and some coarse ground coffee. Take a kettle and fill it halfway with water. Then stir in your coarsely ground coffee. For each cup of water, use one tablespoon of coffee.

Afterward, you can change the ratio based on how strong you want your coffee to be. Then, place the kettle filled with water and coffee over a heat source, such as a stove or a bonfire.

When the water begins to boil, remove it from the fire and set it aside for a few minutes. The coffee grounds should settle to the bottom of the pot.

2. Percolator Coffee

One of the most popular methods to brew a cup of coffee on a camping trip is with a percolator. This is a very simple method that can be done in almost every pot. Campfire coffee can be brewed using the percolator easily because you only boil water and pour it through ground coffee.

Fill the percolator with water to create percolator coffee while camping. The coffee grinds are placed in a basket at the top of the percolator, above the water. There’s also a particular paper filter that fits inside the basket. Don’t forget about it, or you’ll have a ton of grinds in your coffee.

After adding the coffee and water, place the coffee percolator over a heat source. You’ll need steady heat, so a camp stove is normally best, but hot coals from a campfire would suffice in a pinch.

On the lid of a coffee percolator, there is a clear knob or globe into which hot water shoots. Maintain vigilance on that globe.

Begin with the heat on high, and when you see water flying into the globe, reduce the heat to low. The water will begin to boil and rise along the sides of the coffee percolator. When it rises, it will fall into the basket at the top, which holds the coffee grounds.

This is a process that takes a while, so you’ll want to be patient. You should be able to pour yourself a cup of coffee soon after all of the water has been shot through the globe and through your grinds at the top of your percolator.

3. Moka pot coffee

A moka pot is a small device that originated in Italy. It has been used for many years to create a strong, delicious cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

The purpose of the moka pot is to press water through ground coffee beans. To begin making moka pot campfire coffee, start by filling the bottom chamber with water and fresh ground grounded finely.

You’ll want to fill it just over halfway with water and then place it on your heat source. In a few minutes, you’ll notice the water begin to rise up into the middle chamber.

The water will continue to rise until all of it has been filtered through the grinds and into the top chamber. When it is all brewed, open your moka pot and pour yourself a cup of moka pot coffee.

4. French press coffee

A French press is an extremely effective way of creating delicious campfire coffee, especially if you aren’t fussy about how strong your brew is.

How does it work? When you get a French press, you will notice an inner and outer chamber. The outer chamber is filled with coffee grinds, while the inner chamber has water.

Put the coffee in the outer bowl and water in the inner bowl. Then put a wide-based lid over the top of the coffee grounds and slowly push down on it to force everything through a rubber filter and into your waiting cup. 

5. Pour Over Coffee

Pour-over coffee is a traditional method of brewing coffee that involves pouring hot water over ground coffee beans in a paper filter. Camping can be an excellent time to try this method since you can use an open fire as your heat source.

It’s best to use a coffee dripper for this method of coffee brewing. The dripper is a small and inexpensive device that resembles an hourglass shape.

It is made of plastic or glass, and it has a filter on the bottom and a circular disk at the top. The coffee grounds are placed in the paper filter in the device, and then hot water is poured into it over the grounds. This will slowly drip through into your waiting mug.

If you’re in a hurry, a premade camping coffee pack is also a good option to consider. These single-serve packs are full of ground coffee from several different roasts and other substances necessary for brewing amazing campfire coffee.

Of course, the best part about these packs is that they can be used just as easily at home as they can while camping!

Even though there are different ways to make great campfire coffee, one of the best cowboy coffee is that it doesn’t require much equipment and takes little time. Grab a cup of moka pot coffee or pour-over coffee and enjoy the outdoors with a cup of great coffee that was made just for you!

So, take some time on your next camping trip and brew a pot of cowboy coffee! It’s sure to cheer you up while you have the best time outdoors. Also dont forget to check out our 6 Favorite Modern Coffee Shop Designs Around The World.

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