Camping Near Mumbai 

If you feel that you are overtaxed out and need to run away from all your tensions, worries and sweat to restore then these are stunning places for out camping destinations. We word of honour an experience of nature’s perfect concert and the dramatic mountains at these unexplored camping places near Mumbai. 

Best camping near Mumbai places:


It is Mumbai’s best-kept secret, Uttan is a set back fishermen village on the Northern outskirts of the city. Despite being a part of the city, it feels world’s far away from the solid jungle. 

It is perfect for weekend camping near Mumbai. Here you can live under blue sky, suggest the most flavoursome seafood, enjoy live performances and give yourself up to some adventure activities. Some of the main attractions are activities such as sumo wrestling, archery, paintball and swimming. 


Karnala Bird Sanctuary is well-known to Mumbai wallahs. The sanctuary is an unforgettable camping trip near Mumbai. During monsoon, the hillocks are carpeted with lush green grass and vegetarians, making it one of the best camping places near Mumbai. Some of the main attractions are colourful birds cooing and chirping and trek of Karnala Fort. 


Malvan is unfailingly one of the best camping places near Mumbai.  

The coastal town of Malvan has several things to offer such as water activities like scuba diving and Snorkeling. Some of the main attractions are Tarkarli Beach, Malvani cuisine and Sindhudurg Fort. 


Kashid is a drive through the hills and waterfalls that leads you to the picturesque setting for camping near Mumbai. Kashid is like your own little Goa that way. It boasts of beguiling beaches. Some of the main attractions are relaxing hammocks beside the Kashid beach and water activities. 


Vasind is a night camping site near Mumbai and it is best planned at the serene and picturesque. It is one of the best tent campsites near Mumbai. It is a good place to go kayaking or swimming or walk the refreshing trail in the woods. Some of the main attractions are pindrop nights and the beautiful hike to Mahuli. 


Lonavala is a drive away from Mumbai. This verdant green hideout is a famous site for camping near Mumbai specially due to close proximity and easy access. Some of the main attractions are Karla Caves, Lohagad Fort, and adventure activities such as waterfall rappelling and flying box. 

Bhatsa River Valley

The Bhatsa River Valley is a beautiful locale that lies in the basin of the blissful Bhatsa River. Situated at the end of the Thal Ghat, this small hamlet boasts of rich vegetation, refreshing weather, and rock formations, all of which make it the best spot for camping. Some of the main attractions are Riverside camping, rock formations and waterfalls. 

Tikona Fort

It is a dominant hill fortress in the region of Maharashtra. It is a famous camping spot near Mumbai. It is situated at an elevation of 3500 feet above sea level. It offers spectacular views from its topmost bastion, which makes it a great place for camping. Some of the main attractions are Trekking, caves and temples. It is a perfect trek and camping trip near Mumbai


It is one of the best camps near Mumbai. Here you will experience stunning uninterrupted views of the surrounding green hills and you can get here via full-fledged trek that begins from the Kondhane caves and takes about 3-4 hours of climbing. Some of the main attractions are trekking and offbeat. 

Shirota Lake

Shirota lake is the best lake for camping near Mumbai. It is an ideal destination for camping. The stunning landscape is full of scenic  beauty. Some of the main attractions are Shirota Lake. 


It is an ideal camping site if you are looking for a weekend getaway with your friends. One can explore the beach, Dahanu fort and Bahrot caves. Some of the main attractions are forts and beaches. It is the perfect beach camping near Mumbai. 

Rockface Camping

It is one of the best spots for tourists. One can indulge in numerous activities and can experience the beauty of nature along with enjoying the adventure activities. Some of the main attractions are camps and hills. 


It is an ideal spot for all trekkers and adventure lovers. It is known for one of the most difficult trekking routes, it is surrounded by scenic beauty and lush greenery of the Western Ghats. Some of the main attractions are fort, temple, and hill. 

Pawna Lake

The Pawna lake is the perfect retreat. It allows many tourists to come and experience peace and tranquillity. Pawna lake is a great destination for the best camping near those who want to wake up to views of a huge lake and stunning hills in the background. Some of the main attractions are boating, stargazing. 


It is a very famous hill station near Mumbai. It has various sunset and sunrise points as well as its scenic valley views. It is one of the perfect places to go camping near Mumbai, Maharashtra. Camping here will blow you with picturesque views of serene and misty hills. Some of the main attractions are Trekking, Sunset and Sunrise. 

Kaas Plateau

It is a magical landscape of sparkling lakes, flower fields with butterflies and a majestic chain of mountains. The place is a gem for nature lovers and botany enthusiasts owing to the homes of over 850 species of beautiful wildflowers and also has a 1000 hectare area worth of beautiful forest cover. Some of the main attractions are kass lake, butterflies, flower meadows and forest. 


Kolad is one of the most peaceful campsites near Mumbai. It is a famous river rafting getaway, there you will see colourful birds and the river Kundalika. Some of the main attractions are Banana boat rides and water sports activities. 


It is like a nature’s playground, with lush greenery, small hills and waterfalls etc,. Some of the main attractions are one tree hill, the mini blue train ride that offers the panoramic views of the Western Ghats and Charlotte Lake.  

Malshej Ghat

This Ghat is nestled in the lap of western Ghats and is bestowed with a huge variety of flora and fauna. The drizzle and mist plaints a beautiful landscape, and the breeze calms the restless souls. If you are looking for a perfect destination for self campers. 


Purushwadi is close to nature and tranquil to the core. It is a special night trek that offers the spectacle of a million luminescent fireflies glowing like stars on the trail. Some of the main attractions are the annual Purushwadi Fireflies festival (May to July), which features night trails, jam session, bonfire and many more. Is the perfect night camping near Mumbai. 


It is a serene hill fort in Maharashtra. This fort provides stunning views of the surrounding greenery and mis-covered hills. Here you will find many water cisterns within the fort. There are also several caves scattered around near the base of the peak. Some of the main attractions are Shiva temple, caves and trek. 


It is an offbeat hill station that is blessed with abundant and beautiful natural resources. Its lush greenery, waterfalls and the mountains make it a great camping spot near Mumbai. Some of the main attractions are Lake, waterfall, temple and trekking. 

Murud Janjira 

It is one of the perfect campsites near Mumbai for couples. It is better known for its peaceful environs and beautiful beaches adorned with forts and palm trees. Some of the main attractions are Forts, temples and beaches. It is only through camping that you will actually be able to embrace its natural beauty and scenery for a relaxed and enjoyable holiday. 

Things to carry while camping: 

  • Camper suite
  • Medicines
  • Sweatshirt
  • Shoes for treks
  • Swimming trunks
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Backpack. 


  1. Which are the best trekking places near Mumbai?

The best trekking places near Mumbai are Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad, Harishchandragad Fort, Kaas Plateau and much more. 

  1. Where can I self camp for free near Mumbai? 

There are several places near Mumbai such as; Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Kaas Plateau, Panchgani, Khopoli and many more. 

  1. Places for camping in monsoon near Mumbai? 
  • Pawna Lake
  • Harishchandragad Trek 
  • Hadshi Lake and many more. 
  1. Which are the luxury camping sites near Mumbai?
  • Forest Hills, Tala
  • Lets Camp Out, Shirota Lake
  • Camp Dell’At Della Adventure, Lonavala and many more. 
  1. Which are the tent campsites near Mumbai?
  • Pawna lake camping
  • Off Cliff camping
  • Campingear 

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