Triveni Camping 

Triveni Camping, River Rafting in Sikkim located at banks of Teesta river is the most famous camping site at present. Teesta and Rangit, has a beautiful beach with tents setup for the camping. 

This Triveni Teesta camping experience you will have here is an remarkable 

one. It is one of the most famous campings. Feel thrilling and adventurous with camping, trekking and hiking and river rafting. 

This Teesta triveni camping riverside rafting in Sikkim is a value to enjoy. Several tourists from different parts of India come here to spend a quality time. 

Triveni camping package:

  • Day 1: Late evening stop at Triveni Teesta camping 

The day starts and is greeted accompanied by tea or coffee. Campfire  with Barflies in the late evening. Dinner at night with a tent Quilt and cushions. 

  • Day 2: Depart from Tent 

Morning tea is in accordance with brunch, the checkout time at almost 10:00 AM. You can also check Triveni Siliguri camping. 


  1. Dinner at late evening
  2. Tent cottages 
  3. Snacks 
  4. Bravelies & Campfire 
  5. Sport activities at seaside 
  6. Tea and Breakfast 
  7. Tent, Quilt and cushions. 


  1. Drop and Hook vehicle facility 
  2. River Riding 
  3. Winery
  4. Lunch and much more. 

How to reach Triveni Camping:

Triveni Camping is located at Teesta in a confluence of streams Teesta and Rangit. It is more than 50 Km from Siliguri or Bagdogra Airport and it takes almost one and half hours to reach the campground. 

From Gangtok, Sikkim it takes over 1.30 hours and is almost 45 to 50 Km so as to approach Siliguri. It is located nearby Melli, Sikkim. 

Triveni camping cost:

The triveni camping price is affordable. The shelter and pitch tents escorted by snacks as well as sports activities, songs and music and campfires does cost almost Rs. 1000 to 1500/- for each one and each night.

Triveni camping contact number:

For Triveni camping Booking contact on +91-83889-88894 or night triveni camping package contact on +91-76790-65059.  

Things to carry for Triveni Camping Teesta: 

  • Sunglasses 
  • Camera
  • Clothes pair
  • Footwear
  • Umbrella 
  • Shoes
  • Portable music system 

Triveni camp Badrinath 

Campsite Rishikesh Riverside Camping & River Riding is ideally located on Mount Hill Adventure Badrinath. Triveni camp is one of the best rooms available at Badrinath. 

Triveni Camping idea – which gives you best camping trip ideas: 

  • Insect Collecting
  • Flora and Fauna Viewing
  • Nature meetings 
  • Classify Rocks and Hills 
  • Fossil Stalking 
  • Visioning 


  1. How to book rooms in triveni sangam Allahabad camp?

You can easily book rooms online.  

  1. What is the email address of Triveni camping?

Email for further query. 

  1. What Rishikesh camping & Rafting have parking?

Yes, parking is available for guests. 

  1. What are the camping Triveni Timings?

It is an 1 night and 2 days camping time of this triveni camping. 

  1. What Triveni camping Siliguri is also a great camping spot?

Yes, the triveni camping at Siliguri is an ideal choice, it offers many adventurous and camping activities. 

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