3 things to eat and 5 things to do in Mumbai

The glorious city, where everything is about glam, immediacy, furious speed and lights and celebration, you have guessed it’s right, it’s the city of Bollywood, Mumbai city.

The amazing place has everything from street food to lavish ones, fancy restaurants, and struggling actors to celebrities. It has got everything you can wander about in your wildest of dreams.

If you have already visited the shining city, you know the big deal about it, and if you haven’t, we are here to give you ten reasons why you should.

Let’s begin with things to eat.

Have a cake

It sounds like a normal thing to do, but there’s more to it than visible—order cake online in Mumbai to experience the difference in its flavors, textures, and cream. Now you may think there’s nothing different about a cake, but you will know for yourself the difference this cake tasting will bring.

Pani Puri

Don’t even think about stepping in Mumbai but not treating yourself to some pani puris; it will be unjust to the culture and taste it has to offer. Like many places, Mumbai has a knack for pani puri, and it is a must-try seeing how tasty it is.

Batata vada

As we know and see the kind of crazy fan following it, one from the league of street food has, it’s not surprising for you to fall in love with it too. It is a dish primarily liked due to the choices of creams and sauces used, apart from crunchy potatoes and namkeens.

Switching to things to do.

Marine Drive

Without mentioning a visit to Marine Drive, the communication would be incomplete. Plan a nice beautiful day out at Marine Drive and watch the sunrise and the eater shine. The edible food there is amazing too. It’s literally the heart and hub of Mumbai.

Haji Ali dargah

You are in for the most peaceful and calming places if you visit the haji Ali dargah. It is known quite well and has gained its popularity with its historical importance. Those who like to see such memorial places with cultural significance shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Juhu beach

It’s no one’s fault why Mumbai has this many beaches, but it is a delight for everyone. Taking you through each important one turn by turn, it’s hard to keep track of emotions. This beach is super fun and too apt to have a picnic with your friends and family.

Gateway of India

Well, you certainly can’t miss out on this super fantastic or historically significant venue. It marks great importance for the Indian culture and is the epitome of the times of struggle and hard work. The feeling of pride and nationality you will experience here would require no words to be conveyed.

A ferry ride

While you are at a beach in Mumbai, which you know is the best feeling ever, keep aside your fear and go for a ferry ride too. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and rules out all your hesitation once and for all. The beautiful scenery, as seen from a distance in the water, is a supreme feeling. Try it.

So people looking to go to Mumbai hope you have a few ideas to implement, without which the ride is incomplete.

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