The 15 Most Interesting Basements You Should Consider Renting on Airbnb

When you’re travelling, you’re going to need someplace to stay. Airbnb can be a great alternative to hotels, which can often seem much more clinical than the interesting homes you can stay in through Airbnb.

However, you might just be tempted to book a worldwide flight just to try renting these Airbnb basements. Here are 15 of the coolest basements that Airbnb has to offer.

Airbnb basement

1. “Southern Charm” Basement – South Carolina

With just a dash of Southern charm, you can do just about anything. South Carolina definitely has a lot of that Southern charm, and this Airbnb basement showcases it immensely.

It’s bright, fresh, and beautiful, showing both a distinctly Southern persuasion and a gorgeous design that will appeal to anyone, no matter where they’re from.

2. Basement Suite – Washington, D.C.

As a two-bedroom rental, this stylish basement apartment utilizes an open floor plan and convertible furniture, including a fold-out sofa and a bed that can convert between a twin and a queen size. It’s uniquely “homey,” making it easy for you to come back and relax after a full day of exploring Washington, D.C.

3. Hyper-Chic Basement Lounge – New York

This unique basement lounge, which its owners describe as being “hyper-chic,” is definitely a great place to go back after a day of New York excitement. It’s near Central Park, making it a great hub for your New York vacation, and the decorations and overarching style are nothing if not interesting thing to take a look at throughout the day.

4. Wine Cellar Basement – Pennsylvania

If there’s one thing that many people love, it’s history. That history is on full display in this Pennsylvania wine cellar basement. The basement got its start with a French winemaker, who built it nearly 200 years ago to store his wine. Now, you can stay here while you’re walking around some of the first colonized locations in the United States.

5. Sophisticated Basement Apartment – Scotland

Beautiful basements aren’t just in the United States. As this basement from Scotland shows, it’s also a thing in the rest of the world. This specific basement apartment is mostly monotone but has a beautiful accent wall that really wakes the entire thing up. It’s a great example of how it’s totally possible to create a beautiful basement with only a few accents.

6. Artist Loft-Style Basement – Colorado

Some basements are incredibly intricate, and some are intentionally less so. This basement apartment utilizes the style of an “artist’s loft,” with unfinished floors and ceilings to showcase a kind of unhinged creativity. Additionally, the colourful accents allow the owners to show off some of their favourite styles.

7. Basement Home Theater – Florida

If you’ve ever wanted to watch whatever movie you want and pretend like you’re seeing it for the first time in theatres, this basement movie theatre might be for you. It’s the perfect option for anyone hoping that their Airbnb experience will be just as central to their travel time as their experiences outside their Airbnb rental.

8. Industrial Basement – Texas

Industrial designs are a great selling point for many areas, and this basement is no different. The staircase, which is a focal point in the space, leads up to a loft area, which provides a second bed. Plus, guest access is available through your own set of outside doors, which means you get complete privacy as a guest.

9. Best Man Cave Ever – Tennessee

The “Man Cave” experience peaks in this incredible Nashville basement. It includes a full bar, a big-screen TV, guitars, and arcade games, among other awesome extras. If you’re looking to have a party with all your friends, you can even arrange that with the owner of the space. It’ll be the perfect place to jam out.

10. 17th Century Canal House – The Netherlands

As another example that gorgeous Airbnb rentals can pop up anywhere, this area is in the basement of an 18th-century canal home. In fact, it’s so stylish that the owner occasionally rents it for photoshoots instead of for overnight stays. With glass room dividers that offer external light and real plants that love the low-light atmosphere, there’s no denying the beauty of this basement.

11. Uptown Basement – Louisiana

In some cases, the location of an Airbnb is just as important as the inside. Airbnb is nothing to particularly write home about – it’s beautiful but in a simple way. However, what really sets it apart is its proximity to the French Quarter, which is where many of the most tourist-attracting events in New Orleans happen.

12. Retro Style Basement – Nebraska

Retro styles never go out of style because they’re already out of style. By capitalizing on this seemingly past design preference, the owner of this beautiful basement is able to create a style that will thrive forever. The exposed brick wall and bold colours lead to an area that will be just as nice to hang out in as it will be to sleep in.

13. Basement Fitness Center – Oregon

What if you have an exercise routine that you really want to stick to? This basement fitness center will help you do exactly that. With options for yoga, weightlifting, suspension training, and others, you’ll be able to keep your routine as diligently as you would at home. Plus, there’s even an outdoor skateboard ramp, and the home’s close to a skate park.

14. Game Room Basement – Utah

Have you ever wanted to game on two huge flat-screen televisions with your friends, maybe even while other friends play foosball and air hockey? Then you’re looking for this amazing Salt Lake City resort. The entire resort is a feast for the eyes to be sure, but the game room in the basement may just be the icing on the cake.

15. Boho Style Basement – Washington, D.C.

The Boho style is one of the most popular types of design options nowadays. With a light and airy look that allows you to feel in tune with the outside world, this basement doesn’t feel like it’s been tucked away at all. In fact, it’s welcoming, which makes it a great home base for your Washington, D.C. adventures and excursions.

No matter where you hope to visit, these basements are all great options. From parties that take place mostly at these locations to a hub where you can sleep and eat dinner, you can use these basements to make sure you’re getting the right experience every time you travel.

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