Travel Tips For Sydney Visitors

There are many ways to enjoy your trip to Australia, one of which is city hopping that includes the best Australian destinationsMelbourne and Sydney.

And while there are many other beautiful cities to include in your itinerary, Australia is a vast country, and there are many reasons that travellers want to visit Australia; also there are many mysterious places to visit in Australia.

Most tourists decide to narrow the list down to Melbourne and Sydney. So if you’ve already made the most of your stay in Melbourne, it’s time to head for the best part of the journey, the vibrant Sydney. 

Domestic flights from Melbourne to Sydney make for a very fast and convenient trip inside the country. Taking a flight is a quick and relatively cheap transport option between cities. If you are residing in some of the hotels in Melbourne CBD area, you can hop on a bus to the airport or find a taxi for around $55. 

Next thing you know, you are in Sydney, the cosmopolitan city, surrounded by iconic landscapes, beaches, as well as the best parties in the world.

In other words, this city has something for everyone, and it is ready to offer you one of the best journeys of your life.

Whether this is going to be your first time in this city or you have already been here many times before, we have some useful tips for you.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Sydney?

Several experienced travellers agree: September to the end of November is usually the best timeframe to visit Sydney, together with the short period between March and May.

This is when the weather is pleasant, and there are no incredibly huge tourist crowds. Most importantly, it is easy to find some pretty good flight ticket deals during those months.

The peak season usually begins after November and ends in February. This is Australia’s summer when temperatures reach up to 70°F (or 20°C). of course, visiting the country during this time is expensive, and you should be ready to fight against several other people to get your spot on one of those stunning beaches.

Ultimately the best time to visit Sydney is for your wedding celebration. Many couples from all around the world dream to have their wedding ceremony in one of the best cities in the world. As the pandemic has limited everyone when it comes to wedding celebrations it’s worth travelling at last, for the purpose of having an intimate wedding in a safe corona wedding venue. 

How to Get Around Sydney

Sydney is proud to have one of the best transport systems in the world, made up of trains, ferries and buses.

To make your life easier, you can get an Opal card. You can obtain a card for free, and you just need to load it with money, depending on how much you need to travel using public transportation.

You should also give trains a chance. The City Circle in Sydney runs in a loop and stops at many tourists’ spots, such as the Central Museum and Martin Place. You can use your Opal to pay for your ride, although the trains are slightly more expensive than buses.

Have you planned a visit to Sydney Harbour? Then ferries will help you, by running around the harbour from Circular Quay to many other destinations. You can either use your Opal card or purchase your tickets from the wharf.

Last but not least, you can join one of the many bicycles sharing programs available in Sydney. There are many companies that allow you to use their mobile app to locate the nearest bike share station. You can book a car, as well, but you should first check if you can use your foreign driving license in Australia.

Get Ready to Wake up Early in the Morning

Sydney is a city of early risers. In fact, the majority of coffee shops here are ready to serve the first hot mug of delicious caffeine by 7 in the morning. At the same time, many people start descending the city roads, to go to work or to enjoy the day.2

On the other hand, this means that restaurants and pubs tend to close early at night. This is something that you need to take into account when booking a night out for a fancy dinner.

Always check the opening time of each place, and allow yourself a couple of days to get used to this new routine.

Asian Food in Australia?

Aussie food is delicious, but what if you wish to taste something a bit different? In Sydney, Asia cuisine meets the stellar quality of Australian ingredients, offering travellers and locals cheap lunches with great taste.

Head to Chinatown to immerse yourself into a new world of spices, noodles and many other traditional or fusion dishes. Here you will meet many local students and office workers, who like to enjoy their lunch while chilling, sunbathing, and avoiding the crowds of tourists for a while.

Looking for something particular? From the city centre, take a short trip to Cabramatta, one of the best spots in town to taste Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese food.

Staying Safe in Sydney

Both families and solo travellers can feel safe while in Sydney. Here, people are friendly and helpful, and you are unlikely to get into trouble.

However, as it always happens when travelling, all you have to do is to follow your instinct and avoid shady situations.

In today’s circumstances, with the world pandemic still imposing great risks for travellers, you should be extra careful while travelling and during your stay in Sydney.

Australian authorities have announced that the situation is under control, but in order to stay safe, be sure to comply with all the recommendations and restrictive measures that take place in Sydney and all parts of Australia.

Wearing a mask on your face wherever you go and paying constant attention to the highest level of personal hygiene, will help you stay safe from infection and have a pleasant trip. 

On another note, it’s of utmost importance to make copies of your personal documents, in case of an emergency. You may also wish to share your travel itinerary with a friend or a member of your family so that someone always knows where you are at. 

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