Galta ji Temple Jaipur | Facilities, Map, Timings, Pooja, & Culture!

Galta Ji Temple is an official Monkey Temple that is a special place in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It features multiple small temples, water pools, and hills. The famous Galta Kund pool offers a serene atmosphere for reflection and prayer. Surrounded by nature, the temple is home to sacred monkeys.  

Image Credit: Galta Ji Temple photos

Galta Ji Jaipur Aarti & Pooja Information:

Information Details 
Aarti Timings:
Morning Aarti5:30 AM
Afternoon Aarti12:30 PM
Evening Aarti7:00 PM
Pooja timing 7:30 AM
Pooja timings for people:Performed throughout the day. 
Types of Pujas:Special pujas can be booked in advance for various occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Galta Ji Temple Entry Fees

  • No Entry Fees

 Galtaji Temple Jaipur Timings

Monday5:00 A.M To 9:00 P.M
Tuesday5:00 A.M To 9:00 P.M
Wednesday5:00 A.M To 9:00 P.M
Thursday5:00 A.M To 9:00 P.M
Friday5:00 A.M To 9:00 P.M
Saturday5:00 A.M To 9:00 P.M
Sunday5:00 A.M To 9:00 P.M

Facilities at Galtaji Temple:

Galtaji Temple in Jaipur provides some basic facilities to visitors and pilgrims. These facilities typically include:

  • Washrooms: Public restrooms or washrooms are usually available for visitors.
  • Drinking Water: Safe water facilities are provided within the temple. 
  • Shoe Storage: Galtaji Temple offers a place to store shoes securely.
  • Guides: You may find local guides who can provide information about the temple and its cultural and historical significance.

Galtaji Temple Jaipur Address:

Shri Galta Peetham, Galva Ashrama, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302013,  – Galtaji Temple Jaipur Location Map

Legend Behind Galta Ji Temple:

The story behind Galta Ji Temple is impressive; a saint named Galav prayed and meditated a lot at this location. His loyalty captured the attention of Lord Rama. As a reward, Lord Rama created a natural spring there, known as Galta Kund, which is considered holy and can wash away one’s sins.

Another part of the story is about Saint Galav’s deep connection to Lord Hanuman. It is believed that Hanuman himself once appeared here because of a devoted person’s prayers.

The monkeys you see around the temple are considered sacred because they’re said to be related to Hanuman’s army. People come here to pray and like to see and feed the monkeys to show their respect and love for Hanuman. 


Places To Visit Near Galtaji Temple Jaipur:

There are several interesting places to visit near Galtaji Temple in Jaipur. Here are some of these:

Image Credit: Galta Ji Temple
  • Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple: The Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple is significant because it is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is believed to help people with problems or troubles if they pray and worship here.
  • Garh Ganesh Temple: An ancient Garh Ganesh temple in Jaipur known for its sacredness and unique tradition of offering the first wedding invitation to Lord Ganesh.
  • Shila Devi Temple: This Shila Devi temple is inside Amer Fort and is dedicated to a strong goddess named Shila Devi. People come here on religious journeys to show their respect and seek her blessings.
  • Birla Mandir Jaipur: The Birla Mandir is a modern and grand temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Akshardham Jaipur Temple: A newly constructed Akshardham temple complex featuring intricate stone carvings and a peaceful atmosphere for meditation and worship.
  • Govind Dev Ji Temple: The Govind Dev Ji temple is inside the City Palace and is about Lord Krishna. People visit it because it is famous for its beautiful art, stunning design, and daily religious ceremonies.
  • Jaigarh Fort: Located near Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort is known for its impressive walls and historical importance.  It offers scenic views of the nearby areas.
  • Nahargarh Fort: Located on the Aravalli Hills, Nahargarh Fort provides breathtaking views of the Pink City. It is a great spot for history enthusiasts and photography. It is one of Jaipur’s best tourist attractions. 
  • Jal Mahal: The Jal Mahal is in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. It is a unique architectural beauty and an excellent spot for photographs.

History of Galtaji Temple: 

Galtaji Temple was built in the 18th century by Diwan Rao Kriparam, who worked for the king of Jaipur at the time, Sawai Jai Singh II.

This temple is unique because it is dedicated to a saint named Galav and the Hanuman. Galav is said to have meditated in this area. 

People also believe natural springs and tanks in the temple area are holy. They come here to pray, wash away their sins, and seek blessings. Over the years, the temple has become essential for religious reasons and because of its beautiful architecture and connection with nature.


Things To See in Galta Ji Temple:

Galtaji Temple is a unique and fascinating place to visit in Jaipur. Here are some of the things you can see and experience at Galtaji Temple:

  • Galta Kund: This natural freshwater spring is one of the highlights of the temple complex. Pilgrims believe that taking a dip in the holy waters of Galta Kund cleanses them of their sins. 
  • Galtaji Mata Temple: A famous Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Galtaji in Jaipur. It is unique because it has a natural spring and many monkeys. The temple is beautiful, and people visit it for its religious and natural attractions.
  • Cenotaphs: The complex features several cenotaphs (memorials) built in honor of past kings and queens of the region. These memorials are beautifully decorated. 

Importance of Galta Ji Temple:

Galtaji Ji Temple is important because it is a special place for religion and culture. People come to pray to Lord Hanuman and believe the temple’s water can cleanse their spirits. The temple is also beautiful and surrounded by nature, showing the heritage of Rajasthan. The friendly monkeys there make it unique and exciting. So, it’s a place where people can connect with their faith, history, and nature.


How to Plan To Visit Galta Ji Temple: 

The easiest way to reach Galta Ji is to take a rickshaw from the Pink City. The ride will take around 10 minutes and cost about 200 rupees. You can also walk to Galta Ji, but the trek is uphill and can take up to an hour. 

Here is a Possible Plan for Visiting Galta Ji Temple:

Galta ji Temple


  • Arrive at Galta Ji Temple early in the morning, around 9:00 AM. This will avoid the crowds and the heat of the day.
  • Start your visit by exploring the temple complex. Visit the various shrines, including the main temple of Galta Ji, the Sun Temple, and the Monkey Temple.
  • Take some time to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the temple. Find a shady spot to sit down and enjoy the views of the surrounding hills.
Galta ji Temple


  • Have lunch at one of the many restaurants located near the temple complex.
  • After lunch, continue your exploration of the temple complex. Visit any shrines that you missed in the morning.
  • If you are feeling energetic, you can hike up to the top of the hill for great views of the temple and the surrounding area.
Galta ji Temple(jaipur)


  • Attend the evening aarti ceremony at the main temple of Galta Ji. The ceremony starts at 7:00 PM and lasts for around 30 minutes. 
  • After the aarti ceremony, have dinner at one of the many restaurants near the temple complex. 
Galta ji Temple

Pro Tips for Visiting Galtaji Temple Jaipur:

Below, we mentioned some of the Tips for visiting Galtaji Ka Mandir. 

These Tips will help you:

  • What to wear: Galta Ji Temple is a Hindu temple, so it is important to dress respectfully. This means covering your shoulders and knees. Avoid short dresses. 
  • Bring water and snacks: There are no food or drink offers inside the temple complex, so bring your own. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes: You will be doing much walking, so be make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Be aware of the monkeys: The monkeys at Galta Ji Temple are generally harmless but can be mischievous. Be sure to monitor your belongings and avoid feeding the monkeys.
  • Respect the temple: Galta Ji Temple is a sacred place for Hindus. Be sure to be respectful of the temple and its visitors.

What is the Best Time to Visit Galtaji Temple:

The best time to visit Galtaji mandir is from October to March. It is best to go in the morning or evening to avoid the heat. Stay away from exploring during the rainy season from July to September. 

How To Reach: 

By Road: Jaipur is well-connected to cities all around the world. You have to take a bus from your location to Jaipur. After arriving at Jaipur’s Bus Station, you can get the local bus, auto-rickshaw, and even a taxi to reach Galtaji Temple.

By Train: You must take a train from your nearby Railway station to Jaipur Junction. After arriving at Jaipur’s Junction, you can get the local bus, auto-rickshaw, and even a taxi to reach Galtaji Temple.

By Air: You must fly from your nearby airport to Jaipur International Airport. After arriving at Jaipur airport, you can get the local bus, auto-rickshaw, and even a taxi to Galtaji Temple. 


Which God is the temple of Galtaji?

The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Why is Galtaji Temple famous?

Galtaji Temple is well-known because it’s dedicated to Lord Hanuman and has natural springs, beautiful buildings, and many friendly monkeys.

Who built the Galtaji Temple?

Diwan Rao Kriparam built the Galtaji Temple in the 18th century.

Where is the Galtaji temple?

Galtaji Temple is located near Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

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