City Palace Jaipur | The Perfect Blend Of Rajasthani And Mughal

Royal Tour Of City Palace Jaipur

The City Palace Jaipur lies in the heart of central Jaipur, built between 1727 and 1732, have credit for attracting tourists to Jaipur for their best trip in Rajasthan.

It captured Jaipur’s most significant historical building, covering 1 of the 7th part of old Jaipur city. Maharaja Swai Jai Singh established its outer wall, which Maharaja Jai Singh II completed.

Maharaja Man Singh II, the adopted son of Maharaja Madho Singh II, the last Maharaja of Jaipur, constructed Chandra Mahal(nearby Jal Mahal) of Jaipur City palace.

City palace
City palace

City Palace Jaipur Address

Jaleb Chowk, Near Jantar Mantar, Tripolia Bazar(302002), Jaipur, Rajasthan.

City Palace Jaipur Timings

It opens daily from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
City palace light and sound show timings: in the morning period 1 hour and the evening period 1 hour

Best Time to Visit Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur is a hot palace, so the best time to visit the Palace is the winter session, November to April. And the rainy season is also an excellent time to visit, from mid-July to September.

City Palace Jaipur Entry Fee

Please check below for the ticket price

Camera Charges50/-

Hotels Near City Palace Jaipur

Hotel nameDistanceTaken Time (Car)
Hotel Neelam4.1 km18 minutes
Hotel Metropolitan3.5 km18 Minutes
Hotel Royal Sheraton600 m4 min
The Umaid Vilas0.4km2 min

Restaurants Near City Palace Jaipur

Restaurants nameDistanceTaken Time (Car)
Midtown Multicuisine Restaurant1.5 km7 min
veenus restaurant650 m3 min
Sri Balaji Vegitable Restaurant180 m1 min
Kailash Restaurant120 m1 min

City Palace Jaipur Architecture And History

Would you like a luxury destination where everything is nearby, like a courtyard, temple(like Galtaji temple), or dining hall means everything is luxury a level in the 19th & 20th centuries.

A beautiful historical monument in which all these lavish facilities are available is known as “The City Palace Jaipur” of the pink city, the too famous historical museum of Jaipur Palace.

The initiator of this beautiful building was Maharaj Swai Jai Singh II; he gave the envelope to this palace because, in his reign, Amber Palace was an excellent spot for every activity related to the royal event.

City palace
City palace

But after a duration, due to an increment in the inhabitants and a shortage of water in the Amber, Maharaja Jai Singh II made up one’s mind to shift to the seat of the Rajasthan government at Jaipur palace in 1727.

When was City Palace Jaipur Built?

He planted about six block partitions of Jaipur divided by whole broad ways on the principle of Vastushastra and ancient classical dissertation in the way of that time famous constructive guidance Vidhyadher Bhattacharya.

Maharaja Jai Singh II died in 1757. There was a ruinous tussle between Rajput kings of that area from which the next Maharaja of Jaipur was named Maharaja Ram Singh, who had good terms with the British government.

Maharaja Ram Singh has the credit for properly stabilising Jaipur palace And city palace history and the name of “Pink City.”

He did complete the city palace’s work and painted each palace or all monuments with pink colour that’s why Jaipur is also called “Pink city palace” or “Gulabi Nagari.”

City Palace
City Palace

 He made an attractive part of the City Palace with an adorable interior name Chandermahal(city palace Jaipur wedding palace). The tourist gives site reviews for its design, and a 2nd beautiful dot of this famous spot is its City Palace’s Jaipur Wax Museum.

In other words, it is a too much famous historical palace of Jaipur places which is the root of Jaipur’s history, Jaipur’s stabilization, and the unforgettable historical place of “Gulabi Nagari(the pink city).”

Jaipur palaces are proud of “Aapno Rajasthan,” “Padharo Mahare Desh,” or “Khamba Ghani” types of welcome words, which you can show at any historical monuments in Rajasthan also at Jaipur palaces.     


The city palace is situated in the heart of northern Jaipur city. In its front, deep way passes connect it’s all its historical monuments. It is a considerable multiplex of the pink city, which occurs several apartments like “Chander Mahal,” Mubarak Mahal” and a Museum.

City Palace
City Palace

The biggest captured temple of Jaipur city, “Govind Dev Ji,” is also a part of the city palace. The architecture of the city palace is a combination of “Indo-European, “Bhartiya Kala,”‘ Mughal Kala,” and “Rajput Kala, etc.

It is the best example of ancient art, design, and creativity and shows the intelligence of our independent designer and painter who constructed this beautiful building.

Entrance Gate

Udai Pol at Jaleb Chowk, Virendra Pol, and Tripoliya Gate(triple gate) is the entry gate of The city palace of Jaipur. But these barriers are also divided for entry of people.

Tripoliya Gate is always given entry to royal peoples or any celebrity. Visitors or ordinary people take an entry from Virender Pol and Udai Pol, also called the stabled gate.

City Palace
City Palace

Mubarak Mahal (Royal Palace)

Mubarak Mahal is also called the Museum of The City Palace,” a sign of all the lavish royal material of the City Palace. The real-world clothes and other costumes of Maharaja Madho Singh are shown there.

Guides believe that Maharaja Madho Singh weighs 250 kg, so his clothes are too large. At first look, no one believes that there is any man’s costume because every tourist has opened their eyes for a moment after seeing this dress.

City Palace
City Palace

Chandra Mahal

It is also known as Chandra Niwas, which have seven several floors with the specific name “Sukh Niwas,” Rang Mandir, “Pritam Niwas, “Chibi Niwas, “Shri-Niwas” and “Mukut Mandir” are its several building floors. In current times there are lives of the royal family of former rulers of Jaipur palace.

Chandra Mahal Take entrance with the peacock gate of the mahal it has concealed portico and a dome on the surface from where you can enjoy the scenic sight of Jaipur City palace. This mahal among between the foreground beautiful lake and laid-out gardens.

Sukh Niwas

It was the dining room of Maharaja, also used for taking rest means “Visharamgarah” of the palace. There is a silver or glass dining table of Mughal’s duration.

Rang Mandir This portion is decorated with small or large glasses on its walls, making it remarkable.

Pritam/Shobha Niwas

City Palace
City Palace

It is the “Hall of Beauty.”Because all its walls are entirely adored with mirrors and blue tiles and embellished with mica and gold metal leaf. This part of the city palace is under the way of the present Maharaja of Jaipur city palace.

Shri Niwas is the 6th portion of the palace, but nothing is remarkable.

Mukut Mandir Mukut mandir is the last 7th portion of Chandra Mahal with a crown-designed end.

Pritam Niwas Chowk 

This is the beautiful courtyard of the palace outside of Chandra Mahal with four small gates named Ridhi Sidhi Pol.

Its north-side peacock gate and south-side Lotus gate (city palace Jaipur Airbnb) give it an adorable sight. All four barriers are significant for four seasons such as:-

  •      Peacock Gate represents the autumn season.
  •      Lotus Gate It is significant for the Summer season.
  •      Green Gate It depicts the spring season.
  • Rose Gate It is a sign of the winter season and dedicates to the Devi of Mahal.
City Palace jaipur
City Palace Jaipur

Bhaggi Khana

Bhaggi Khana is a museum of the palace complex which carries a collection of old coaches and some European cabs which adopted baggies of Indian conditions shown here.

The baggie, which is the remarkable point presented by the Prince of Wales to Maharaja in 1876, is also known as the “Victoria baggie.”Here is a single bamboo bar used to carry the priest and a Ratha used for transmitting Hindu Gods’ idols in procession on any occasion.


It is also called “Sabha Bhawan,” which means a conference hall decorated with attractive, beautiful rea and golden colours that give it vibrant look, It is the remarkable point of the Mubarak Mahal courtyard.

The art gallery of this chamber is designed with the script of the holy book of India, “Bhagavad Geeta”, with beautiful handwriting. 


City Palace jaipur
City Palace Jaipur

It is an audience hall of the city palace with a marble surface with an attractive art gallery.

There are two silver vessels, which are remarkable dots of the city palace because these are the largest silver vessels in the world held in the Guinness Book of world records.

About vessels, it is a belief that Maharaja Madho Singh II chiefly designed these to carry the water of Hindu’s holy river “Ganga” for a drink when he was gone to visit England in 1901.

Some crystal clusters are hanging with vaulting, which is shown on any special occasion.

Govind Dev Ji Temple 

This is the famous temple of Jaipur city palace, which dedicates to the Hindu Lord Krishna and has its history. But it is also a part of The City Palace. You can enjoy its original view from City Palace from the Chandra Mahal.

Maharaja Madho Singh was a big devotee of Lord Krishna. That’s why he gave the crown shape to Mukut Mandir of Chandra Mahal Palace and also built the “Govind Dev Ji” temple.

Things To Do In City Palace

  • The City Palace Museum trip
  • Shopping, from the museum and outside the market.
  • Partaken in activities events for children.
  • Take amazing photos of the Indian historical site.
City Palace jaipur
City Palace Jaipur

How To Reach City Palace Jaipur

By Air:  Sanganer Airport is almost 12.5 km away from this castle, and it takes nearly 35 minutes by car to reach.

By Rail:  Jaipur Junction is almost 6.0 km away, and it takes nearly 25 minutes by car to reach Jaipur Palace.

By Road: You can approach by cab, auto, E-rickshaw, bus, and personal vehicle to reach the palace.

Nearby Attractions with a Distance

Govind Dev Ji Temple is almost 140 m away from this site, and it takes just 3 minutes to reach.

Nahargarh Fort is almost 14 km from this palace it takes nearly 33 minutes by car to reach.

Amer Fort is almost 8.0 km away from this site, and it takes nearly 20 minutes by car to reach.

Jal Mahal is almost 7.2 km from this site, and it takes nearly 18 minutes by car to reach.

Hawamahal is almost 260 m away from this location and takes nearly 4 minutes to reach.

Albert Hall Museum & Jaipur Zoo is almost 2.2 km from this site, and it takes nearly 10 minutes by car to reach.

Details Of City Palace Film Shooting

  • Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’s song “Deta Jai Jo Re.”
  • Shakespeare Wallah.
  • Bhool Bhulaiya.
  • Sabse bada khiladi 1995’s Song “Bholi bhali ladki”.
  • Raja, Song Pool Mangoo Na Bahar Mangoo.
  • Bajirao Mastani.

Highlight 10 must-know facts about City Palace

If you want to know in 10 lines on City Palace Jaipur. So, here is a list of City Palace:

  1. The City Palace in Jaipur is a beautiful and grand palace in the city’s heart.
  2. The palace was built in the 18th century by the founder of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.
  3. The City Palace is a perfect blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture styles.
  4. The palace complex comprises several buildings, courtyards, gardens, and museums.
  5. One of the main attractions of the palace is the Chandra Mahal, which is a seven-storied palace that offers a panoramic view of the city.
  6. The palace also houses a museum that showcases the rich history and culture of the Rajput dynasty.
  7. The Diwan-i-Khas, also known as the Hall of Private Audience, is a spectacular hall with intricate decorations and designs.
  8. The palace also has several temples, including the Govind Dev Ji Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  9. The palace is a popular tourist destination and attracts thousands of visitors every year.     
  10. The City Palace in Jaipur is a testament to Rajasthan’s rich heritage and cultural legacy and is a must-visit for anyone visiting the city.

FAQ About City Palace Jaipur

City Palace Jaipur Official Website

This Is the Official website of City Palace for e-ticket booking.

Where is the city palace in Jaipur?

Jaipur Palace is in the heart of Jaipur, Near Tripolia Bazar and Jantar Mantar.

Jaipur City Palace visiting hours?

The timing is 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Who Built the city Palace ?

Sawai Jai Singh II

City Palace Jaipur gates?

There are four gates:-
Udai Pol
Jaleb Chowk
Tripolia Gate
Virendra Pol

Details Of Complete Cost For City Palace Jaipur Entry Fee?

City palace tickets price is 200/- INR for Indians and 700/- INR For Foreigners rupees only
alace tickets for students(with id) 100/- INR rupees only
Museum view costs 500/-INR for Indians and 1000/- INR for Foreigners.

Which Is the Best City Palace In Rajasthan?

City Palace Jaipur
City palace Udaipur: city palace Udaipur timings 9:30 to 5:30

Guide availability?

Yes, many guides are available in the city palace of Jaipur there during opening hours.

Where can we get entry passes for the Royal Holi celebration in City Palace every year?

All passes and prices you can get via city place Jaipur’s official website. You can click here to know more

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