Skirrid mountain inn

Skirrid Mountain Inn Abergavenny – Haunted Place

Skirrid Mountain Inn Abergavenny The Skirrid mountain inn known as the oldest pub in Wales, with over 900 years of ruthless execution, suffering, and witchcraft, it is no shock...
greyfriars kirkyards

Greyfriars Kirkyard Edinburgh Scotland Haunted Graveyard, Timing

Historians revealed that George Mackenzie was a monster in the form of a human. People judged him his whole life by his actions; 18,000 people died by his command.
markoff's haunted forest photo

Best Horror Attraction of 2020: Markoff’s Haunted Forest Maryland

Markoff's Haunted Forest In the year 1993, Markoff's has started the Haunted Forest to raise more and more money to get started a summer camp.
Jakarta Ghosts

Spirits In the Night: A Guide to Jakarta Ghosts

Jakarta Ghosts People Indonesia has a thing for Jakarta ghosts. Parents forbid their children to go outside after dark or else Kuntilanak or Genderuwo 'd take them. Two of...

The Haunted Faze Rug Tunnel, San Diego: History, Images, Google Maps

What Is The Story Of Faze Rug Tunnel? Faze Rug Tunnel is a haunted tunnel which comprised of haunting stories. So, this tunnel is...
Whaley House image

The Haunted House of San Diego: Whaley House

Whaley House Whaley House is a historic house that is situated in the Old Town which is in the neighbourhood of San Diego. This...
Snake Island image

The Mysterious Snake Island (Ilha da Queimada Grande) in Brazil

Snake Island Snake Island gets situated 25 miles off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. It is illegal to visit over here....
Hashima Island picture

Hashima Island: The Most Haunted Island in Nagasaki, Japan

Hashima Island Hashima Island comprises of a complex history. But one thing is abundantly clear when humans leave something untouched; buildings crumble and nature finds a way to flourish.
Lascaux Caves pictures

Lascaux Caves Paintings Replicas Discovered Images and Details

Lascaux Caves can be just explained by saying that it is a setting of a complex of caves. Lascaux is mainly famous for its paintings. Many paintings cover the ceiling of the...
New London Ledge Light House i

Most Haunted Place in the World: New London Ledge Light House

New London Ledge Light House Well, I must say that the New London Ledge Light House is the locally most famous place for the ghost in the world. The...

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