Best Places to Visit in India When Pregnant (Updated 2024)

Places to Visit in India When Pregnant

Places to Visit in India When Pregnant, Babymoon is a second chance to spend time with your partner again, like a honeymoon. Babymoon’s name itself speaks half the name of honeymoon.

It is essential to make the wife feel pleasant when she is pregnant. Diving on a short trip with a pregnant wife is best to keep her happy and healthy.

While travelling, she will come out of her daily life bareness and stress. It is a refreshment activity that makes her feel at ease to carry a new life in her body. You can also read 4 Best Places To Visit In South India.

Places to Visit in India When Pregnant
Places to Visit in India When Pregnant

During the trip, you get quality time to spend with your life partner. You can also read The Best Wildlife Experience in India.

So take your wife on a short trip during her pregnancy period to spend some special moments before you both get into the life of a complete family with full responsibilities.

Pregnancy is a time of togetherness. So, it is good to plan for a trip to come out of a busy schedule.

Places to Visit in India When Pregnant
Places to Visit in India When Pregnant

Before planning for a trip with a pregnant wife, the most wondering question is whether it is safe to travel. We are here to help you to sort out your complication while making a selection for destinations.

Here are a few places to visit in India when pregnant to select a trip during pregnancy time period safe and secure. You can also read Best Islands in India for Honeymoon.


Shimla - Places to Visit in India When Pregnant

Planning for a trip to any natural destination is the best idea to travel during pregnancy. Shimla is a perfect destination to spend quality time with your partner.

If the health condition of your wife is okay, book tickets for Oberoi wildflower hall in Mashobra. It offers a magical experience to both of you. You can also read Best Snow Places in India.



Pondicherry is a perfect place if you are3 looking for a destination to stay in any peaceful and tranquil place. It is known for its delicious cuisine, calm beaches, and a great lifestyle.

When you lay on the sand with your pregnant spouse, it will make you feel like heaven. It is quite a modest place to come with your spouse. You can also read Why Travel to South India.   




Srinagar is a renowned destination for a honeymoon. It spread all over the reflection of love and romance. The aura of Srinagar is too optimistic.

Taking your wife to this positive and loving place makes her feel fascinated and happy. You can also read Where to Travel in North India.

Srinagar is also blessed with beautiful gardens and markets to make tri much more exciting. The destination is perfect for reaching out to places to vacation while pregnant.


Amritsar Golden Temple
Golden Temple

Places to Visit in India When Pregnant, Above the destinations to visit, it is necessary to take blessings from God for living and breathing in your body.

Amritsar Golden Temple is an ideal destination for a babymoon. You can plan for any other place after Amritsar but visit here once. You can also read Top 35 Cheap Holiday Destinations in India.

Ananda Spa (Places to Visit in India When Pregnant)

Ananda Spa
Ananda Spa

If we talk about relaxing, Ananda Spa is perfect for reaching. It is situated a maximum of 30 minutes distance from Dehradun Airport. You can read also Travel Tips to India.

The place offers therapies, meditation, yoga, detoxification, and healing. It is worth taking your wife to this destination to make her feel pleasant.

Port Blair (Places to Visit in India When Pregnant)

Port Blair - Places to Visit in India When Pregnant
Port Blair

If you desire to reach any overseas destination due to the underlying conditions, don’t worry. Port Blair is an excellent idea to plan for the trip to Thailand.

Port Blair has beautiful beaches with mesmerizing rides on the ferry. It is the right destination to explore during pregnancy. You can also read Places to Visit in Andaman.   


Assam - Places to Visit in India When Pregnant

Assam is home to wildlife. Hills are covered with lush green forests. Assam is the right option to choose to feast on your eyes for couples who love doing adventurous activities.

It is a little difficult and risky to do adventurous activities for women during pregnancy. So, it is better to book a lavish resort to make your woman feel stress-free. You can also read about the Famous Tea Garden in India.



In the places to visit in India when pregnant, Goa is a great place to visit. The sand on the beaches of Goa feels like a foot scrub while walking.

The main problem arises when it comes to how to reach the destination. Goa has various modes of comfortable transportation.  

These demonstrated Places to visit in India when pregnant are best to unwind from the fascinating nature and to pamper you both before stepping into responsible family life. You can also read Places to Visit in South and North Goa.

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