Oak Island Money Pit – Unsolved Mystery of Treasure

Oak Island

Oak Island is best known for the possible buried treasures, various theories about historical artifacts, and the associated researches, exploration.

It is always considered as a subject for treasure hunters since the rumours got to spread that Captain Kidd’s treasure got concealed there. This site is best suited to recount the island’s history and explore the competing theories.

Oak Island

Many academics and adventurers have resisted explaining the mystery of the island, but no one yet had achieved to go too deep to the Money Pit of Oak Island.

Oak Island Mystery

Well, Oak Island Mystery refers to stories of unexplained objects and enfolded treasure which got found on or near the Oak Island in Nova Scotia. Some attempts have been made since the 19th century to discover the richness and artifacts.

Over some years, many different items have got found on the island out of which some are found to be carbon dated, and some are found to be hundreds of years old. Only these items can be considered treasure as no specific main treasure site has been seen yet.

This site consists of many digs by different people and many groups of people. Moreover, the money pit is the original shaft which was dug by early explorers in an unknown location.

Oak Island

The second shaft got drilled in the northwest 109 feet deep to the original beam. A stone was found 90 feet below this island which was full of mysterious markings on it.

At that time, the sand was shown to everyone who had visited that site. One smith had built this stone into his fireplace on which strange characters got specified so that visitors could see it and then admires it.

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Who Owns Oak Island?

In April 2006, it got announced that the brothers Rick and Marty Lagina from Michigan had purchased almost 50 per cent of Oak Island Tours from David Tobias for a concealed sum. Moreover, the rest of the remaining company is owned by Blankenship.

Allan Kostrzewa and Brian Urbach who are also the members of the Michigan group are also involved in the business partnership that had purchased the same from David Tobias. This Michigan group had stated with Blankenship to discover the mystery of the island and those buried treasure too.

Oak Island

Blankenship and also the other stakeholders in Oak Island Tours announced in July 2010 that the Department of Tourism and Culture and Natural Resources had permitted them a treasure-trove license.

Moreover, this acceptance had allowed them to resume the activities until December of 2010. Also, after December of 2010, had cancelled the treasure trove license from those business partners and had given it to an Oak Island Treasure Act.

On January 1, 2011, this act became effective according to which treasure hunting is allowed on the island. Moreover, this time the Minister of Natural Resources issued this license.

Oak Island Location

Privately, Oak Island is an owned island in Lunenburg County in Canada which is situated in the south shore of Nova Scotia along Canada’s Atlantic Coast. It is a 57-hectare around 140-acre having tree coverings in surroundings.

This island is located 200 meters from the shore. Moreover, by causeway and gate, it is connected to the mainland. Western Shore is the closest rural community, and Chester is the nearest village to this island.

Oak Island

In 1965, a causeway got built from the western end of the Oak Mystery Island to Crandall’s Point on the mainland because at that time the hunt for treasures has been gone raised by a considerable amount.  

Temperate broadleaf and mixed forest together made an Oak Island. Generally, this island lies on the glacial tumulus system and is central by numerous water-filled anhydrite cavities. Moreover, this might be one of the reasons for the repeated flooding of the Money Pit. you can read also Georgia Guidestones mystery.

Did they Find the Money Pit on Oak Island?

Mainly, Oak Island got dotted with numerous natural sinkholes that are the depressions on the surface of the island. Moreover, this is well distributed by the soil and sand.

Besides, if someone is trying to dig any one of these sinkholes then ultimately he is trying to fall the trees as well as he is trying to disturb the natural layers of the clay and rocks. It got even spread to the various depths to the surface.

Oak Island

Then the disturbed sand and earth too could be found as evidence that will provide information that something was digging there. So, it is easy to say that these were all rumours that mysterious stone plaques have found and even no gold chain or coins got found.

The two brothers have found some coconut fibres, timbers, and the brothers found a gold-plated button, Roman sword, Spanish copper coin. All these things suggest that humans had might visit Oak Island before the pit had been started digging.

Oak Island Money Pit Solved

Many explorers have tried to dig the Oak Island to find the treasure. Moreover, then finally, they had achieved by discovering what is now commonly known as Money Pit.

A team had dug around 90 feet deep below the surface of the island they were successful in finding the tablet. However, the pit was filled with water before they could keep digging on that pit.

Oak Island

Moreover, then a Truro Company has arrived in 1847 to begin the digging at Oak Island. When they had completed the drilling through the surface, they started hitting the pay dirt.

Then they had penetrated through two chests which were full of coins and three gold links that appeared to be from a gold chain.

However, then the company had given up. Moreover, many more explorers had come to solve the mystery, but they were also failed to explain the incredible riches.

Oak Island Treasure Update

Rick and Marty Lagina, brothers, had given their entire lives to find the truth behind the mystery of Oak Island. They had first discovered a Spanish copper coin deep below the surface of the island which was located to get made in the 17th century.

Then they had founded a Roman sword which completes shows that Romans have touched the ground of Oak Island a few centuries ago. They had also discovered Portuguese carvings below the surface of the island.

Oak Island

The two brothers had successfully founded a French map. Then they had found a piece of material which was seemed to be a part of the book.

Moreover, the discovery of this material had made them think that the depth of the Money Pit might have some manuscripts or important documents.

Oak Island Mystery Solved

In 1804, an Onslow company had tried to solve the mystery of Oak Island. Moreover, this came into work when a young boy had found a circular depression on the surface of the island.

The team had cut the layers of the wood, charcoal on their way to dig into the recession. The team had then found a stone tablet on which odd specifications was marked.

For the many years, no was able to identify that what was written on that stone. Finally, in 1866 a professor had revealed the message written on that stone.

Oak Island

Then in 1970 Triton alliance had tried to solve the mystery but they were also not able to find something interesting except small clues like logs with Roman carvings or some leather shoes.

Moreover, then they had also given up. Furthermore, in 2005, the property had been given for sale to Robert and Marty Lagina.

So, this was all about the Oak Island Mystery. It has some interesting and exciting facts related to the history which we all want to know.

Moreover, surely we all are eagerly waiting to know the complete facts behind the Mystery of Oak Island. However, for this, we have to know about the island entirely.

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