Georgia Guidestones One Of the Greatest Mystery

Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones are considered to be the place with the collection of standing stones. This place is historical and provides information about the last time.

This place also gives you the knowledge of well being and humanity that is lacking behind in every part of the world. People like to visit this place. This place surely gives you the feeling one-weekend trip and would excite you up with its beauty.

Georgia Guidestones

This place poses a grand mystery for the visitors around. Even many people think that these great stones provide some energy. Now we will know about some information regarding Georgia Guide Stone and its stone importance.

Georgia Guidestones Text English

Georgia guide stone gets covered with some English text which is appreciated as it says the good about humanity and community.

It’s a kind of message given to the society which consists of a set of guidelines that ten in number and this message gets written in the next eight languages all over the world.

These eight languages are English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian. So, this principle given by guide stones is-• Maintain humanity in perpetual balance with nature.

Georgia Guidestones
  • Guide wisely about reproduction as improving diversity and fitness.
  • Humanity should get united with all new languages.
  • Rule your passion, faith, tradition and all these things with tempered reason.
  • Protection of people and nation should be with fairs laws and courts.
  • The country should rule internally by resolving disputes externally in the court.
  • Avoid these laws and useless officials.
  • Always balance rights that are personal with the issues occurring social.
  • Truth, beauty, and love should seek harmony infinite.
  • Don’t be cancer for this earth, so leave this room for nature.

Georgia Guidestones Decoded

People were not familiar with this place until they watched the episode of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. So, the gang of Meltzer of the noobs of the likely drive ups the big monument in a new brand Porsche cayenne.

When they looked at the big stones, they approach towards Raymond Wiley. Wiley put forward that people usually suspected about Malthusian and then new agenda over the world would appear.

text on Georgia Guidestones

Episodes of this show were not so good, but when they included the Georgia Guide Stones in their adventure, that became exciting and more informational.

Georgia Guidestones Time Capsule

The Georgia guide stones are a long granite enigmatic monument with is located in Elbert County. This monument is also known as American Stonehenge. This monument is 20 feet high. This gigantic structure is made up of granite slabs six in number.

When this got weighed, granite slab gave 240,000 pounds. So, the time capsule gets buried on this spot which is 6 feet below it, and these get opened with no dates engraved. Date of taking it on has not got mentioned on the stone.

Georgia Guidestones

The space for the date got blanked. However, this gets surely considered that Time capsule is buried six feet below. So, this is a fascinating and curious thing to know about the Georgia Guide Stones.

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Georgia Guidestones Directions

Georgia Guide Stones is a monument erected with the granite in 1980, and this gets placed in Elbert County, Georgia. This place is part of the United States. This monument consists of ten guidelines’ in eight different languages, and these languages are modern.

Also, a concise message gets written on the top of the edge of this structure which gets written in four different languages, and these languages are ancient scripts.

Georgia Guidestones

The height of the monument is nineteen feet and three inches long; it is probably five point eight six meters. It has opened on the date twenty-two march in 1980. The coordinates of this monument are 34 degrees 13’55” N 82 degree 53’40’’W.

Georgia Guidestones Depopulation

This strange monument which got formed in 1980 gave ten guidelines which include one of the guides as “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 that is 500 million in perpetual balance with nature”.

So, this statement of this monument indicates that the population on this earth should be under 500 million and should not get raised by this value.

georgia guidestones text english

However, people rate on this earth is exceptionally high, which should get reduced. Depopulation should get done so that earth comes into its balanced position. It could get done if you brought birth control concept.

Georgia Guidestones Snopes

Once it got considered that this granite stone got stolen, that is they disappeared itself, and then they reappear in Hampshire. This mysterious monument got erected in 1980.

Elbert County said that once someone came in took away in the night and also included that these stones require a large crew and big machinery for carrying them but they have not done anything and also said that there are much mischief’s covering this stones.

Georgia Guidestones

So, this was radical about them that the rocks disappeared in just a night and no one could guess of them. Even that stones again come into appearance in the New Hampshire.

Georgia Guidestones Conspiracy

This American Stonehenge is a very mysterious monument. There are massive and large slabs in rural Georgia that consist of many writers and tourist for many decades.

Also, the letters written on the plates came from different part of the country. Even all know its origin by Christian but conspiracy never stops.

People say that aliens made this to visit them and even edict this to be the New World Order which is used to balance the population and also one of other conspiracy got made that giant monument was for the sultan.

What to do Georgia Guidestones say?

georgia guidestones mystery

Georgia guide stones give knowledge about many things, and they provide us with a big message that is important for the world. It includes that humanity in this world shout remain under 500 million and should not exceed that.

It also provides the message of about fitness and diversity reproduction. Stones also include that people should unite in different languages. They also say that these rules or passion or tradition are just for the tempered reason.

People should be protected and should avoid these petty laws. Everyone should balance personal rights. At last, it includes that don’t be cancer for the earth, so leave this room for nature.

Who made the Georgia Guidestones?

So, these stones are entirely constructed by Christian, ignoring all the conspiracy. It owns the place. His efforts were endless.

Georgia Guidestones Cube

In its early construction, Monument does not include any hubs but then later on some cubes were noticed on the notch with some number 20 and 14 on the granite stone. These cubes got noted with a name and where is the small edge of the sides of the rock.

Georgia Guidestones

These cubes were appeared to get professionally constructed with the same type of granite that is similar to the blue granite which is a pyramid that got used for the construction of Georgia guide stones.

Georgia Guidestones Message and Commandments

These stones provide great news and commandments for people around the world. These messages are genuine to it’s mean, and people around the world should implement this on themselves.

First place the information about the humanity that should be maintained and balanced in nature around 500 million. Reproduction should be done wisely by improving fitness and diversity. Humanity should get united with new languages.

Passion, tradition, and faith should get ruled with tempered reason. People and nation should get protected with all the fair laws. These petty laws and useless officials should get avoided. Personal rights with social duties should be balanced.

Truth, beauty, and love should get prized with infinite. Also, it says that stop being cancerous for the earth and leaves this place for the planet. So, were ten messages given by the Stones of Georgia stones?

So, this is all about Georgia Guide Stone that is giving a big message to the people. So, you should visit this place for more memories, and this would excite you and make your day wonder!

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